Sacred Healing in Java and Bali with Dr. Miles Neale and Geshe Tenzin Zopa

A Pilgrimage to the Mystical Islands of Indonesia September 17 - 30, 2023
Trip Extension Medicine Buddha Retreat with Geshe Tenzin Zopa and Dr. Miles Neale : A Healing Immersion on Sacred Mount Batukaru

Join Buddhist psychologist Dr. Miles Neale and Tibetan master Geshe Tenzin Zopa on a pilgrimage through the sacred islands of Indonesia, focused on radical compassion, personal healing, and global regeneration.

Explore Tibetan Buddhist teachings on radical compassion, the tantric practice of Medicine Buddha, and Jungian depth psychology used to promote inner healing and global regeneration while traveling through the mystical islands of Indonesia. You’ll be guided from the UNESCO world heritage site of the Borobudur mandala in Java to sacred Mount Agung in Bali, led by master teachers and local wisdom keepers. THIS JOURNEY IS SOLD-OUT READ MORE

Tour Leader Dr. Miles Neale

Miles Neale is a Buddhist psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and author. He is a faculty member of Tibet House (US) and Weill Cornell Medical College, and leads pilgrimages around the Buddhist world.

Tour Leader Geshe Tenzin Zopa

Geshe Tenzin Zopa is a prolific international teacher, author of 12 books, and travelling Geshe (Doctor of Buddhist Philosophy) for the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition.


The Sacred Healing trip to Java and Bali with Miles and Geshe-la was deeply transformative and its impact will reverberate throughout the rest of my life. The Dharma teachings were rich and meaningfulErica Saccente, East Meadow, NY


Tour Description:


Join us in September 2023 as we embark on an incredible adventure to the mystical islands of Indonesia, to immerse in the twin tantric traditions of vajrayana Buddhism and Balinese Hinduism led by renown teachers, set amidst tropical jungles, prehistoric volcanoes, and megalithic sites. The pilgrimage focuses on healing and regeneration during this crucial global transition, and weaves together multiple perspectives including Tibetan tantra, Jungian psychology, alchemy, natural medicine, permaculture, as well as Balinese ritual, food, art, and astrology. In addition, the pilgrimage includes a ceremony for global healing and regeneration at the summit of the magnificent Borobudur mandala in Java, a day of community service delivering food and clean water to a local village in Bali, while the post-pilgrimage extension features a Medicine Buddha retreat on sacred Mount Batukaru.


Dr. Miles Neale & Geshe Tenzin Zopa will lead you through profound ceremony and healing practices

During the first half of our journey, tour leaders Buddhist psychologist Dr. Miles Neale and Tibetan master Geshe Tenzin Zopa will lead us across the enchanting island of Java. Along the way we will follow in the footsteps of 11th century vajrayana Buddhist master Atisha Dipamkara, receive teachings on the lojong or mind training in radical compassion, learn about ancient Hindu and Buddhist kingdoms, explore examples of high art and architecture, and discover Jamu Java’s traditional medicine.

Indonesia 2023
Explore the enchanting island of Java and many powerful ancient sites

During the tour’s second half, we will island hop from Java to Bali, where exceptional local guides, each representing a variety of disciplines, will reveal the mystery, beauty, and regenerative spirit of the island of the Gods. As our focus in Bali shifts from Atisha’s radical compassion to natural healing, Geshe-la will introduce the vajrayana practice of Medicine Buddha complemented by Miles’s emphasis on Jungian psychology and shadow-work for integration. We will venture to some of the most sacred Hindu temples for ceremony, submerge for ritual purification in holy waters, trek verdant rice fields to learn regenerative farming techniques, participate in a community service project in a local village, relish in breathtaking sunsets overlooking the Indian Ocean, and experience the healing potential of traditional medicine, arts, and foods in Balis heritage heartland of Ubud.

Indonesia 2023
Spend two days at the magnificent Borobudur, the largest Buddhist site on the planet

Our pilgrimage concludes with an optional extension, a four-day residential Medicine Buddha retreat in the serenity of the Southeastern slopes of mystical Mount Batukaru designed to embody and absorb all the healing principles and practices we encountered during our pilgrimage. Geshe-la and Miles combine the practice of Medicine Buddha with archetypal psychology, shadow-work, and group process, set amidst the natural landscape, to heal mind, body, relations, and ancestry. Please note that space is limited to 28 participants, with only 9 single occupancy rooms available.

Indonesia 2023
Throughout the pilgrimage you will be immersed in nature

Guest Teacher for Two Days in Bali

Tjok Gde Kerthyasa is a Bali based homeopath, health scientist, alchemical explorer, creator of the Pranafas therapeutic healing method, author, TV Host, and founder of Tirta Usada, a center for holistic health in Ubud, Bali.

