Celebrating Agung Prana: Changing the world through spirit and science.


In October of this year, we are offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join our Bali Sacred Journey & Opening of Center of Hope with Andrew Harvey, October 28 – November 10, 2019.

Welcoming Andrew Harvey to Bali

We invite you to participate in the momentous grand opening of the Centre of Hope in Bali. Our tour leader Andrew Harvey, along with Lilly White, were part of the conception of this change-making organization. After a lifetime love of Bali, Andrew had the divine pleasure of meeting the esteemed Mr. Agung Prana in 2017. Both men were deeply committed to finding solutions that were bred from hope, spiritual understanding, and the scientific advancements of today. It was during this meeting that the idea for the Centre of Hope was born. We are proud to celebrate the opening day on October 29, 2019.

Sadly, we will not be able to share this amazing moment with Agung Prana, he passed on July 8, 2018. Mr. Prana dedicated his life to Bali Tourism and the conservation of Bali’s environment, culture, and spirituality. He devoted his last three decades to sustainable tourism and served as the Vice President of the Bali Tourism Board and Chairman of the Association of Indonesia Travel Agencies. During this time Agung worked effortlessly to find solutions to the deterioration of the coral reefs. Increased tourism was a blessing to the economy and an opportunity to share the culture of Bali with the world, but it became a strain on the environment. Mr. Prana continued the act of sharing the beauty of Bali with the world, but he changed the traditional approach and implemented sustainable tourism.

Lilly, Mr. Prana and Andrew together

Mr. Prana was the founder of the Karang Lestari Foundation. This foundation uses the technology of Biorock™ to help the ongoing effort to save the precious coral reefs of the beautiful coasts of Bali.

Biorock™ technology is an innovative process originally invented in 1976 by the late architect Professor Wolf Hilbertz to produce natural building materials in the sea. Biorock materials are the only marine construction material that grow, get stronger with age, and are self-repairing.

For more about Biorock™ and how it is helping to save our oceans visit the Global Coral Reef Alliance and read more about the work of the Karang Lestari Foundation.

The Coral Goddess, Bio-Rock Pemuteran Bali Indonesia

Agung Prana’s ability to connect deeply with people from all over the globe meant that he could use his influence to inspire many to give their time, knowledge, and spirit to the conservation and restoration of our precious environments. Mr. Prana was awarded 289 international honours. He is remembered as a global leader of eco-tourism and environmental conservation. His work will always be remembered and honoured through the ongoing work of the Centre of Hope.

The Centre of Hope has a vision of bringing together global thought leaders in environmental solutions, interfaith dialogue, and animal and human rights. We want to foster productive conversations involving cutting edge scientific advancements, the wisdom of the shamans, and deep ancient practices of sustainable living. The intention is to bring together the hearts and souls of these leaders amongst the culture of Bali to create solutions that would never be possible otherwise. It will be a beacon of radical, engaged hope.

We are looking forward to hosting members of the royal family, business and spiritual leaders from around the world, artists and economists at the Taman Ayun Temple in Mengwi. This unique event will feature talks and ceremonies throughout the celebration, and will leave all guests inspired to share their awakened creativity with the world.

Priest and healer Manqku Made Subur

This will be a two-part journey that will start with this highly anticipated opening day of the Centre of Hope, a chance to participate in sacred ceremonies, and the honour of meeting the family of Agung Prana. The second part of this journey will take us to Pemuteran where our renowned spiritual leaders will teach us to deepen our own spiritual practice through yoga, a traditional day of silence, and profound appreciation of the land and ocean.

We will all leave this journey with a greater understanding of sustainable tourism, sacred activism, and our relationship to the beautiful and sacred culture of Bali.

As Andrew Harvey says in this video clip:

“Come and dance with us, come and dive into the project with us, come and relish in the teachings with us.”

Don’t miss out on this wonderful two-part journey: Bali Sacred Journey & Opening of Center of Hope with Andrew Harvey, October 28 – November 10, 2019.