Sacred Journeys - England

Return to Avalon – The Magic of the Stones
A Sacred Journey through the Heart of Ancient Britain to Restore the Divine Union

August 7 - 17, 2009

Tour Leaders: Karen Rae Wilson is a Celtic Mystic, Sound Healer, Peace Troubadour, Wisdom Keeper, Shaman and Catalyst for Social Change. As an internationally renowned Performing Artist and Spiritual Teacher, Karen Rae is “Singing Medicine”. Paddy Baillie is a sacred sound healer who uses clear quartz crystal singing bowls. Read more about Karen Rae and Paddy Billie on our  About Your Tour Leaders page.


Tour Description

Opening the Spiritual Gateway

Holy Wells - Sacred Stones - Enchanted Gardens Earth Mandalas - Ceremony - Healing - Peace Pilgrimage - Empowerment - Astounding Beauty Rebirth - Finding your Anam Cara

Join us on a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of England to deepen the power of your intuition and inner knowing. Travel from the gentle embrace of Somerset, considered the legendary heart center of the world, to the wild and rugged beauty of Cornwall, known as the home of the ancient Britons. Awaken the energies of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within yourself and restore the balance of this Divine Union.

Imbibe the nurturing energy of the healing waters of Chalice Well and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing reflections at Bath. Feel the loving embrace of the Lady of the Lake in the sacred Isle of Avalon and the strength of Lady Guinevere. Connect with Mother Nature and the Sacred Feminine at Silbury Hill, delve into the womb of the earth at West Kennet Longbarrow, and honour your inner divinity through an Initiation into the Lineage of Mary Magdalene, Isis and the Rose.

Explore the home of mighty King Arthur at Cadbury Castle in ancient Camelot, honour his final resting place at Glastonbury Abbey, and retrace his lineage at Tintagel Castle. Harness the power of Excalibur in a special Sword Ceremony and awaken the warrior within yourself.

Travel back in time to experience the mystery and magic of the Holy Grail, sing the beauty of the English countryside from the top of Glastonbury Tor and honour your ancestors at the holy place of St. Michael.

Join your new brothers and sisters to re-light the Sacred Flame of Camelot, and be led into Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls amongst the great oaks. Participate in a special Grail Initiation Ceremony during our Private Entrance at Stonehenge to invoke the power of our ancestors and help activate a vision of peace and harmony on Earth.

Discover the mystery and magic of the stones at Avebury, Stonehenge, Madron and Bodmin Moor and become acquainted with the “Stone People”, the ones who store knowledge and information that will provide a key to the destiny of mankind.

Connect with your “Anam Cara”, the Celtic word for soul friends and kindred spirits, and re-awaken the energies of rebirth, power, healing and love. Go within yourself and touch the sacred stillness of your own being which will assist you in awakening your consciousness to deepen the understanding of your life’s purpose. Share in songs, stories, ceremonies, blessings and meditations as you weave the inner with the outer to create a tapestry of beauty, mystery, inspiration and purpose.


Tour Leaders


Karen Rae Wilson


Karen Rae Wilson is a Celtic Mystic, Sound Healer, Peace Troubadour, Wisdom Keeper, Shaman and Catalyst for Social Change. As an internationally renowned Performing Artist and Spiritual Teacher, Karen Rae is “Singing Medicine”. She has sung, presented and composed for numerous conferences and peace events around the globe including the millennium summit in NYC and the 4th UN Conference on Women in Beijing, China.

Her unique Visionary Leadership circles for both men and women call forth the inspired leadership necessary for bringing about both personal and social change; one that creates a more sustainable, innovative and compassionate world. She has written and performed an entire One Woman show called, Many Women, One Voice, on the unstoppable power of the feminine spirit, and is the founder of Wisdom Culture Consulting, a leading edge company that designs leadership trainings and life changing “Quests” which inspire individuals to live their “Divine Purpose”. She has also been a devoted practitioner of meditation for over twenty years and a student of the teachings of the Divine Mother, Siddha Yoga and the path of Shambhala.

She has been fortunate enough to have worked with indigenous elders from many traditions such as, Celtic, African, Inuit, Tibetan, Native American and East Indian, and was born with a unique gift for “seeing” other people’s gifts. This has allowed her to assist many in remembering their “Divine Blueprint” and making a unique contribution to the world.

“May this trip be a spiritual doorway for all who take part. May we seek to make a difference in these times of great change as we collectively give birth to the New World.”

