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Looking to Get Away? Last Chance to Book for Mexico & Bali, Nov. 2013

As the mornings darken and the evenings cool, I often find myself browsing travel websites tentatively mapping out next year’s get-aways. If, like me, you’re not quite ready to let go of summer or have a sustained yearning for travel this year, you’ll be pleased to hear that Sacred Earth Journeys still has openings on some of its 2013 tours. Here’s a taster of what’s still available – book fast if you’re interested as the cut-off date is fast approaching for all these fabulous journeys!
Miguel Angel Vergara on our Maya Sacred Path journey
Tour: Mexico: Maya Sacred Path: Promise of the MayaProphecies with Miguel Angel Vergara: A New Era in Balance and Harmony with Mother Earth
Dates:  November 30 – December 9, 2013
Sites: Colonial city of Merida, Oxkintok (Maya Labyrinth), Beach in Campeche, Balamku (sacred place of the Jaguar God), Chicanna (“The Temple inside the Serpent’s Mouth”), Kalakmul pyramids and Biosphere Reserve, Xtacumbilxunaan Caves, Uxmal, Labna, Cacao Museum…
Sacred/Spiritual Connection: An intensive with Miguel Angel Vergara: we will be working with Maya wisdom from Mother Earth as we create a new alignment between the Masculine and Feminine forces. Post 2012, it is not just the Sacred Feminine energy that is rising; there is a new Sacred Masculine energy that is emerging also, one that will complement and support the Sacred Feminine. Now is the time to bring these forces into balance, into wholeness.
Suitable For:  Serious students who wish to evolve a deeper awareness of the true Mayan teachings and Mayan culture, and bring these lessons into their day-to-day lives. As we look forward to the next phase in the future of our planet and our own lives, it is time for us to discover and commit to our own personal role in creating a new era for humankind and our planet Earth.
Comment from a Past Traveller:  “The Maya Sacred Path journey was above and beyond what I expected. Thanks for making my lifelong dream to participate in a traditional Mayan ceremony a reality. The insight and the knowledge presented helped me to connect to Mother Earth in ways that I didn’t know I ever could. I came on this trip with the expectation of spiritual growth. I was enchanted by the profound energies of the sites we visited, the rites we participated in. The accommodations and the people associated with the tour were all wonderful.” Nilgun Arit, Istanbul, Turkey
Yogi Michele Labelle in Bali for our Bali Bliss Retreat
Tour: Retreat: Bali Bliss Retreat with Michele Labelle: A Transformational Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Magical Bali
Dates: November 2 – 11, 2013
Sites: Beautiful Balangan Beach, Ubud (Balinese Legong Dance Show at the Ubud Palace), Uluwatu (sacred traditional temple), Tirta Empul Temple (famous for its holy water: the Hindu Balinese go here for purification), Antonio Blanco Museum, Bay of Banyuwedang, Les Waterfall (spectacular waterfall), Bali Barat National Park, Menjangan Island (snorkelling excursion), Ulun Danu Temple (important Hindu and Buddhist water temple).  
Sacred/Spiritual Connection: A yoga and meditation retreat designed to bring presence, peace and flexibility to the mind, body and spirit as well as impart a true sense of this magical island of Bali, from the beaches of the south to Ubud – the hub of art and culture and home to beautiful rice fields – to the quiet northern part of the Island and its intricate temples.
Suitable For: Those looking for a yoga or meditation retreat (all levels welcome); those looking to deepen their understanding of the spiritual practice of yoga by exploring the devout spiritual culture in Bali; those looking for an alternative way to visit Bali and explore authentic Balinese culture.
Comment from a Past Traveller: “I have been to Paradise … coming home rejuvenated, thankful and truly inspired. … Together with Sacred Earth Journeys and Michele, I have met new friends from all over the world. My best trip ever.”