Optional Extension – Medicine Buddha Retreat at Mount Batukaru

For those joining us for the optional retreat, you’ll continue the pilgrimage from Sideman to Agung Batukaru, the second holiest mountain on the island of Bali. Our home for the next four days is the Batukaru Coffee Estate, an exquisite boutique resort situated 1000 meters up on the Southeastern slope of the mountain perched above the valley of the UNESCO protected Jatiluwih ricefields. The 10-acre estate runs its own biodynamic garden and delivers incredible coffee, fresh fruits, and vegetables directly to the communal table of the resort’s restaurant. Featuring an open aired teak wood yoga pavilion with exquisite views, on clear days, of sacred Gunug Agung this is the ideal, intimate enclave to slow down and go deeper with our Medicine Buddha practice led by Geshe-la complemented by group process for integration facilitated by Miles.

The specific format, teachings, and practices of the Medicine Buddha retreat will be discussed in more depth by Geshe Tenzin Zopa once we have entered retreat. The extended practice sessions will occur between dawn and lunch and will involve instruction, prayers, visualization, mantra recitation, and more, allowing us to experience deeper healing and embodiment. To complement the Tibetan practices led by Geshe-la, Miles will facilitate trauma-informed reflection, group process, and shadow-work to integrate the undesirable aspects of our psyche that can often remain hidden during spiritual practice. Weather permitting, the daily, afternoon excursions have been curated to allow the natural landscape to enhance our Medicine Buddha practice and healing methodologies. Please note that space is limited to 18 participants, with only 4 single occupancy rooms available.

Indonesia 2023
The pristine natural environment around our extension accommodations 

Is this trip right for you?

Please note that in keeping with the ethos of a traditional Buddhist pilgrimage, participants are expected to maintain for the duration of the tour the five Buddhist precepts of abstaining from causing harm, stealing, lying, being sexual inappropriate, and consuming intoxicants. In addition, while the focus of this pilgrimage is on healing and regeneration we discourage those with serious medical or mental health conditions from registering, as the stresses of travel, unfamiliar environments, and intensive practices may exacerbate some conditions. Zopa and Neale will not be available for private consultations or support during this trip. We expect people joining this tour to be physically and emotionally stable, be cleared for travel by their primary care, have some familiarity or interest in Buddhist practices, and value the ethical ethos that distinguishes pilgrimage from other conventional tours. If you have any questions or concerns about your suitability to participate please contact Sacred Earth Journeys before registering.

Welcome to Yogyakarta on the island of Java, Indonesia, one of the many sacred islands among the world’s largest archipelago within the Ring of Fire. Our base for the next five nights will be the Plataran Heritage resort set amid the rice terraces of Kretek village in Magelang, Central Java, with the grounds of the world-famous Borobudur Temple complex within walking distance.

After your transfer from the Yogyakarta airport, settle into and enjoy your elegant room, combining colonial style with comfort, and treat yourself to a walk in the gardens, a swim in the pool, or an optional treatment at the Padma Spa to refresh from the long journey.

In the evening we’ll gather as a group for a welcome dinner, greeting new friends and old, including our teachers Dr. Miles Neale and Geshe Tenzin Zopa.

(Overnight near Borobudur at Plataran Heritage or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Enjoy the morning to rest and recover, followed by sumptuous breakfast sourced using local and organic produce.

Following breakfast, we will participate in a welcoming ceremony led by a local Javanese healer, who will also teach us about Jamu – the indigenous Indonesian art of herbal healing including the use of handmade pills, herbs, ointments, juices, and lotions. We will explore several preparations and their properties using different combinations of regional ingredients such as roots, seeds, flowers i.e. turmeric, ginger, fennel, celery. Geshe-la will enhance the dialogue with a cross-cultural perspective form his tradition of Tibetan medicine.

In the afternoon you’ll enjoy lunch and some free time to get to know your fellow pilgrims, rest, book a massage, walk the gardens, or swim at the resort. By late afternoon we’ll gather for our first teaching session led by Geshe Tenzin Zopa, where he’ll introduce the legacy of Atisha Dipamkara, the eleventh century vajrayana master who spent 12 years in nearby Sumatra. During that time Atisha made pilgrimage to Java and the Borobudur, and is credit with being the source of both the gradual path (lam rim) and mind training (lojong) teachings of radical compassion that he later disseminated in Tibet and have come down to us in an unbroken lineage through Geshe-la.

(Overnight near Borobudur at Plataran Heritage or similar)

Indonesia 2023

This morning we begin with an early meditation practice followed by breakfast which we will maintain as our routine for the remainder of the journey.

Following breakfast, we will visit two of the three sacred Buddhist temples that were built along a mythological axis line including Mendut, Pawon, and Borobudur. We will make a quick visit to Pawon first, the smallest stupa of the three, dated from the ninth century AD, it features carved reliefs of Bodhisattvas and Taras, and an especially enchanting depiction of Kalpataru, or Tree of Life said to fulfil wishes.

Next, a short distance nearby, is Medut temple, also dating back to the early ninth century AD during the Sailendra Dynasty. The outer walls are adorned with exquisite bas-relief of celestial bodhisattvas, while the inner sanctum houses three main deities Vairochana, Avalokiteshvara, and Varjapani, venerated to purify body, speech, and mind. After making circumambulation and extensive offerings, we will gather onsite for our daily teaching sessions with Geshe-la evoking the legacy and master Atisha and continue with the mind training teachings on radical compassion.

