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Teen Journey

Teen Journey is a transformational, experiential program for youth aged 13 - 19 in search of truth, freedom, and the power of inner guidance.


July 2 - 8, 2012


Teen Journey Introduction

Teen Journey is a Vancouver. B.C. based non-profit organization created to empower youth with a vision of interconnectedness, as members of a global village that live from the heart with passion and purpose. Founded on the established research and time-tested practices blending indigenous wisdom with the human potential movement, Teen Journey is a transformational program for youth in search of inner guidance. Led by local and international leaders in the fields of arts, science, and personal development, Teen Journey participants learn the value of self-inquiry as a means to change themselves and the world around them. Following an intensive 7 day Rite of Passage, Teen Journey maintains a year-long program designed to nurture the values of community, self-inquiry and creativity cultivated over the 7 days.

Special Opportunity for Teens!
Earn 4 High School Credits in Film Production on the Teen Journey Adventure Film Camp ~ an adventure in visioning, research, team building, problem solving, planning and personal development. Students learn not only about using a camera within the context of their own experience, but they also learn about themselves, each other, and what is important to them. The program is no extra charge to the Teen Journey tuition or the experience but students need to be enrolled in the film program BEFORE June 29th to be counted in the school credit program. Please contact us immediately for full details!

Special Opportunity for Parents!
This year tuition is included for one parent to attend Parent Journey, July 6 - 8, at the beautiful Halfmoon Haven Beachfront Retreat & Spa! Here, you will have the opportunity to explore many of the same tools that the young people will be learning on Teen Journey. Read all about it on our Parent Journey page.

Teen Journey is a transformational experiential program for youth in search of truth and the power of inner guidance.

Teen Journey is a journey like no other! A journey to the wisdom of the heart so that young people can discover their gifts and share them with the world.

Teen Journey goes far beyond an ordinary teen camp experience. While incorporating many of the fun activities that we have long come to associate with summer camp, including the opportunity to create deep, long-lasting friendships, there is also the invitation for each individual to truly look into who they are and what it means to be a human being.
At this pivotal point in their lives young people wake up and look around to see the world in a whole new light. They find themselves caught between two opposing forces - the pull towards togetherness and belonging, and the push outwards for autonomy and freedom. This is the moment – between childhood and adulthood when they must decide for themselves who they are and what course their lives will take.
Through a variety of safe, but profound exploratory tools such as sweat lodges, sculpture, rope climbing, fire walking, and vision questing, teens face and move beyond their fears to discover their true nature. These new rites of passage are essential for them to step into the unknown with self-acceptance and a new trust in their own inner guidance.
Accepting their own unique essence, experiencing interconnectedness with all living beings inevitably leads them inward to an understanding of their own soul’s purpose. With the realization of their unique gifts, they see that they each have much to contribute to their community and the world.
All TJ mentors and facilitators are highly qualified, dynamic people who are committed to their own and to the teens' unfolding. Chosen precisely because they "walk their talk", they provide direction and nurture each teen as a whole individual.
At TJ, there is no need for hierarchy as everyone, including the teens, is on equal footing. Information flows according to how a project is unfolding. In other words, we build as we go in a highly collaborative and creative way that involves, respects and acknowledges the individual and their part in the greater collective.
The beauty of this program is that it does not end after seven days. Monthly gatherings take place throughout the following year. 

Please watch the Teen Journey videos from 2011, 2010 and 2009!!!

Vision & Intention

Teen Journey is a journey to the wisdom of the heart so our teens can discover their gifts and share them with the world.

Teen Journey aims to inspire youth and create a community of empowered, impassioned youth who connect with inner strength and in a heart centered way with themselves, each other and the greater global village. 

Through the processes of self-inquiry, Teen Journey empowers and inspires youth to a deeper connection with themselves, each other and the greater global village to find their passion and purpose. 


At Teen Journey we…

* Create our future together

* Discover who we are through self inquiry

* Initiate global changes starting with ourselves

* Connect to the global village by traveling and sharing our gifts

* Co-create a heart-filled environment that allows an expansion of consciousness

* Bridge the wisdom of the Elders with the fresh messages of the youth

* Design rites of passage that are relevant to the modern world we live in


The Values We Cherish and Uphold...

