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Centre of the Conscious Dream

The Desert Shaman - El Curandero and the Dreaming Body


March 27 - April 14, 2012


The Centre of the Conscious Dream grew out of the Shamanic School of Dreaming, which was founded in 1995 in England by Daniel Stone. Established in 2000, the centre is located in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, on a site that is towards the end of the ancient pilgrimage route called the Wirikuta, sacred to the Wixarrica Huichol Indians. The centre is situated near a sacred mountain, which in Wixarrica’s mythology is where “the sun was born”. It is an extraordinary multi-dimensional field of energy, which drew or “called” Daniel to build his centre here. The centre is now in its 14th year offering retreats and courses.

This 19 minute video gives the history of the Centre of the Conscious Dream.  The desert and mountain footage is of the area where the centre is located.

Centre of the Conscious Dream Description

The Centre of the Conscious Dream, in the desert of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, is run by Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak. 

The work is based on Shamanic, Buddhist, and intuitive energetic techniques to re-connect the human being with other parts of him/her self in order to become a conscious dreamer. The practice involves both traditional and modern forms of shamanism, but the base of the work comes from the Toltec traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Australian aboriginal traditions.

Courses are designed to give self-healing and healing other tools, so that participants can release from their personalities to the place of the clear conscious channel. The conscious dreamer can channel useful and potent frequencies and the most powerful healing force of all - love. 

The advanced work is through the connection with our crystalline intelligence - the inner crystal skull - and this work takes place within the context of the Mayan Calendar, and the coming end of the fifth sun. 

Beyond the courses, there are ongoing conscious dreaming circles, and an international internet circle which connects people in different countries. 

The courses and retreats are for anyone interested in developing their knowledge of shamanism, Buddhism and conscious dreaming, for those who want to develop their own consciousness of who they are, where they are going, and why they are here on planet Earth. They are very useful for healing practitioners who wish to develop their authentic intuitive healing abilities. They are also for creative people of all types who wish to deepen their connection with their creative fire.

Comments From Past Travellers

Helen, the retreat was mind bending and I am glad I participated, thank you!
Vicky Bye, Tumbler Ridge, B.C. (Mexico - Centre of the Conscious Dream - Apr/11)

This trip for me was blissful - so good for me because of a mix of  unique cultural experiences as well as inner journeying.  I was happy  with the accommodations, affordable cost and itinerary and the group on the whole was youthful, mature and inspiring with big hearts.  Our practices and meditations along the way were offbeat but I really like  that.  Daniel took care of our basic needs and has put together a surreal, accessible, well thought out program to develop our dreaming bodies.  And I had lots of dreams!  My hope is to continue practicing what I have learned for healing and expansion of self and hopefully others. My journeying now continues here in Canada as life goes on and I hope to do another Sacred Earth Journey of this calibre again!
Irene Dulay, Burnaby, B.C. (Mexico - Centre of the Conscious Dream - Oct/10)

I have traveled, in the past, with Sacred Earth Journeys to Peru and Egypt and both times returned a different person.  Well, it's happened yet again.  The trip to Mexico at Daniel and Arbolita's centre was quite profound for me as it really helped me to reconnect with the earth and, ultimately, with parts of me that I had neglected or forgotten.  The simplicity and peace of what is offered is not to be missed and was exactly what I needed.  Thanks Helen for offering such unique experiences that I, otherwise, might not find on my own.
Tara Alain, Squamish, B.C. (Mexico - Centre of the Conscious Dream - Apr/09)

I am very pleased that I went on this journey. It was perfect for me! Thank you!! I liked it all, the food, the teachers, the accommodation. I especially liked the camping and being in one place for longer. I found the group perfect! I learned lots of things in practise, stuff I only read in books, for me that was the most important  part. I would consider going on another trip with Sacred Earth Journeys.
Christel Vissers, Netherlands (Mexico - Centre of the Conscious Dream - Apr/09)

My experience with the Intuitive Shamanic Training Course was wonderful and very rewarding.  I faced many challenges which offered an abundance of personal and spiritual growth and I gained much wisdom from all the insightful teachers we were privileged to encounter.  I also met an amazing group of people with whom I shared laughter and tears, joy and pain.  It was all an amazing experience and one which I am very grateful for.
Daniela Masaro, Toronto, Ontario (Mexico - Centre of the Conscious Dream - Nov/08)




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