Spiritual Journey to Bali Ignites Soulful Creativity

From March 12 – 23, 2015 artist Lori Goldberg and tour leader & jewelry designer Mooh Hood will travel to Bali with a small group of women for a journey of art, culture, spirituality and fun!


Women’s Spiritual Art Journey in Baliwith Mooh Hood and Lori Goldberg is an opportunity to spend time in one of the most beautiful places on earth with tour leaders who will nurture your own creative spirit and inspire you to see beauty with fresh eyes.

As Goldberg says,

“There is nothing better than to take a group of like-minded people to beauty spots like Bali where there is no word for Artist, they just are. The Balinese are under divine obligation to make beautiful things. So what better place in the world to be if you are a creative person than in a place like this.”

Goldberg herself was touched by Bali early in her career, and the 1988 exhibition “Out of the Blue” was inspired by her travels there. This “spirited, playful and open-ended” exhibition captures a textured, multi-layered beauty, with figures floating in an “ethereal bath of light [and] luminous colour”.

Juluka Shuttle by Lori Goldberg

For participants on this journey there will be plenty of time to explore creative processes with daily art journal sessions led by Goldberg as well as advice from the artist on techniques and creative documentation. A follow-up full-day session with Lori in her Vancouver studio is also included in this trip to help participants put together all that they have discovered in Bali.

Making Offerings in Bali
Making Offerings in Bali

This journey will also nurture your spiritual side through visits to sacred sites and temples, daily Circle Time for sharing from the heart, and 24 hours of silence to celebrate Balinese New Year in the traditional way. Spirituality is completely intertwined with creativity in Bali, and this journey honours both with time for quiet devotion combined with fun, leisure activities. Dancing, snorkelling, walks with a Naturalist guide are all on offer as well as an intriguing workshop on the “100 Uses of Coconut”!


Whether you’re involved in the creative industries on a daily basis or haven’t picked up a paintbrush since high school, this journey has much to offer. To feel true happiness, our bodies need to be in balance and our creative souls fed as much as our bellies. On this Women’sSpiritual Art Journey in Bali with Mooh Hood and Lori Goldberg you will join like-minded women who will support and inspire you as you re-connect to your true self in harmony with your exquisite surroundings.

This journey truly is a transformative travel gift to yourself.

In an upcoming blog we will feature an exclusive not-to-be-missed interview with tour leaders, artist Lori Goldberg and Mooh Hood!

~ Kim Bridgett