These 3 Peru Spiritual Journeys Offer Sacred Quests into the Andes

A man guiding his horse high in the Andes of Peru. All rights reserved.

People are on the lookout for Peru spiritual journeys. After all, Peru is a spiritually potent land.

It makes up the bulk of what once was the Inca civilization, the largest of the pre-Colombian civilizations.

Peru also hosts a large portion of the Amazon rainforest as well as indigenous groups still at one with the land. 

Travelers embarking on journeys to the vibrancy of Peru often crave transformational experiences. Sure, some go to make memories in the colonial cities.

But others are seeking shamanic healing in the Sacred Valley and elsewhere. 

There are 3 spiritual journeys in Peru that take the cake for being the most immersive, entertaining, and downright transformational.

These journeys contain enticing Peru travel itineraries that offer unique takes on Incan civilization, traveling in the Andes, local ceremonial practice, and sacred site travel. 

Yes, they are our very own journeys!

Call us bias, but soon you’ll find out why Sacred Earth Journeys is leading the way in hosting the best Peru spiritual journeys. 

Stay with us, read on, and imagine the soul-growth you’d obtain from attending any of these sacred quests through Peru!

Peru Journey 1: Welcome to Portals of Peru with Freddy Silva

Discover the Power Places of an Ancient Civilization

Aramu Muru Doorway. Photo copyright: Freddy Silva.

Traveling with Freddy Silva will make you more conscious of how ancient sacred sites influence your consciousness. Freddy is a well-regarded metaphysical speaker, author, and researcher on ancient civilizations. 

We’re eternally grateful to have Freddy with us to lead his Peru spiritual journeys.

For a taste of Freddy interacting with and teaching about sacred sites in Peru, check out this video of him lecturing about the significance of Saqsayhuaman, Peru.

Saqsayhuaman is a megalithic complex overlooking the city and capital of the Inca empire, Cusco.

“Welcome to Portals of Peru” was named after this journey’s capacity to launch its participants into a portal of ancient mystery, power, and architectural precision. 

This journey is focused on going beyond the typical sites and explanations offered within most trips to the Andes. For example, with Freddy, participants will visit Wayna Picchu, a ceremonial Moon temple above Machu Picchu. 

There is a level of physical fitness that tends to be useful on such a  journey.

The Andes bring travelers thousands of feet into the air. With Freddy, you’ll spend some time appreciating the scale and solitude of the Andes, including a strenuous hike up to the Temple of the Moon (Wayna Picchu). 

Freddy believes that those who fully engage and participate in the lessons and energetic shifts this journey has to offer may not be the same people by the end of the journey (for better, of course). 

What our participants are saying about “Portals of Peru”

“It was a truly amazing experience, surpassing our expectations. We would recommend this trip to anyone wanting to move forward spiritually.” -Liz and Roger Chafer, Haute Vienne, France

Peru Journey 2: Heart of the Pachamama with Puma Quispe Singona

A Sacred Journey of Healing, Andean Medicine, and Energy Work in Peru

Sacred Earth Journey Participant on Peru spiritual journeys
Sacred Earth Journeys participant working with local medicine men in Chinchero Peru. All rights reserved.

Earlier this year, we created an interview video with Andean Medicine Man Puma Qusipe Singona that captures the importance of this journey, “Heart of the Pachamama”.

In the video, Puma explains why this pilgrimage is one of initiation. . .of self-discovery, of healing, and awakening. He reveals why we travel to these unique, powerful, energetic centers that the ancestors have been journeying to for thousands of years.

To attend “Heart of the Pachamama” is to capture a more traditional take on the Sacred Valley of the Inca and the sites therein.

We visit Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and even Puma’s family in his hometown of Chinchero. 

Puma is recognized as a keeper of true, ancient wisdom. He’s been trained as a traditional Andean medicine man by his grandfather since the age of 6.

Puma is now eager to use his gifts to expand the hearts of his global community. 

A highlight of this journey with Puma is working with Wachuma, a traditional Andean plant medicine. Legend has it that Wachuma was named “San Pedro” (Saint Peter) by Catholics because they believed it opened the gates of Heaven.

Watch this video of Puma on our Youtube channel to see just how epic this journey is and to gain further clarity on Puma’s intentions and how he walks as a medicine man. 

By the journey’s end, Puma will guide us in ceremony in honor of our growth and transformation and rebirth. Then, it’ll be time to cross into our new lives back home. 

What our participants are saying about “Heart of the Pachamama”

“Being guided by these powerful masters on our journey of remembering our connection to Pachamama (mother earth) and our cosmic creators, makes it nothing short of magical and truly transformational.” -Ana Cardoso, Uxbridge, England

Peru Journey 3: In Search of Hope with Dr. Chris Sopa

A Healing & Transformational Journey to Peru

Dr. Chris Sopa and her group at Machu Picchu. All rights reserved.

Take a journey with world-renowned author and speaker Dr. Chris Sopa and learn the meaning of “healing”. This journey combines Dr. Chris’s experience as a psychologist with the traditional knowledge of local guides, including a traditional Q’ero shaman.

If you’re interested in the emerging crossroads between scientific and spiritual knowledge, then we highly suggest this journey! 

The theme for “In Search of Hope” involves clearing a path to situate yourself in your new future. This is what Dr. Chris advocates for, reflected in her 2012 book Choosing the Life you Were Born to Live.

Similar to Freddy Silva’s “Welcome to Portal of Peru”, Chris’s journey centers on transforming the soul through the potency of sacred sites.

Participants will engage in ceremony and visit sites such as Quillarumiyoc, the Aramu Muru Doorway, and of course Machu Picchu with an optional trek up to Wayna Picchu. 

What people are saying about “In Search of Hope” 

“My trip to Peru was life-changing! We visited many sacred Incan sites around Cusco which were previously unknown to me. These visits were made more meaningful by performing ancient ceremonies led by a shaman who spent each day in the Andes with us.” -Brenda Quesenberry, Vero Beach, FL

~Jacob Lopez, staff writer