Karen Rae can be reached directly at or on her website if you would like to arrange a private “Quest” session prior to the journey.


Paddy Baillie

Paddy Baillie is a sacred sound healer who uses clear quartz crystal singing bowls. She has played the bowls in the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza and many other major temples and sites throughout Egypt. She has also travelled to sacred sites in Peru, Australia, Sedona, and the Isle of Iona in Scotland and uses her knowledge of crystals and sound to facilitate planetary healing. She works intuitively with people to enable them to gently transform, heal and remember their soul's purpose and song. She also has a strong connection to Avalon through the goddess and her Celtic roots.



Tour Summary

Day 1 Arrive in London; Transfer to Chalice Well Retreat Centre
Day 2 Chalice Well, Glastonbury Tor
Day 3 Shopping in Glastonbury; Cadbury Castle
Day 4 Glastonbury Abbey; Private Entrance at Stonehenge
Day 5 Avebury, Silbury Hill, & West Kennet Longbarrow
Day 6 Full Day in Bath
Day 7 Travel to Cornwall; enroute stop at Tintagel Castle
Day 8 St. Michael’s Mount
Day 9 Trebah Gardens & Madron Standing Stones
Day 10 Transfer back to London; enroute stop on Bodmin Moor
Day 11 Depart London


Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 Fri, Aug 7: Arrive in London; Transfer to Chalice Well Retreat Centre (B, D)
Upon your morning arrival in London, proceed through Immigration, Baggage Claim & Customs. The Official Meeting Point is in Terminal 3 at the seated area in the Arrivals Hall and is clearly marked “Meeting Point”. Arrivals are on the ground floor in a separate building from departures. Karen Rae will be waiting for you there and will then escort everyone to the coach in the bus depot.

NOTE: We will be departing HEATHROW at 1 pm sharp. Please be in the meeting area by 12:30 pm at the latest so we will have time to load the luggage onto the coach.

We then board our coach for a lovely drive through the English countryside of Somerset on our journey to historical Glastonbury, notable for its myths and legends concerning Joseph of Arimathea, the Holy Grail and the tales of King Arthur. Situated on a powerful leyline, Glastonbury is considered one of the most powerful energetic places in the world. The town is also considered the birthplace of Christianity in Roman Britain with the first Christian Church being built here at Joseph's request. In Arthurian myths, Glastonbury is thought to be the home of the fabled Avalon and the Lady of the Lake. Today the town is known as a centre of pilgrimage where spiritual seekers are drawn to connect with the magic of their own journey and the mystery of the Grail.

Upon our arrival in the heart of Glastonbury, we check into our lovely Chalice Well Retreat Center to rest, relax and explore the peace and tranquillity of this beautiful English Garden setting. We will be staying in a 16th century house partly constructed from the old stones of Glastonbury Abbey itself. At the centre we will have the opportunity to gather in circle daily to meditate and share our insights, creative writing, dreams and experiences, and create our own connection with the land. Being at Chalice Well at night will offer us the very special and magical opportunity to connect with the “Angel of the Well.” On some evenings we will have private access to immerse ourselves in its beauty and serenity.

Later in the evening we will gather for our Welcome Dinner and celebration where we will have an opportunity to share our intentions for the journey and become acquainted with our “Anam Cara”, or kindred spirits, with whom we are sharing our journey. Throughout the evening Karen Rae will discuss the power of the sacred sites we will be visiting on our journey and explain how we can use the power found at the sites to activate our visions and dreams.
(Overnight at Chalice Well Retreat Centre)

Day 2 Sat, Aug 8: Chalice Well, Glastonbury Tor (B)
This morning we visit the Chalice Well, a symbol of the feminine, the mother, and a site for quiet contemplation and meditation for many. Travellers from all over have visited the well to receive healing from its magnetic and powerful waters. Here we will drink the healing waters from the well and make our invocations in the sacred garden.

