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The Otherworld in the Andes: Part 2, by Freddy Silva

In this guest blog best-selling author and tour leader for our upcoming Peru journey, “Welcome to the Portals of Peru”, Freddy Silva continues his exploration of Peru’s sacred sites, focusing on the portal of Amaru Muru, near Lake Titicaca. Read Freddy’s first instalment: The Otherworld in the Andes.  Southeast of the sacred sites [of Silustani and… Continue reading

Maya Temples of Transformation: Watch our favourite moments from our recent journey

tikal in guatemala

Earlier this year, our founder, Helen Tomei, accompanied our group on the journey: “Maya Temples of Transformation with Freddy Silva & Miguel Angel Vergara: A Sacred Journey from Palenque to Tikal”. She took several videos during the journey on her iPhone that nicely reflect the spirit of this tour. It was a journey where participants… Continue reading

Exploring Sacred Mayan Sites in Mexico and Guatemala

Palenque in Mexico

Sacred Earth Journeys’ participant and travel writer Lori Erickson shares her recent experience of travelling to Mexico & Guatemala in this week’s feature guest blog. For years I’ve been getting press releases from Sacred Earth Journeys, a company that specializes in trips to spiritual sites around the world. So much about the company appealed to… Continue reading

The Ball Courts of Yucatan: The Great Game of Creation

Ball Courts at Chichen Itza

Like many ancient spiritual cultures, the Toltec and the Maya erected stone monuments that echoed their interpretation of the universe. One of the many unique features to be found in Yucatan temple cities are the so-called ball courts where, according to orthodox view, warriors played a gruesome game with the severed heads of defeated enemies.… Continue reading