Ellen Kraakenes, Norway

Sacred Earth Journeys also offers Wisdom Teaching journeys to Mexico.
Tour: Wisdom Teachings: Maya Cosmic Institute, Maya Shamanism Workshop – Element Ether
Dates: November 24 – 30, 2013
Brief Description & Spiritual Connection: The Maya Cosmic Institute is in Mérida, Mexico. Courses and Mayan tours offered teach the Maya Cosmovision, the Maya connection with Atlantis, the Mayan Calendars and Prophecies, the Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals of the ancient Maya, the Maya Goddesses and the rise of the Sacred Feminine, and more. These ancient wisdom teachings all come directly from the Mayan sources and will help you to deepen your awareness and awaken your consciousness.
To read more about all our tours please visit www.sacredearthjourneys.ca, and remember book now for these November 2013 travel experiences!
~ Kim Bridgett

A Look at Mexico 2013: Promise of the Maya Prophecies

On November 30, 2013, Miguel Angel Vergara will be again leading participants through sacred Mexico as part of the Maya Sacred Path series of journeys. But now that we have entered a new cycle, what can we expect from the journey? What will this journey offer us spiritually, culturally, and scenically? Here we take a look at 4 Mayan sites, the work we’ll do there, and the special interest found as well as inspiration from past travellers. We hope to see you in Mexico.

Beach in Campeche

After an opening ceremony at Oxkintok our journey takes us to the beach at Campeche where we spend 3 transformative nights. Our hotel, Tucan Siho Playa, is perfectly situated just a stone’s throw from the enchanting beach and offers all the comforts we need to be fully centered for 2 whole days of workshops and teachings with Miguel Angel Vergara, “Living in Balance and Harmony with Mother Earth – parts I and II”; “How the Maya Used the Energy of the Moon”; and “Experiencing Balance in Maya Ceremony”.  Through these workshops we will discover the signifance of the discovery of the tomb of the great Maya priestess/queen, Lady K’Abel, how the Maya used the force of the moon in their everyday life, and how we can stay in balance with Mother Earth. A highlight of our time at Campeche will be taking part in a Maya Sacred Ceremony on the beach, working with the New Moon and bringing our new, deeper understanding to it. The orange skies, tranquil ocean, and refreshing breeze rustling the nearby palm trees will soothe our bodies as we reach a new plane of spiritual understanding.


Our visit to Chicanna, a small site considered the best decorated of the Rio Bec region, introduces us to the concept and practice of trust at the most profound level. Chicanna is a pre-classic Maya site whose name means “The Temple inside the Serpent’s Mouth”. In this sacred temple the ancient Maya practiced special initiations with sound frequencies and mantras. The powerful mantra, “KAN”, activated the sacred fire of Kundalini energy. For the Maya, the Serpent represents the memories of the Ancient Ones and, as we enter the temple, our work is to trust their power and feel their resonances within these sacred walls.  As Miguel Angel says:

“In the Temple – Mouth of the Jaguar/Serpent – you will make again your spiritual connection with your seven sons (your 7 chakras) through the divine force of the Kundalini and the Rattle Snake Constellation with its wonderful awareness energy. We will use the Maya mantras of the Jaguar/Serpent.”



Kalakmul is a source of inspiration for both its Maya energy and its surroundings. Located deep in the jungle on the 1,800,000 acre Kalakmul Biosphere Reserve that borders Guatemala, Kalakmul offers sensational views from the top of the pyramid out across the jungle. As the area is also a nature reserve, we are likely to spot many native bird and animal species, including monkeys, toucans, and parrots. This is a unique opportunity to spend time in nature that is almost untouched by humans while admiring the breathtaking feats of Maya engineering that so harmoniously built the two pyramids. This site also has special significance for our 2013 sacred journey to Mexico as it represents the union of the Two Pyramids (Male/Female) in one and the link between the sacred energies of the Cosmos.  Meaning “The Twin Temples Looking Over the Surface of the Planet”, Kalakmul will impart a perspective on our journey – and our lives – that can really be found in few other places. As Miguel Angel sagely tells us, “Here you will understand the value of your Sacred Male and Sacred Female energies in order to find the perfect Balance and Harmony between these 2 forces within you.”



Now a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Uxmal is one of the most beautiful and architecturally important Maya sites. It is a magic place that, according to legend, descended from the fifth dimension so that human eyes could admire how a City of the Sky looks. Uxmal is a poem in stone, a place where our ancient memories as a priest or priestess may return to us during this special journey. It is also a place where we can again connect to the power of the Moon that we were first introduced to at the beach in Campeche. Uxmal means, “The Place of Kindness of Mother Moon”, and, as Miguel Angel shares, “In this Feminine Sacred Site you will be guided to rediscover the great mysteries of the Medicine of the Moon, how to work with it, how to heal, how to use Mother Earth’s energies to reconnect with her and to Love, Respect, and Honor her again.”

