The Pyramids Beyond the ‘Pyramids’

Pyramids even more ancient than ‘the pyramids’?

Allow our sacred journey to Egypt this October to introduce you, not only to the iconic ‘Great Pyramid’, but also to a few more of these amazing Egyptian feats of architecture.

The ‘Red Pyramid’ is found at Dashur, and is so-named because of the high iron content of the granite surface. It is more than just a pretty shape–we will venture inside the pyramid to experience the unusual acoustics, and evoke the sacred sound codes as the ancients did, experiencing the pyramid in the way it was meant to be experienced.

Even more unusual is the ‘Bent Pyramid’. Its skewed shape is intriguing; we will learn about theories as to why it was built in this fashion.

As well, as pictured above, the ‘Step Pyramid’ is another style of pyramid we will experience firsthand on our journey. This is said to be the oldest of the remaining pyramids. The Egyptian priests performed sound healings here. We will explore the site and discover the historical and spiritual offerings it avails to us, today.

Our Sacred Journey to Egypt this October takes you inside Egypt. This is the Egypt of the ancients, not the Egypt of the tourists. We would love to have you come experience it along with us.