In the afternoon we make our way to the mystical Glastonbury Tor, an ancient sacred mound located in the beautiful Summerland Meadows. The word “Tor” is of Celtic origin, meaning conical hill which describes the attributes of the Tor itself. Some believe the formation of the Tor to be the remains of an ancient labyrinth. In Celtic mythology, the Tor is home to Gwyn ap Nudd, the King of the Fairies and the lord of the underworld. Legend suggests that the hill is hollow with the top of the Tor leading to a magical underworld. From the top of the Tor you will have a breathtaking view of the English countryside. Here we will sound our arrival into Avalon by singing in the wonderful acoustics of this sacred stone temple. On this hallowed ground Karen Rae and Jennie will lead us in a Sacred Ceremony to honour the sovereign power of the sacred feminine and the courage and nobility of the sacred masculine, as well as a celebration to honour our ancestors and the ancient ancestors of the land.
(Overnight at Chalice Well Retreat Centre)

Day 3 Sun, Aug 9: Shopping in Glastonbury; Cadbury Castle (B, D)
Enjoy the morning exploring Glastonbury independently. Although just a small town, Glastonbury is quite cosmopolitan and very special. Stroll along the public footpaths, discover the history of the town, have lunch at one of the many restaurants and enjoy the shops to pick up a few treasures and gifts.

In the afternoon we will head for the legendary Cadbury Castle, an Iron Age hill-fort created over 3,000 years ago. The Castle has physical links to the real Arthur who was a 6th century Roman British chieftain. Local legend states that Cadbury Castle is the site of ancient Camelot, the legendary castle of King Arthur. We will walk the path that climbs gently to a gate in the wall, and then more steeply through the woods, finally emerging in the enclosure at the top. Here Jennie will lead us in a ceremony to celebrate the powerful energy of Excalibur, the mystical sword of kingship.

In the evening we gather for our group dinner at Chalice Well Retreat Centre.
(Overnight at Chalice Well Retreat Centre)

Day 4 Mon, Aug 10: Glastonbury Abbey; Private Entrance at Stonehenge (B)
After breakfast we depart for Glastonbury Abbey considered the “oldest above-ground Christian church in the world”, built by Joseph of Arimathea. The original church is one of “the holiest places in all of England” and is reputed to be the earlier hiding place of the Holy Grail. It is also thought by many to be the burial site of King Arthur and Guinevere. Here we will gather to re-light the Sacred Flame of Camelot and settle ourselves amongst the oak trees for a meditation journey with Paddy using clear quartz singing bowls to help connect you with the energies of the Holy Grail, King Arthur and Lady Guinevere.

We then spend the afternoon at awe-inspiring Stonehenge, an ancient sacred burial ground, to connect with this amazing Earth Temple and the energy of the ancestors and the stones.

Later, enjoy dinner in Amesbury independently before returning to Stonehenge in the evening for our Private Entrance at Sunset. Paddy will drum us into the stone circle where Karen Rae will lead us in a Grail Initiation Ceremony to activate a vision of peace and harmony on Earth. During the ceremony Paddy will play the bowls and assist us in activating our own personal vision for life. We will also share our blessings for our beloved Mother Earth and all of humanity. This will be an extraordinary opportunity to take part in a ceremony dedicated to the joining of the divine feminine and masculine in harmony, as a profound healing presence for the Earth. The remainder of the ceremony will assist you in activating your own personal vision for life.
(Overnight at Chalice Well Retreat Centre)

Day 5 Tue, Aug 11: Avebury, Silbury Hill, & West Kennet Longbarrow (B, D)
After breakfast we journey through the beautiful and scenic countryside to explore the ancient Stone Circles and Goddess sites to connect with the sacred feminine energies. At each site you will feel Her powerful forces and tap into Her guidance and wisdom.

Upon reaching Avebury we will take part in a Ceremonial Walk, down through The Avenue to the main stone circle. We will chant and “sing the stones” as we absorb the power and beauty of the Earth and connect with the powerful ancient energy here. Karen Rae will then lead us in a special Initiation in the lineage of Mary Magdalene, Isis and the Rose.

Later, we visit The Sanctuary, a remnant from the past in honour of the Goddess and her earth-based traditions.

We then journey on to Silbury Hill, one of the tallest man-made land formations in Europe. The exact purpose of the hill is unknown. Some theories state it is actually an ancient sundial or solar observatory to determine the seasons, others state is the burial site of King Sil, while others still say it was created in homage to the Winter Goddess or the Mother Goddess as a symbol of the harvest or fertility.

We wrap up our day with a visit to West Kennett Longbarrow, a Neolithic tomb, and one of the largest and best preserved monuments of its kind in Britain.

