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England - Sacred Journeys

Return to Avalon – The Magic of the Stones

A Sacred Journey through the Heart of Ancient Britain to Restore the Divine Union

August 7 - 17, 2009

Tour Leaders: Karen Rae Wilson is a Celtic Mystic, Sound Healer, Peace Troubadour, Wisdom Keeper, Shaman and Catalyst for Social Change. As an internationally renowned Performing Artist and Spiritual Teacher, Karen Rae is “Singing Medicine”. Paddy Baillie is a sacred sound healer who uses clear quartz crystal singing bowls. Read more about Karen Rae and Paddy Billie on our  About Your Tour Leaders page.

Tour Description

Sacred FeminineOpening the Spiritual Gateway

Holy Wells - Sacred Stones - Enchanted Gardens Earth Mandalas - Ceremony - Healing - Peace Pilgrimage - Empowerment - Astounding Beauty Rebirth - Finding your Anam Cara

Join us on a pilgrimage to the sacred sites of England to deepen the power of your intuition and inner knowing. Travel from the gentle embrace of Somerset, considered the legendary heart center of the world, to the wild and rugged beauty of Cornwall, known as the home of the ancient Britons. Awaken the energies of the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine within yourself and restore the balance of this Divine Union.

Imbibe the nurturing energy of the healing waters of Chalice Well and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing reflections at Bath. Feel the loving embrace of the Lady of the Lake in the sacred Isle of Avalon and the strength of Lady Guinevere. Connect with Mother Nature and the Sacred Feminine at Silbury Hill, delve into the womb of the earth at West Kennet Longbarrow, and honour your inner divinity through an Initiation into the Lineage of Mary Magdalene, Isis and the Rose.

Excalibur in a special Sword Ceremony Explore the home of mighty King Arthur at Cadbury Castle in ancient Camelot, honour his final resting place at Glastonbury Abbey, and retrace his lineage at Tintagel Castle.

Travel back in time to experience the mystery and magic of the Holy Grail, sing the beauty of the English countryside from the top of Glastonbury Tor and honour your ancestors at the holy place of St. Michael.

Join your new brothers and sisters to re-light the Sacred Flame of Camelot, and be led into Meditation with Crystal Singing Bowls amongst the great oaks. Participate in a special Grail Initiation Ceremony during our Private Entrance at Stonehenge to invoke the power of our ancestors and help activate a vision of peace and harmony on Earth.Stonehenge

Discover the mystery and magic of the stones at Avebury, Stonehenge, Madron and Bodmin Moor and become acquainted with the “Stone People”, the ones who store knowledge and information that will provide a key to the destiny of mankind.

Connect with your “Anam Cara”, the Celtic word for soul friends and kindred spirits, and re-awaken the energies of rebirth, power, healing and love. Go within yourself and touch the sacred stillness of your own being which will assist you in Share in songs, stories, ceremonies, blessings and meditationsawakening your consciousness to deepen the understanding of your life’s purpose. Share in songs, stories, ceremonies, blessings and meditations as you weave the inner with the outer to create a tapestry of beauty, mystery, inspiration and purpose.




Comments from past travellers

My week during the Return to Avalon journey was a great experience for me.  The holy ground, the companionship with these wonderful women, and especially Karen Rae and Jennie's heart opening leadership, helped me to connect with my fairy being as well as with my female power and connection with mother earth in her holy spirit, in which I totally felt included and safe.  I found new friends from all over the world, and got perspectives and inspiration to further my healing and transformation to live my life with even more happiness and abundance.  I got more trust into my own leadership qualities and potential to do healing work all over the world.  I hope many people will take advantage of this chance to evolve and enlarge their own personal growth.
Heike Herrmann, Germany (Return to Avalon - May/08)

This Journey was the most sublime, magically powerful experience of personal Healing and Universal prayers for peace; which of course vibrate magnificently during these potent times of critical shift for our planet. Thank you Sacred Earth Journeys for your vision, creativity, choice of leaders, and professional top of the line service... Onward! With gratitude, I encourage anyone drawn to this particular sacred journey, the heart chakra of the Earth, to not hesitate because of any mundane considerations, but to choose to build the energy at Stonehenge and bathe in the profound magic of the moment - a portal to the past, present and future - in the highest light of consciousness and intention. Peace....
Jane Fryer, Washington D.C. (Return to Avalon - May/08)




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