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Maya Cosmic Institute

Maya Shamanism Workshop - Element Fire


December 3 - 9, 2012


The Maya Cosmic Institute is in Mérida, Mexico. Courses and Mayan tours offered teach the Maya Cosmovision, the Maya connection with Atlantis, the Mayan Calendars and Prophecies, the Sacred Ceremonies and Rituals of the ancient Maya, the Maya Goddesses and the rise of the Sacred Feminine, and more. These ancient wisdom teachings all come directly from the Mayan sources and will help you to deepen your awareness and awaken your consciousness.

The Maya Prophecy for 2012: Hope for all Humankind - by Miguel Angel Vergara

The Essence of the Maya Cosmic Institute

The Maya

The Maya Civilization is considered to be one of the best known great civilizations, rich in history, culture and expansion. The Maya were a highly advanced people who were experts in astronomy and mathematics, and who developed extremely accurate calendrical systems and detailed hieroglyphic writing. They formed well established societies with a solid religious and political structure and were also highly skilled farmers and masters in agriculture. The Maya constructed outstanding and elaborate architectural structures which included temples, pyramids, palaces and observatories, all built unfathomably without metal tools. They also created beautifully ornate jewellery, textiles, pottery and fascinating works of art, many of which are now housed in museums across the world, leaving us with tangible testimony of their enigmatic history.

Family life and spirituality were the core of Maya society. Their daily life, activities, rituals and ceremonies were inextricably linked to all things sacred. Their cardinal point directions, colours, plants, and numbers were rich with meaning and significance and closely related to their deities. The Maya had a deep respect for the natural world around them and developed an abundance of knowledge in plant and natural medicine. They acknowledged that spirit was in everything and revered the energies and guardians in their surrounding environment and worked with these spiritual elements throughout their daily life and in sacred rites.

Opposed to popular belief, the Maya never disappeared. During the time of the conquistadores and European settlers, some Maya elders learned to merge their past traditions and knowledge, holding the essence of the ancient Maya teachings to be passed on to us today. Many of their written records were burned and destroyed, however, fortunately much of their knowledge continued to be passed down orally through the generations and is available to us today, if we know where to look.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the Maya Cosmic Institute, to learn firsthand the sacred wisdom teachings of the Maya. Deepen your awareness, awaken your consciousness, and discover all the hidden secrets and prophecies which will be revealed through these teachings.

Maya Cosmic Institute Mission

Our mission is to share the sacred Maya teachings through the study of their science, art, philosophy, and religion, as it is found in the ceremonies, rituals, mantras, sacred books, pyramids, temples, stelae, pottery, paintings, sculptures and oral traditions that are available to us today. Each one is a unique masterpiece that helps us transcend from the physical/material level and rise to the level of the soul and spirit.

The Maya Cosmic Institute offers courses and programs in the following subjects:

  • Maya Sacred Cosmovision

  • Maya Sacred Philosophy

  • Maya Gods and Goddesses and their Sacred Symbolism

  • Spiritual Understanding of the Maya Sacred Geometry

  • Maya Calendars and their Sacred Symbolism

  • Maya Astronomers and their Astronomy in the Land of Yucatán

  • Chichen Itza: The Male Maya Cosmic Institute

  • Uxmal: The Female Maya Cosmic Institute

  • The Awakening and Re-activation of the Seven Chakras

  • Using the Maya Glyphs and Mantras

  • Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies of the Ancient Maya

  • Maya Prophecies

  • Maya Shamanic Teachings

In our programs we derive our information directly from the source to find the essence of the Maya knowledge once more. Our goal is to share the message of light from the Maya teachers who are guiding us to the sac-be of the stars, linking us with the sun and the moon.




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