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Mindful and Spiritual Travel Are More Essential Now Than Ever

girl enjoying spiritual travel at Machu Picchu

Visiting sacred sites, studying sacred mythology, meeting new people abroad, and learning from spiritual teachers are all factors driving people into spiritual travel. You see, ever since stay-at-home orders went into place due to COVID-19, people have been waking up to their need for more meaningful connections and experiences. Even Deepak Chopra predicts the future… Continue reading

Discover Peru: Benefits of Group Spiritual Travel

discover Peru

This past year, Christine Overvelde was one of the lucky participants on our journey to discover Peru, Heart of the Pachamama with Puma Quispe Singona.  We are pleased to share her personal experience about the journey, along with her insights for Group Spiritual Travel, as written in her recent blog post below. Recently I had… Continue reading

Sacred Pilgrimage & The Essence of Spiritual Travel

Have you ever longed to embark on a journey of pure wonder and transformation, a journey that may stretch your personal boundaries and open your heart, mind, and spirit to new possibilities and new insights? If so, a sacred pilgrimage is the trip for you. Spiritual journeys, pilgrimages, and sacred sites tours are becoming more… Continue reading