Ayurveda for Healing: An Interview with Jaisri M. Lambert


This December, Ayurvedic consultant and practitioner Jaisri M. Lambert will be accompanying a group to the Vaidyagrama  Ayurveda Healing Village in Coimbatore, India for a unique healing program. The program is for those who feel ready to take the time to go more deeply within for Ayurvedic learning, rejuvenation, strengthening and cleansing. We interviewed Jaisri to learn more about the many benefits of this healing program as well as to hear what draws her to Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic medicine
Jaisri (centre) with our group at Vaidyagrama

SEJ: What is it about Ayurveda that most resonates with you?

Jaisri M. Lambert: Ayurveda resonates with me because it hasn’t changed over such a long time. When addressing my own chronic health issues years ago, it was a refreshing discovery that pharmaceuticals weren’t my only choice.  More I studied, more I found resonance with nature and my inner preferences for natural, simple living.

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SEJ: What benefits will participants see from spending 21 or 41 days at Vaidyagrama compared to an Ayurveda program that is shorter or closer to home?

JL: Those attending the 41-day Panchakarma program are likely to have the most benefit, although it may not be possible for some to take time for this in-depth experience of cleansing and rejuvenation. The 21-day option is also likely to bring significant improvements in metabolic functions at all levels – physical, mental, spiritual. The main benefit to have the treatments in India is because the investment is about 1/3 of the cost as compared to Canada.

Vaidyagrama India
One of the healing gardens at Vaidyagrama planted by members of the Vaidyagrama community

SEJ: Would participants need to have any prior knowledge of Ayurveda or to have already worked with Ayurveda physicians to join this program?

JL: Prior knowledge of Ayurveda is best, I feel. Going with no knowledge of Ayurveda is not advised. It’s best if the participant is already following an Ayurveda program and has good understanding of what to expect, externally and internally. Mental equilibrium and maturity is advised.

SEJ: Can you talk to us a little about Panchakarma (PK) – how intense is it as a healing program and is it suitable for anyone?

JL: Panchakarma is the classical cleansing and rejuvenation science of Ayurveda, a most sophisticated body of knowledge of human life and the maintenance of good health for the purpose of self-realization. Both the 41-day and the 21-day program options are intense in their own ways, as an individual journey of self-healing under the care of expert physicians. Panchakarma can be done following the palliation phase of Ayurvedic case management, and is therefore not suitable for those with certain contra-indications such as active infections, use of anti-psychotic drugs, recent grievous loss and others. Consult with me to understand if you have any other contra-indications.

what is Ayurveda?
Ceremonies are an important part of the healing retreat

SEJ: What are you most looking forward to about this program?

JL: For myself, I’ve been looking forward to having an authentic 41-day Panchakarma experience for many years now. I’m looking forward to experiencing deep rest, restoration of my meditation practice, developing composure in all circumstances and learning about Ayurveda more deeply.

SEJ: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about this program?

JL: I feel the Panchakarma options offer the opportunity to address participants’ long-standing health concerns, especially on the level of spiritual healing. I feel this program will be remembered as life-changing, uplifting and strengthening, according to the person’s goals.

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Ayurvedic massage
Jaisri with a participant at Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village

To understand more about Panchakarma you can read our blog post Craving rest and rejuvenation? Try Panchakarma! For more about this unique healing program, visit Sacred Earth Journeys where we have the full program description along with the different program options. 

We’re taking bookings now for this program that will help you deepen your Ayurveda practice and work with incredible practitioners at the Vaidyagrama Healing Village.

~ Sacred Earth Journeys