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Join us on one of our Sacred Journeys to visit and connect with the ancient spiritual energies that exist at the most important Sacred Sites around the world. The Great Pyramid and Sphinx in Egypt, Sacred Temples in Bali, Stonehenge in England, Ancient Temples and Ashrams in India, Machu Picchu in Peru, Sacred Sites & Vortexes in Sedona, and sacred Mt. Kailas in Tibet are just some of the Sacred Places visited.

We offer Sacred Travel programs to Egypt, Bali, England, India, Ireland, Peru, Scotland, Sedona and Tibet. More and more people are looking for Spiritual Travel opportunities, and our Sacred Journeys program provides a more meaningful and rewarding travel experience, through visiting the most important Sacred Sites and culturally rich destinations of the world.

Our tour itineraries are extensively researched and infused with personal contacts and resources. Our Tour Leaders and Guides are experts in the field of interest and region of the tour. These are travel experiences you would not be able to create on your own. Besides all that, you will be well taken care of and can leave all your stress at home!

On a Sacred Journey you will have the opportunity to:


Travel with like-minded people and make new long-term friendships
Take time out from your regular life to reflect, and to broaden your horizons
Learn about different cultures and develop more understanding and compassion for others
Serve and to give something back to the people and places visited
Travel safely with the comfort of a small group & an experienced Tour Leader
Respect the environment and others' customs and lifestyles
Experience the culture, life and spirit of a place rather than follow the normal tourist route
Connect with ancient spiritual energies and power spots at Sacred Sites around the world
Explore a new spiritual practice or belief

An excerpt from The Art of Pilgrimage by Phil Cousineau captures the essence of a Sacred Journey:

"For millennia, the cry in the heart for embarking upon a meaningful journey has been answered by pilgrimage, a transformative journey to a sacred center. It calls for a journey to a holy site associated with gods, saints, or heroes, or to a natural setting imbued with spiritual power, or to a revered temple to seek counsel. To people the world over, pilgrimage is a spiritual exercise, an act of devotion to find a source of healing, or even to perform a penance. Always, it is a journey of risk and renewal. For a journey without challenge has no meaning; one without purpose has no soul...

The object of pilgrimage is not rest and recreation - to get away from it all. To set out on a pilgrimage is to throw down a challenge to everyday life. Nothing matters now but this adventure. Travelers jostle each other to board the train [bus, plane] where they crowd together for a journey that may last several days. After that there is a stony road to climb on foot - a rough, wild path in a landscape where everything is new. The naked glitter of the sacred mountain stirs the imagination; the adventure of self-conquest has begun. Specifics may differ, but the substance is always the same.." (Phil Cousineau, Conari Press, Berkeley, CA. 1998):

What is a Pilgrimage?

A Pilgrimage is a journey to a holy, sacred place to usher one into the presence of the Divine. Pilgrimage is an important part of spiritual life for many people on the path. By taking time to separate yourself from the everyday concerns of your world and spend time traveling to sacred sites full of power and special meaning, pilgrimage becomes am act of transformation that can change your life in many positive ways.

Please join us for a Sacred Earth Journey of a lifetime!

Photographs by Peter Langer.

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