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We love receiving feedback from our participants and hearing how they have benefited from participating in our sacred sites tours and journeys. As we are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards of service and performance, we welcome all feedback so we can continue to create meaningful travel experiences.

I love Ireland and would certainly have enjoyed visiting all of these places on my own. However, the entire trip was so much more meaningful, informative, engaging and fun with Phil at the helm!

Kathy Burns, Oakland, CA

The Wild West of Ireland with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Sep 2017

I anticipated Phil’s enthusiasm for story and myth, and looked forward to his style, which is intended to help one go deeper into the work. I expected to be inspired and embark on new adventures, while being stirred emotionally by the Irish landscape.
What I wasn’t expecting was the amplification of these Irish stirrings and emotional tenderness, how awake and enlivened I felt most days, getting by on three hours of sleep (highly unusual for me). Phil had instructed us from day one that Ireland itself is animated, and to pay attention to all of our experiences – the morning writing sessions, the three Irish plays, the visits to the ruins, the landscape, the conversations with locals and with one another. And most important, Phil said, was to connect these experiences, these precious moments, back to our writing. Thanks to this retreat, my story has taken on new depth and direction. I am grateful for Phil and the twelve Philgrims, for new friendships, and some unexpected healing.

J. Elaine McCracken, Santa Barbara, CA

The Connemara Writer’s Retreat with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Oct 2017

Once again, Phil Cousineau has used the perfect combination of Ireland's landscape and culture to activate the senses and lead to unexpected writing breakthroughs. I came away exhausted but exhilarated and have been writing furiously in the days since my return. There is something special about being in the company of other committed creatives who have responded to the call to attend, who hold a safe space for each other, and many of whom have become friends. Phil utilizes his wide experience with many creative projects and knowledge of history and story-telling forms to open one's eyes to many possibilities and to gather courage to explore them. Whether a writing workshop like this (or past ones in Ireland and Greece) or perhaps a tour (I've been privileged to travel on his recent Cuba and England tours), I consider a chance to explore new places with Phil and his groups of like-minded seekers to be an experience not to be missed.

Lou Ann Granger, Valencia, CA

The Connemara Writer’s Retreat with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Oct 2017

This is my second trip with Phil to the Wild West of Ireland and I hope to do it again! As a leader, Phil is generous in sharing his knowledge, understanding, and deep love of Ireland on so many levels, making the journey a truly unique experience. It was a robust trip, packed with spiritual information, intellectual conversations with great Irish personalities, serene self-discoveries and, of course, poetry.

Cornelia Eulert, San Diego, CA

The Wild West of Ireland with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Sep 2017

A trip for the picky, utterly greedy traveller who seeks to fulfill in ten days a kind of satisfaction only a year’s worth of experiences in that other dimension could yield. The spirituality/ literature/ music focus promised was not hype to entice. Delivered were flesh and bone writers welcoming us with tea, homemade scones, and deep conversation in their homes. Phil as fearless, tireless leader exemplified unparalleled patience, knowledge, enthusiasm, and generosity. Thank you.

Michael, Austin, TX

The Wild West of Ireland with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Sep 2017

This trip has gone far beyond my expectation for a writing retreat. Thank YOU so very much, Phil and Helen. I had the time of my life, and I believe that I’ve found my church, teacher, mentor and agent. After every morning three-hour lecture, I wanted to spring from my chair for standing ovation. Finding myself tearing when I think about our morning ritual and daytrips. Love, blessings and angels all around (and I’m still drinking Guinness)

Tohnia Alexander, Clinton, WA

The Connemara Writer’s Retreat with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Oct 2017

This is the first (non-family) “holiday” I have had that I would willingly have repeated the very next week. Phil's sessions, encouragement and help; the support and friendship of a great group – all keen to hone their writing skills; all the extra-curricular activities from the wonderful Tim and Maréad Robinson, through the Joyceian/Yeatsian actors, to Leo Hallissey's moving visit and readings on Saturday morning made the whole Writer's Retreat far more than the sum of its parts. It was/is an unforgettable and richly rewarding experience. Thank you all for your parts in making it such a wonderful experience – in the perfect wild and beautiful setting (+ good food and draught Guinness!)

Sue Smith, London, England

The Connemara Writer’s Retreat with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Oct 2017

This has been a week full of wisdom, inspiration with all the elements of nature and spirits of Connemara aligned to bring clarity and purpose to our intention. I’m indeed grateful to have had this chance to be mentored by Phil who is both soulful and simpatico. The Connemara experience, my notes and Phil’s books will help sustain me to complete my manuscript. Then I can gift myself with a pilgrimage trip by Phil Cousineau.

Linds Boughton, Manila, Phillippines

The Connemara Writer’s Retreat with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Oct 2017

This Sacred Writers Retreat with Phil Cousineau is exactly what it promised to be! Not only did the wells of creativity open up like endless waterfalls with the Connemara landscape as backdrop, this was also a spiritual encounter with oneself. The investment was well spent and the learnings invaluable. I would recommend this to the young and old alike. The young will be inspired, and the old will be compelled to write. I know for myself personally, it has created a sense of urgency to complete what we had started at this retreat. More power and blessings always!

Thelma Aranda Sugay, Burbank, CA

The Connemara Writer’s Retreat with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Oct 2017

I found it profoundly rich, stimulating, deep, and personal. Phil had made unique connections with scholars, priests, writers, and authorities who gave us personalized tours, explanations, and insights into the history, culture, passion, and suffering of the Irish people. Phil was an encyclopedia of experiences, knowledge, insights, and opportunities that truly made this trip unusual and memorable. I had an A Plus experience. These people with whom Phil had a personal connection added so much richness and depth to our experience of truly understanding the culture and history of the Irish people. Thank you for making wonderful arrangements and helping to provide all of us with a memorable experience.

Alan Gibby, Rockford, IL

The Wild West of Ireland with Phil Cousineau Ireland, Sep 2017

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