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Teen Journey

Teen Journey is a transformational, experiential program for youth aged 13 - 19 in search of truth, freedom, and the power of inner guidance.


July 2 - 8, 2012


Parent Journey

In this two and half day intensive, you will have the opportunity to explore many of the same tools that the young people will be learning on Teen Journey. By profoundly understanding what teens are awakening to, parents can more lovingly and effectively support their teens.

GOAL: Our goal is to empower ourselves and one another, to exchange skills and to tap into our role as true elders who are responsible for bringing up a future generation.

Looking around at the number of parenting, mothering, and family magazines, we were shocked to discover none that addressed the very real issues parents of teens face. It only shows that our society really doesn't know what to do at this age, mostly because we ourselves had little real guidance then.

Unlike most indigenous cultures, our culture provides no real guidance for transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Not only does it leave young people confused and often angry, it means that we as parents are often confused as to how to properly guide them as we missed this essential piece when we were their age.

This is why we feel it is important to offer this Parent Journey program that works in tandem with Teen Journey.

Why this is Important for You as a Parent…

Parenting itself is a long journey with many bumps along the road. The tools you had for parenting babies and young children turns out to be completely ineffective for parenting teens. At this time, your journey as a parent undergoes a profound shift. You find yourself challenged, as you have never been before. Once sweet and gentle, your children may now question you about who you truly are and everything you stand for. At Parent Journey, you will recognize the lost connection you did not receive when you were a teen and profoundly understand this transition so that you can more lovingly and effectively support your teens.

This is more than just a program, it is an invitation for the parents to initiate themselves into a conscious and heart centred community where we work together to nurture true human beings. Our goal will be to empower ourselves and one another, to exchange skills and to tap into our role as true elders who are bringing up a generation of highly responsible young people.

The powerful Rites of Passage the teens experience at Teen Journey will be even more powerful when met with a shift in consciousness of the parents who choose to go on the Parent Journey this summer. In these times of fragmented community and loss of village we have a lot to gain by removing ourselves from our daily lives so that we can strengthen, clarify, and renew our purpose together.

The past three years have shown us how effective these Rites of Passage have been for the teens. Every year we have invited parents to prepare the Return to the Village ritual and have provided them with some extraordinary tools to aid the cross generational communication. Now, we invite the parents to explore further and deeper the same questions the teens will be facing: Who Are We? and What We Are Here For?

This program is for ALL parents, not just those who have teens enrolled in the Teen Journey program, so invite your friends and send this along to everyone who is a parent. 

Parent Journey Details

Friday, July 6 to Sunday, July 8, 2012
The day begins Friday afternoon (time TBA) and concludes Sunday, together with the teens. You will return home with your teen(s) on Sunday after the “Return to the Village” ceremony.

At the amazingly beautiful Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Retreat & Spa!

Framed in evergreen forest, Halfmoon Haven is nestled on gorgeous Welcome Beach, the secret of the Sunshine Coast in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Just 2 hours from Vancouver, your secluded property is right on the beach of a sheltered bay, facing the Pacific Ocean and a magnificent view of the Gulf Islands.

With tropical landscaping, a full size sand volleyball court, beach chairs, and a therapeutic hot tub, Halfmoon Haven offers all guests a rare opportunity to truly rest, relax, and rejuvenate Sunshine Coast Style!

For all the details on accommodations, amenities, maps, driving directions, and ferry schedules, please see

What’s Included

  • Accommodation: 2 nights at Halfmoon Haven
  • Meals: Lunch and dinner are included in the sessions. Make sure to inform us of any allergies you may have. If you have a particular diet, you may choose to supplement the catered meals with your own food.
  • Full program of workshops & ceremonies, including Sweatlodge

Have a teen at Teen Journey? First parent is FREE!
CAD $240 per additional parent




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