Discover A Unique Perspective Of Sacred Greece

Phil Cousineau was a little boy living in Detroit, Michigan when he first discovered sacred Greece.

Back then, Phil would get lost at the local library, reading every myth and fable from Ancient Greece that he could get his hands on. We were especially enthralled by the stories of heroes and heroines that stood up to the gods and tried in vain to fight against Destiny and would be transported through time and space every time he read one of those myths.

Over fifty years have passed since then, and Phil has gone on to become a world-renowned scholar, documentary filmmaker, and author. But even though he’s no longer that little boy living in Detroit, his passion for Greece has remained intact.

And now he’s intent on sharing this passion with others.

sacred greece

Experience the sacredness of Greece with Phil Cousineau

To make your next trip to Greece truly uniques, you should join author, filmmaker, and teacher Phil Cousineau on a breathtaking pilgrimage through Greece’s most spectacular sacred sites on The Heart of Ancient Greece: An Odyssey with Phil Cousineau.

With Phil’s guidance, you’ll learn about the Greek Myths that remain relevant in today’s world. You’ll also be able to explore beautiful sites like Olympia and Delphos and enjoy the culinary delights of modern Greece.

As a seasoned guide, Phil will not only teach you about Greece, he’ll also bring you the teachings and initiations for your own internal transformation, giving you the tools to make this trip, and the rest of your life, truly sacred.

Here are Three Ways Phil Will Help Make Your Next Trip to Greece Truly Unique

1. He’ll take you off the Beaten Path

What Phil says “I plan to take the group to Eleusis, a rarely visited site near the capital that was a famous goddess pilgrimage site. I will also lead the group to Delphi where we will visit the site of the famous oracle on one of the most dramatic mountains in the country, then down to Olympia, where the athletic spirit began and has been restored.”

2. He’ll guide you on a deep dive into the legacy of Ancient Greece on today’s world

What Phil says “Greece is the crucible of Western Civilization, as is often said, which makes it a must-see destination for anyone wants to understand the history of theatre, poetry, mythology, even sports. I like focusing on sport because for millennia people around the world, not only Greece, have played in the deepest sense of the word, and competed, not for bloodlust, but for the ancient Greek belief in arête, excellence. This aspect is mostly forgotten in modern play and modern sport where the emphasis is on winning at all costs. The Modern Olympics has been a first step in trying to revive the true spirit, the spirituality, underneath all athletic competition.”

sacred greece

3. He’ll give you unique insight into the role of the Goddess in Greek tradition

What Phil says “If you read the Greek myths, the goddesses were as powerful and omnipresent as the gods. To only visit the sites of the gods and male heroes is to see only half of Greece.”

A word from past pilgrims

Here’s what one former travelers, Sue Robertson. from Sydney, Australia, had to say about The Heart of Ancient Greece: An Odyssey with Phil Cousineau:

“This journey was not simply a tour that explores the mysteries of Greece’s ancient past but also a journey that encouraged its participants to undertake an inner journey, eliciting inspiration, creative insight and transformative response. As tour leader, Phil Cousineau provides pilgrims with a wealth of knowledge, revealing a fascination for history and myth, as well as humour and skilled inclusive leadership. This journey reminded me that I should not neglect my creative gifts nor overlook the profound archetypal connections that are interwoven into our cultural life, and the magic that is part of human experience.”

Chris Franek, from Houston, also had some nice things to say about Phil’s tour:

“The Greece Pilgrimage through Sacred Earth Journeys with Phil Cousineau was a transformational journey that felt not unlike stepping into CS Lewis’ magical wardrobe and being taken to a fantastic place—a place that has the power to shift your consciousness into a type of mythological timelessness that we typically only associate with dream states. Phil is an inimitable storyteller and myth-maker and an excellent ferryman who will take you from the shores of your familiar mundane world to the world where creativity and The Muses play. Anyone wanting to connect with the deeper experiences of what life has to offer would be remiss not to consider sojourning with Phil. Regarding the tour organizer, Sacred Earth Journeys, where do I start with the praises? All of the organization and trip logistics done by Sacred Earth Journeys was first rate and Helen removed all obstacles that would typically be associated with planning a trip of this ambitious scale. This was my second journey through Sacred Earth Journeys and I am incredibly impressed with their service. I normally never would consider doing a “group” tour but Sacred Earth Journeys attracts a completely different kind of traveler. Rather than the typical voyeuristic tourist, Sacred Earth Journeys clearly attracts sojourners who are less “tourist” and more of an “intentional traveler” whose view of traveling is one of pilgrimage.”

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A Ten-Day Tour to the Legendary Island of Light will run from April 9 – 18, 2019. As always, this will be a journey full of visits to sacred sites, culture, fine cuisine, storytelling and engaging conversation.