Five Benefits of Spiritual Travel

The world and our lives can rush past us at remarkable speeds. We strive to find time to meditate, read, pray and learn but it can be hard to carve out time for these important spiritual practices as the demands from day to day life keep propelling us forward.

When was the last time you were able to sit in peace and feel connected to the universe? To relax without the interrupting pings of electronic notifications and constant pull of responsibilities? Taking time for yourself and embarking on a spiritual journey can give you back that feeling of connectedness and peace. A spiritual guide can help you discover some of the most sacred places that this beautiful earth has to offer can aide you in reconnecting with your inner self and all the peace the world has to offer. Read on to discover five benefits of spiritual travel.

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Embark on a Sacred Earth Journey to discover new cultures and customs.

1. Discovering New Cultures and Customs

By taking a sacred journey to places such as Peru, India, or Greece you will be exposed to new cultures and customs. Even if you have visited a country before there is always more to learn and discover. Having a tour guide full of knowledge and ancient wisdom about a place enriches the experience for you, and often your leader could take you to visit places and to meet people that the general public does not know about or cannot access.

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Andrew Harvey explains the story of Goddess Durga to our pilgrims in Mahabalipuram.

2. Finding Peace Within Your Mind and Spirit

Often when we travel we are stressing about how we are getting to our next destination or the itinerary for tomorrow. A guided spiritual journey provides you the mental space and energy to open yourself up so you can relax and completely immerse yourself in the experience. Give yourself over to the experience and get so much more out of your journey.

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Travelling with a partner can bring a deeper dimension to your relationship.

3. Developing a New Perspective

As you travel on your spiritual journey you will move amongst the locals within the countries you visit. What may seem like a hardship to you could be viewed as personal wealth and happiness to the people living in the beautiful locales. Through the opportunity to see how others live their lives and find happiness, your entire self-perspective could change. You will return home reenergized and with a deeper appreciation of all that your world has to offer you.

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Take time out from your daily routine to participate in a spiritual journey.

4. Finding Your Joy

New experiences can expand your personal and spiritual boundaries as you immerse yourself in learning about the cultures and traditions of the places you visit. You may appreciate more about your life and grow emotionally and spiritually. Imagine sitting in peaceful harmony with your surroundings on the top of Machu Picchu and feeling the joy as you reflect on the physical and spiritual journey it took to reach that most perfect place on earth.

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Find joy!

5. Determining Your Purpose

After embarking on a spiritual journey, the world can seem like a much different place than when you started. Colours appear brighter, you may appreciate the little things of your day more and find you have developed a stronger sense of self. This refocusing of the world around you can open new doors to life paths that were previously hidden from you. Each new path can help you continue to shape your purpose and live your life with intention.


Are you ready to experience joy, purpose, spiritual awakening and a greater appreciation for other people and places on Earth? Come and explore the spiritual journeys that Sacred Earth Journeys has to offer and see what new paths are awaiting you.