Lately I find myself reflecting on the past year and all the things I’ve seen, done and experienced this year. You see, September has always felt like the start of the year for me, so it’s usually around this time that I begin to look back at all the events of the year and really take the time to remember, reflect, and relive all my memories. I find it a great way to acknowledge and give thanks for all the gifts I have received, as well as look forward to the new year and begin making new plans and setting new goals for myself.
Reflecting not only allows us to look within, to establish where we are in our lives right now, but it also allows us to project our dreams for the future and help manifest them into reality. When we reflect, we can express our deepest gratitude, discover our longings and desires, and help root and set the lessons we have learned thus far. Somehow everything becomes more tangible, more real.Taking the time to reflect may seem like a frivolity with the busy lives so many of us lead today, however, it is an important aspect of any healthy spiritual life. When you reflect, you can truly see yourself looking back at you. Who is this person you’ve become? Who do you want to be? How do you want the world to see you and how do you reflect the real you to the world? These are all important questions to ask yourself every now and then to ensure you are staying authentic and true to yourself.We all want to be seen in the most favourable light, shining bright and mighty like the biggest star. We all want to reflect the unique beauty we all have within. So how do we express this to the world when sometimes we can’t see this in ourselves? Reflection. Quiet your mind, go within, reflect on what you want to explore and discover and you will begin to see it all before your very eyes. As you begin to let spirit reflect itself in the outer you, you will also begin to see the spirit in others being reflected back as well. Suddenly your world will become brighter, much more beautiful, and reflectively brilliant.So as I now take the time to reflect on my comings and goings of the year and begin to make plans for what I’d like to see in the future, I welcome you to reflect with me and take a step in creating the most beautiful reflection of yourself the world has ever seen.


~ Daniela Masaro