* To connect through the wisdom of our heart to our deeper purpose with ourselves and with others

* To act in integrity and responsibility at all times

* To trust in the process

To share our gifts and values

To commit to the wellbeing and unfolding of ourselves and others

Rites of Passage

You care deeply about your teens and their future. You are doing everything you can to help them find their way towards becoming healthy, productive, creative and loving adults.
And yet, in a confusing world with many influences, it is a daunting task to know how to best support your teens. In addition – and quite rightly – your teens are seeking their own direction, pushing you away, and sometimes acting in ways that are self-destructive.

Teen Journey is changing that...

At Teen Journey we create new rites of passage that are relevant to our modern world, it involves 3 Stages:

1. Separation:  Moving away from the known to the unknown.

2. Ordeal:  In order to discover their true power and who they are, it is necessary for the teen to face and overcome challenges. Through their struggles they discover a new sense of self worth and inner power. They then are able to step into their new status as a young man or woman in the larger community.

3. Return:  Giving is receiving. The young people are acknowledged by their mentors and fellow participants for the progress they have made in discovering who they are at TJ.
They then return to the larger community where family and friends have prepared a receiving ceremony for them. Each teen is celebrated by their peers and mentors to this larger community and now feel inspired to live their gifts.


Testimonials from Teens

"I don't know how this camp changed my life but I feel like it did. I feel like a better person somehow.  Thank you for this experience." - Jacklyn 12

"I see myself in my power a lot more than I did before.  I feel more complete and comfortable about myself and happy to be me.  Thank you so much to the mentors and everybody here for supporting me." - Kinte 16

"I learned to accept people for who they are and keep an open heart and mind for everyone I meet." - Anonymous 15

"My mentor was fantastic - could not have possibly been better.  All staff were helpful and inspiring. Thank you so much!" - Sara 17

"I learned that I can stand strong and know that I have a place in this world. Everyone is so amazing.  So happy to know there are these kinds of people out there who actually have faith."  - Emmalee 17

"This camp is amazing.  I think I have more self-confidence now and actual friends." - Joanna 13

"The camp made a huge difference in every way for my life.  Thank you for making Teen Journey possible." - Hayley 17

"I've grown stronger emotionally.  Everyone was amazing.  On the first day everyone felt like family." - Anonymous 14

"Camp has given me the strength and hope to go on in life no matter what." - Maya 12

"I am now more in touch with who I am and am aable to open up to those around me.  Each staff member affected me in a positive way, even if it was through conflict.  Thank you for all the love and caring you put into this.  Thank you for all the patience and support." - Liam 18

"I feel more relaxed and confident.  Thanks Teen Journey for your help with fixing my life." - James 15

"I feel that I gained self confidence and that helps me walk through the maze of my life." - Megan 13

"I think the last share circle and vision quest really personally impacted me the most beacuse they really opened me up and helped me let go." - Dylan 15

"I learned how to sit back and observe, instead of forcing my way into a situation. Patience and endurance." - Tyler 18

"Amazing staff/mentors with open hearts and the ability to effectively and efficiently provide everyone the best learning experience possible. This camp has made a difference in my life and was the highlight of my summer." - Aku 18

"The staff were inspiring, unique and embodied people of the world rich in culture. I felt like my mentor really "saw" me." - Maya, 17

"I learnt to say things from my heart and not to judge and disrespect people. I am stronger, more powerful, and a lot more confident." - Anonymous

"I learned it was okay to cry. I now wanna see my family and friends and I want to help them because they did not get to go to this camp." - Anonymous

"I will have more confidence in my actions. And remember to breathe in times of stress. I will not judge others because by judging others and making comparisons I am only closing myself off to things and experiences. I will remember that life is only one aspect of our whole being and our connection to each other and the Earth is the fire that burns within us and makes us who we are. There is no me and you, us and them." - Maya, 17

Testimonials from Parents

"I got my relationship back with my daughter after Teen Journey. We each treat each other with more respect and care now. That has helped enormously in what was a very challenging situation," - Michele Hall

"My daughter doesn't like committing to anything, especially something that takes her away from home. She didn't even want to go to Teen Journey, but on her return she wanted to sign up for the next year. Attending the monthly activities is something she looks forward to. I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it is. I am grateful to Teen Journey for giving my daughter a place where she can be herself and challenged to see the possibilities of more." - Victoria Keddis




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