Why Travel for Personal Growth?

I often contemplate what motivates us to travel. Is it to become a better person, experience something different, learn about new cultures, taste different cuisines, or simply to relax and get away from it all? How about travelling for personal growth? We can achieve personal growth in many ways such as by making and learning from our mistakes, therapy, workshops and learning from others. Traveling for personal growth however, is a holistic, fun and unique way to achieve this. The experiences you have, lessons formed and memories made will stay for you for the rest of your life.

If you look at the motivations behind why and how you travel it all comes down to social values. Social values are formed during our childhood and remain with us throughout our whole lives. Although you may embark on different types of holidays such as a relaxing vacation, spiritual tour or adventure trip, the foundations of the trip are always set by your social values. If you, like myself are focused on responsible and sustainable travel, you will always minimize your impact on the environment and respect and empower the lives of locals. This would apply to a relaxing beach holiday in Mexico, where you could choose a more green accommodation and eat local cuisine to trekking Machu Picchu, where you could choose a sustainable tour operator that leaves the land in tact and provides adequate clothing and food for their porters.

Being an experienced traveller focused on personal growth, engaging with locals and respecting the environment, I’ve been fortunate enough to of had many amazing travel experiences that have helped shape me into the person I am today.

Some recommended travel activities and experiences to aid personal growth include:

Spiritual journeys – embarking on a spiritual journey is a good way to connect with your higher self, learn ancient wisdom teachings and be surrounded by deep healing energies.

Volunteering – surrendering, showing compassion and giving back has astronomical effects on personal growth.

Adventure activities – can take you out of your comfort zone and help you transcend fears and mental blockages.

Healthy travel – applying healthy lifestyle habits while you travel such as regular exercise and healthy foods can cement good habits into your usual daily life.

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By Kelly Weiss