10 Tips to Care for Your Soul: At Home and on the Road

Often our plans for our days are full of errands, chores, don’t-forgets, and the usual chaos that makes up everyday life.

How many times have you been right in the middle of a hectic day and longed to be back at your favorite travel destination where you felt calm and your soul was at peace? We so often mistake this feeling for wanderlust, or a need to get away from it all. What if you were able to experience that feeling of peace from your last journey and bring it into your everyday life and all your future travels?

The reason that we often feel more at peace while traveling is because we are nourishing our soul. Filling it full of love and appreciation. We begin to feel more in balance with the world as a whole and appreciate what we have at home. This is just one of the many benefits of travel and spiritual journeys alike. Here are 10 ways you can tap into that feeling of happiness and peace in your soul when you’re at home and next time you are traveling.


Home Care Soul Care


1. Nature Therapy

Get outside and experience nature. This doesn’t mean you have to go for a hike or get to park every day. Even the act of being outside and appreciating how the leaves are changing colors on your neighborhood trees or how the clouds are shifting in the sky. I have an oak tree outside my apartment and love watching the squirrels chase each other around.

Appreciating the changing color of the leaves in fall is a way to connect to natures free therapy

2. Mindfulness Actions

Pay attention to something you usually do on autopilot. Whether it’s brushing your teeth, making the bed, your commute to work, or any activity that you do every day and without thinking. Washing your hands is a good one to start with. Turn on the water and make sure you find a temperature that you like. Just let the water run over your hands and experience the sensation. Think about how grateful you are to have clean running water and you may wash your hands at your leisure. Try this 30-second soul exercise and see how you’ll feel reinvigorated.

A small fraction of your day spent being mindful will leave you feeling so much more appreciative of how beautiful life is

3. Tackle a small project

Scratch one of those lurker-projects off your list. Whether it’s a squeaky door, leaking sink, or a junk drawer. It doesn’t even have to be something that’s been bugging you. You could use this time to fill a photo album or learn to bake a dish you’ve been thinking about. Choose something that is on your mental to-do list that will add peace to your life. By doing this you have just made a little more room in that soul of yours.

4. Start a Gratitude Journal

At the end of each day write down what you are grateful for that day. Even if it’s been a hard day come up with one thing you are grateful for.  Such as your health, your warm bed to sleep in, or something similar. Focusing your energy at the end of each day on the positivity of your gratitude is a good soul stretching technique that helps to open your heart up to even more positivity.

Starting a gratitude journal will allow your soul to open up and see how truly blessed you are

5. Beauty Scavenger Hunt

You likely take the exact same route home every day. No longer noticing the sights to been seen as you drive past them. Take time on your next commute to notice 3 beautiful things on your commute home. This could be a beautiful tree that changes colors with the seasons, a happy couple that takes the same train home as you, or the majestic mountains on the skyline that can be so easy to forget noticing.


Soul Travel Treatments


1. Sleep in

You’re away from the rush of everyday life. Don’t just replace it with the rush of sightseeing and tourist must-dos. Take some time on your trip to slow down and savor the moments. Open the curtains and lay in bed enjoying the peace of having nowhere to go. Catch up on that much-needed RnR and your soul will feel refreshed.

2. Relax beside the water

Whether it is an ocean or a tiny stream water helps our soul connect with nature. This common practice of relaxation helps to ground us in nature and remember the energy that the earth can provide us. Let the calm wash over you as you listen to the waves lap against the shore.

Listen to the waves or a babbling brook to help you feel grounded and connected

3. Read a book

So many of us have good intentions of reading at home and find it hard to make the time. Traveling is a great time to pick up that book you’ve been reading for months and dive right in. Immerse yourself into the journey of the story. There are opportunities to read on flights, bus rides, and layovers. Change the tune of these moments from impatience to appreciate and savor the opportunity to feed your soul with a good book.

4. Unplug

Yes, you’re taking beautiful pictures as you travel but they will be there to share tomorrow. Take a full day off of all social media and fully immerse yourself in the experience of the journey you are on. Release the need for others approval as you click and share your photos. Connect your heart and soul into every moment of your day and embed each memory on your brain.

Taking the time to be fully immersed

5. Nourish the belly, nourish the soul

Traveling to beautiful countries and learning about new cultures is only complete if you get to experience the cuisine of these lands. Open your mind and your belly up to local cuisine. Learn the history behind the dishes. Take a cooking class and learn how and why dishes are made the way they are. Fill your soul with the culture and wisdom of cuisine secrets from your journeys.


Now you know how to take care of your soul at home and on the road. Sacred Earth Journeys designs trips that are meant to feed your spirit and your soul. Letting you experience the world’s most sacred lands. Check out our journeys and see where we can take your soul.

Our Sacred South India travel group, feeling happy in spirit and soul