On the 2013 Promise of the Maya Prophecies journey with Miguel Angel Vergara, we will visit these 4 sites as well as others that have significance for this new cycle and our exploration of a new era in balance and harmony with Mother Earth. Our journey will be an intensive with Miguel Angel who will skillfully guide us as we work with Mayan wisdom to create a new alignment between the Masculine and Feminine forces. By bringing these forces into balance, into wholeness, we can find our own inner harmony and truly understand our spiritual purpose on this planet. And we can do this work to a backdrop of intricate, intelligent architecture, untouched jungle and idyllic beaches, rounding our journey off with authentic Mayan hot chocolate at the Museum of Cacao! To read more about this delicious museum as well as further details about this incredible journey, visit Sacred Earth Journeys – Maya Sacred Path.

Inspiring words from past travellers on the Maya Sacred Path journeys:

“No camera in the world could ever capture what your heart receives on a journey. You must experience it!” Helen Wong, Pasadena, CA (Maya Sacred Path to 2012 – Dec/09)

“I knew the trip was going to be great… Not only was it great, it exceeded all of my expectations. The ceremonies were beautiful and moving. The sites we visited were awe inspiring; it was like going back in time. Reading a book or watching a TV program could never take the place of seeing these places in person and feeling the energy directly. The spiritual insights I learned from Miguel Angel were so practical that I knew I would go home and apply them in my life right away. He is a gifted teacher and a joy to be around. I returned home feeling mentally and emotionally centered and physically grounded, ready to go forward and fulfill my spiritual purpose in life. It’s a trip I won’t soon forget, and I wouldn’t hesitate to take another Mayan tour.” Sonya Lach, Las Vegas, NV (Maya Sacred Path 2012 – Dec/12)

“This was a great trip for me. I learned so much about the Mayan culture and philosophy and about 2012 as well. It was a wonderful experience to be with Miguel Angel and experience his wisdom and humanity. He obviously knows his subject, but he also loves to share his knowledge. Talking with him was a very affirming experience. I have also noticed that I feel different in a good way since I’ve been back – more compassion and more inner peace and more gratitude. We were told that we might notice differences after the trip, but I didn’t expect to experience the shift that I have felt. I enjoyed the places we stayed and the wonderful Mayan sites we saw. I always felt well taken care of and safe. It was also a privilege to travel with such an exceptional group of people who were so spiritually attuned. I thought everything was very well planned, and the people leading the group were all exceptional. The trip has helped me in my own spiritual evolution, and I am very grateful for that.” D.F, Philadelphia, PA (Maya Sacred Path – Dec/11)

“I so enjoyed the journey. It was especially great to be taken everywhere and looked after in every respect so one could enjoy all the delights of the special places we visited, along with the very special teachings of Miguel. I have never made reservations on a group journey before and found such lovely like minded people were there also…so many thanks for all the organisation that went into this trip.” Sonia Newhouse, Urubamba, Peru (Maya Sacred Path – Dec/11)

~ Sacred Earth Journeys

Why Peru? Why this journey?

This is the third in a series of blog posts about our September trip to Peru with Puma Quispe Singona. In the first post in early May we looked at the special relationship Peru has with Pachamama, and how Puma’s wisdom and knowledge can help participants to experience for themselves the power and energy of Pachamama in the Peruvian Andes today. Our second post gave a snapshot of what to expect on this inspiring journey with some fabulous photos to help you visualize the unique appeal of this trip. In this third post I want to focus on those distinctive qualities that make Peru such a worthwhile travel destination, and why this journey with Puma and Sacred Earth Journeys is so enriching and potentially life-changing.




The September journey to Peru will include flights, train rides and walks through some of the most breathtaking areas of the country. Cusco, now a Unesco World Heritage Site and formerly the capital of the Inca Empire, offers striking architecture, lively craft markets and fabulous traditional Peruvian cuisine! The Sacred Valley of the Incas, the area between Pisac and Ollantaytambo, provides glimpses of ancient Incan ruins, fertile plains and the impressive Urubamba river, also known as the Willkamayu (“sacred river”) in Quechua. And, of course, there’s Machu Picchu. In September you will have the unique opportunity to visit the “The Lost City of the Incas” with Puma twice! Most tours only include one entrance, but your two days allow ample time to thoroughly appreciate the beauty and sacred energies of this powerful place.

