Centre of the Conscious Dream: A Personal Message from Daniel Stone

Toltec Universal Vision: A Practical Intuitive Shamanic Initiation
October 31 – November 21, 2019

Hello.  This year at the desert retreat, I felt to write some additional information from my perspective of running these retreats for 19 years.  I was really wanting to focus on the heart relation between this desert land, this particular power point on the surface of the planet, and the human beings that come here.

Daniel Stone (middle) with retreat participants

This desert dream

This space in this desert is a place of reunion, a reunion of worlds.  Some people refer to this as a vortex, where the veils between different planes of existence are thin.  There are spirits, evolved beings, masters who still live in consciousness but not in body, and they teach.  Some refer to these energies as the nagual.  This is a sensitive spot, a power point on the Earth surface to which many energies are attracted.  There are energies on the earth that are attracted to leave and there are energies of the sky that are attracted to arrive.  This fluid interchange between dreams creates a moving tapestry of communication.  In this fluid dance, we can connect directly with our spirit guides.

Our spirit guides re-orientate our path so that we are connected to our soul.  The soul, just to clarify here what I mean by this word, is the whole of you that travels through the universe.  In this long journey of the whole of you, this present lifetime has a context.  There is a before and there is an after.  Most of the time, because of the current level of interference and confusion, we lose a sense of the relation between this lifetime and the journey of our soul through the universe.  When we are realigned with this soul movement, there is ease.  There is no doubt.  There is no need to question.  The whole body knows.

The Centre of Conscious Dream in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico

It is difficult to hear spirit guides if we are congested, and so there is a need to die.  I know that everyone that comes to the desert comes to this space to die, not physically, but emotionally, psychologically.  Emotions, ideas, thought forms die, and then certain spirits (memories) held in the body also die.  It happens through a process of vibration, a kind of very subtle and gradual movement.  Rather like the process of using a sieve.  As if you were looking for gold, your soul seeks true reflection.  As the sieve is gently shaken, the parts of you that you have been holding – maybe your whole life, maybe for lifetimes – these parts that are not your true reflection fall through the holes of the sieve.  The more of the dirt falls away, the more the gold is revealed.  This is who you are.  Some people see themselves for the first time, and there is a shock because they realise how they have not been who they really are for so long.  Others see smaller changes, depending on how true they are living their soul journey.

People come to the desert, where there is no internet, and indeed no electricity, to step outside.  There is so much interference and so much congestion in most people’s lives that they do not have the time or space to experience their soul.  We step outside of Greenwich Mean Time into Universal Dream Time.  This gives us a whole new perspective.  From Mean to Dream!

Sharing dinner over candlelight

Instead of electricity we use candles.  Candles connect us with fire, which in the traditions of this desert is called Tatiwari and also el abuelo (uncle).  The candles that illuminate our spaces are alive with the spirit of Tatiwari.  This light education teaches us different ways of seeing.  Seeing through the veil, you can see your guides, hear your guides.  Through the subtle light of the candle, the spirit guides touch your soul.

My work and the work of other facilitators here is to create a nurturing space for the soul, and to give some practical indications on what will help to clarify your truth and your expressions of that truth.  It is not for us to tell you what your soul journey is; it is not for us to tell you who you are.  It is up to us to create the spaces in which this ongoing discovery will be made. 

Welcome to your private adobe home

This is your personal journey.  However, we are also preparing for another kind of journey in which the meaning of who ‘you’ are expands.  The healing comes from connecting to big spaces.  From the perspective of the stars, from the perspective of the mountain the Huichols call ‘the eye of God’- from the perspective of all the earth and the sky, the dramas which impede our progress are small, even tiny.  From the perspective of our soul, there is a more important, greater movement to be experienced.

We are facilitating spaces for you in the desert so that you can find the mirror of the soul.  From there, on the practical level, will come the essence of what is being sought – healing, healing others, clarity in decisions, abundance, empowerment, creative fire, vision.  This creates a base from which in ongoing work in later retreats that take place in Europe, the U.S. as well as Mexico, the human being is able to function in circles that channel for consciousness.  These circles are circles of 12.  Our work is for ourselves, for the circle, for the Earth, humanity, the sky.  For consciousness.   This is why the centre is physically a circle of twelve buildings.  It is our highest intent.

Discover the peace and calm within yourself at the Centre of Conscious Dream

There are many impediments which prevent people from making this journey.  The biggest one is fear.  Fear of the unknown mostly.  This is usually projected onto practical fears – fears of Mexico, fears of the conditions, fears of being too hot, too cold, the wrong food, the wrong people, money, illness, death!!  The underlying fear is of seeing the truth, seeing one’s power, seeing your essence.

I love this space.   I love the physical simplicity where I want for nothing I really need and yet there is no congestion or distraction.  I love the freedom to move between dreams, to feel the whole of me, to touch my soul and feel it moving through my body.  I love it because it feels real.  It is real.

I was called to this space in the desert and it was the first time I heard myself.  In this place, I remembered.  I am called to prepare a space in which you also can remember.

Daniel Stone