On our drive back we can admire the stunning countryside, where we may see crop circle formations from this season, before returning to the Chalice Well Retreat Centre for our group dinner that evening.
(Overnight at Chalice Well Retreat Centre)

Day 6 Wed, Aug 12: Full Day in Bath (B, L)
Enjoy a leisurely breakfast at the hotel and time to reflect on your journey thus far. Later in the morning we depart for a full day visit to Bath. Here we will experience the magic and mystery of the healing waters of the Roman Baths, where the traditions of the Celtic Goddess, Sullis and the Roman Goddess, Minerva can be felt in the reflection of these ancient pools. We then enjoy a group lunch and stay on in Bath into the early evening for shopping and individual exploration. Enjoy dinner on your own in Bath before returning to the retreat centre in the evening.
(Overnight at Chalice Well Retreat Centre)

Day 7 Thu, Aug 13: Travel to Falmouth, Cornwall; enroute stop at Tintagel Castle (B, D)
Today we travel from the rolling gentle English countryside of Somerset to the rocky, rugged and wild landscapes of Cornwall. On our way we stop at Tintagel Castle, a mecca for tourists due to its association with the mystical birth of Arthur, his mother Ygraine and the fabled Uther Pendragon. Here in Cornwall, experiencing the power of the sea and the sky, we will reflect back to the wild and untamed parts of our own spiritual beauty, adding a deeper dimension to our journey and creating a stronger connection to the powerful energies of this sacred land.

Upon arrival in Falmouth we settle into our hotel in the nearby town of Manwan Smith, followed by a group dinner. This lovely coastal town will be our base for 3 nights.
(Overnight at Meudon Hotel)

Day 8 Fri, Aug 14: St. Michael’s Mount (B, D)
After a hearty Cornish breakfast we head out to St. Michael’s Mount, a geological formation and natural island made of granite and shale, which rises from the sea bed. The mount, famous for it Michael and Mary ley line, has been occupied by its inhabitants for centuries and is currently linked to the mainland by a causeway that can only be walked across at low tide. To get to the island we will enjoy a boat ride, which is the best way to access the island. Here we spend a full day visiting the medieval castle, strolling along the cobblestone pathways, and immersing ourselves in the local culture.

In the evening we return to our hotel for a group dinner.
(Overnight at Meudon Hotel)

Day 9 Sat, Aug 15: Trebah Gardens & Madron Standing Stones (B, D)
This morning we visit the stunning sub-tropical and magical gardens at Trebah, filled with astonishing trees and flowers. A private secluded beach allows access to the sea and also some fascinating natural caves. This is a lovely place to connect with the ancient energy of the land in a peaceful and beautiful setting.

In the afternoon we travel to the village of Madron where we will walk up a steep rocky track onto the moorland to see some of Cornwall’s most famous prehistoric standing stones. The stones, which stand in an open area, are thousands of years old. These stones offer a very different experience than sites like Stonehenge or Avebury. Here we you will get a real sense of how the standing stones felt to our ancestors when they were first encountered among this rugged landscape. Over time, many legends, myths and magic linked to these mystical stones emerged.

In the evening we return to our hotel for our final Farewell Dinner to share the many insights we have gained and to reminisce over the transformational experiences we have had thus far.
(Overnight at Meudon Hotel)

Day 10 Sun, Aug 16: Transfer back to London; enroute stop on Bodmin Moor
Today we make our way back to London. Enroute we stop at the Bodmin Moor to see the famous standing stones known as the “Cheesewring” as a fitting conclusion to our pilgrimage in the rich and sacred heritage of Cornwall. These granite stones have been naturally weathered over the centuries, creating fantastic shapes with a real presence. Here the ancient guardians will bid you farewell as you travel back towards civilization.

(Overnight at a London Heathrow Hotel)

Day 11 Mon, Aug 17: Depart London
Transfer to the airport for your departure home and bid a fond farewell to England.

B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)
Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.

Tour Inclusions & Price

Tour Includes:
• Accommodation at Chalice Well Retreat Centre and 4 star Hotels
• Daily Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 6 Dinners
• Transportation by Private Coach
• Entrance fees to all sites visited

Special Added Features:

• Travel with Celtic Mystic, Karen Rae Wilson, and Sound Healer, Paddy Baillie
• Sacred Ceremonies and Meditations
• Private Entrance at Stonehenge
• Grail Initiation Ceremony
• Ceremonial Walk
• Initiation into the Lineage of Magdalene, Isis and the Rose
• Full Day in Bath
• Boat Ride to St. Michael’s Mount

Tour does not include:
• Airfare to and from London
• Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote if you are Canadian)
• Meals not included, as indicated in the itinerary
• Cost to obtain valid passport
• Gratuities
• Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final trip itinerary

Tour Price Per Person (Land Only)
USD $ 3665.00 based on Twin or Double Share


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