Peoples & Culture

Peru is also home to a wide mix of cultures and peoples. Although more than seventy percent of Peruvians now live in cities, traditionally they have lived a more rural lifestyle, with traditional crafts and knowledge being passed down orally through the generations. In Chinchero, a small village located high up in the windswept plains, Puma will introduce participants to his family and friends who will share stories about their history, culture and traditional practices. On this journey we will also have the privilege of meeting a local Q’ero Master. The Q’eros are direct descendants of the Incas who escaped the Spanish Conquest by living in their ancestral villages, protected by their sacred mountain spirit, the Apus. This is rare opportunity that is not to be missed!(1)

Sacred Destination

In the tour description we describe this journey as being “heart-opening”. What exactly do we mean by this and what lends this journey such a spiritual or sacred dimension? The combination of awe-inspiring landscapes and the wisdom of the native Peruvians are certainly spiritual elements in themselves, but this journey offers something beyond this.

Puma Quispe Singona, our tour leader, is an extraordinary guide. He brings the wisdom of an Andean Medicine Man, a profound, joyful respect for the earth as well as a radiant, humorous energy to this journey. Past participants have nothing but praise for Puma’s skills as a guide – in all senses of the word – through Peru’s most sacred locations. On this journey participants will also take part in ceremonies – one with a Q’ero Master to express gratitude for Pachamama and another at Machu Picchu to celebrate the Spring Equinox. These ceremonies create a profound spiritual space for connecting with universal energies, learning how to release old habits and generating clarity to move forwards in a truly authentic way. A third quality this journey offers is travel with like-minded people. Participants consciously choose Sacred Earth Journeys over other travel companies, and that connection to people who share similar aspirations, albeit in their own unique way, is powerful. It is through these fortunate meetings, these connections that we learn more about ourselves in the world, our relationship with others and the sacred land we have the honour of passing through. Our hearts can indeed open when we trust in our own unique spirit, and we trust in the loving capacities of our fellow travellers to see who we are and accept us at whatever stage in our journeys we’re at.

The open, curious, loving energy that is generated through these connections is powerful and enduring as can be heard in these testimonials from past travellers:

“The journey allowed you to connect with the legends, the people and the beauty of their country, which deepens your own personal connection to the source and your own personal journey in this lifetime ~ in my view an experience that everyone should be part of! Our guide Puma’s passion for his country, as well as his personal commitment to Pachamama and helping people on their own spiritual journey, is very evident. The awakening of consciousness that he brings to all he comes in contact with is commendable. Our guides were all very happy to make our experience the best it could possibly be, not because they “had” to as part of their job, but I felt because they “wanted” to which is a big difference.” Jan McIntyre, Queensland, Australia (Peru – Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/12)

“We had a magical, marvellous life enhancing (perhaps life changing – we’ll see!) experience on our Sacred Earth Journeys trip to Peru. In fact, the word “journey” in a wide-ranging sense (inner and outer) or “pilgrimage” is apropos. We gladly took the invitation to explore within while visiting the sacred sites – Puma is a true Master! What a force of nature!! Combining deep spirituality and wisdom with humour, love of life and joie de vivre, he was always accessible and graciously available to answer questions, add information and make suggestions regarding purchases and more. The visit to Puma’s family compound and meeting his family – what an honour to be in the company of those beautiful people.” John Brewer & DeAnne Torres, Sacramento, CA (Peru – Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/12)

“To experience the beauty and power of the Incan Sacred Valley, the majesty of Machu Picchu and the power of Lake Titicaca was unforgettable… Puma had an uncanny way of providing for us as individuals, a family and a community of travelers with love and acceptance and meeting each of us where we were on our own spiritual path and sensitively guiding us in our spiritual growth. The trip itself was seamless… lovely and authentic hotels, delicious food, fabulous shopping and the warmth of the people along the way was inspiring. We have continued to reflect on our experience with awe, reverence and laughter.” Wendy, Hank and Taylour Matz, Salinas, CA (Peru – Heart of the Pachamama – Sep/12)

~ Kim Bridgett



To read more about this heart-opening, life-changing journey, and register your place, visit: http://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/current-tours/heart-of-the-pachamama-with-puma-quispe-singona/tour-description

(1) Read more about the Q’eros here: http://www.sacredearthjourneys.ca/blog/2013_04_01_archive.html