After lunch and rest at the resort, we’ve planned a late afternoon tour of the bustling city of Yogyakarta. The cultural and culinary center of Java offers the perfect opportunity for us to get immersed in the local life, and stroll around in Malioboro street, explore the shops and taste traditional Javanese street food for dinner including nasi kucing, gudeg, oseng mercon. Our tour guide will be happy to explain the food stalls and options and make the most of an evening of fun and spontaneity. Our bus awaits us in the evening to take us back to the resort.

(Overnight near Borobudur at Plataran Heritage or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Group morning meditation will be followed by breakfast, before we depart for our first visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Borobudur, a mahayana and vajrayana Buddhist temple, also constructed in the 9th century. The iconic architecture follows the classical design of a mandala, the celestial palace of a deity, with four gateways in each cardinal direction, and multi-tiered platforms rising towards a central stupa on the summit, representing the panicle of enlightenment.

After group circumambulation and extensive offerings led by Geshe Tenzin Zopa, we will be joined by a local scholar and expert to give us a tour of the extensive grounds, temple architecture, and the many stone relief carvings that line the walls and walkways of the monument and serve as a repository of Buddhist wisdom and mythology in iconographic form.

Lunch will be served on site so we can stay in the vicinity of the world’s largest mandala and Buddhist structure, soaking in its energetic vibration, after which we will relocate to an area within the temple complex to continue our sessions on radical compassion with Geshe Tenzin Zopa lasting to the late afternoon.

After dinner, the evening is free to rest and absorb the power of the mandala back at the resort or you may choose to venture back to Yogyakarta on your own or with friends. Be mindful if the mandala influences your dreams tonight, and we can interpret them from a Jungian perspective in the morning!

(Overnight near Borobudur at Plataran Heritage or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Today after our daily morning meditation and breakfast, we will have a relaxed mid morning around the resort, with free time to connect with fellow pilgrims, book an optional spa treatment, or just catch your breath.   Following lunch, we will head out to the stunning and vast temple complex called Prambanan for our afternoon excursion and teaching, punctuated by the brilliant sunset, and evening theatrical performance.

Prambanan is the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia which was also built in the 9th century, displaying intricate and distinctive stone carvings, and is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are three main temples representing the Trimurti here, the multifaceted expression of God as creator (Brahma), the preserver (Vishnu), and the destroyer (Shiva), however the whole temple complex originally consisted of 240 temple structures. A local expert will guide us through a select few sites within the vast temple complex and explain further the architecture, historical significance, and associated mythologies.

In the late afternoon we will explore the nearby Sewu temple complex, the second largest Buddhist monument on the island after Borobudur. Sewu was constructed at the end of the eight century and may have originally been associated with Manjushri the bodhisattva of wisdom. Like Borobudur, Sewu is designed as a three dimensional mandala with its 249 structures arranged in the classical Buddhist layout of a celestial palace of a deity. Here we will find just the right energetic spot for Geshe Tenzin Zopa to offer us another profound teaching on radical compassion concluding just in time to be further mesmerized by the sunset colors streaming across the ancient ruins.

If the day wasn’t rich enough, following the sunset we’ll make our way back to Prambanan for diner and an evening theatrical performance of the Hindu epic Ramayana with the ancient temples as its backdrop and featuring over two hundred performers.

Following the performance, we’ll head back to our resort and turn in early as tomorrow we have an early start for another spectacular day.

(Overnight near Borobudur at Plataran Heritage or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Today we’ll wake up early for a very significant and memorable last day in Java.  With our bags packed and ready to go, we’ll be escorted to a special spot atop a nearby hill overlooking the magnificent Borobudur mandala for a glorious guided visualization led by Geshe Tenzin Zopa as the sun rises over the Borobudur monument. Following an on-site breakfast, we are joined by the public as Miles leads a dialogue with Geshe-la based on his new book Return with Elixir, focusing on the powerful symbol of the mandala and its implications for healing and integration in our world today. After refreshments our group will ascend the Borobudur to its summit for a concluding ceremony for global healing and regeneration led by Zopa.

After an early lunch, we will head straight to the airport transitioning to the second leg of our journey as we island hop from Java to Bali. Once we arrive on the Island of the Gods, we will transfer to our resort the Suryashanti Villa set in the in lush, largely untouched, Sidemen region of East Bali.

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

After a nice long rest from all the excitement of the past week we awake to our resort’s spectacular sanctuary in the heart of the Sideman Valley, set amidst unspoiled nature with a view of the iconic Gunung Agung, holiest mountain on the island. Today we become familiar with our surroundings for the next week. After morning meditation and breakfast we head to the local markets for a multisensory stroll and to source ingredients for our Balinese cooking class at the resort. We will learn how to prepare an authentic and healthy Balinese meal with various accompaniments and serve each other a family-style lunch. In the afternoon, we will go for another long walk through the local rice fields, jungle, and village to take in the natural beauty of Sideman eventually coming to a sacred spring where a priest offers us a blessing ceremony. Here, Geshe Tenzin Zopa will transition from teaching Atisha’s radical compassion to our focus on healing through the Medicine Buddha practice. After dinner, an evening discussion in the open aired lounge at the resort with Miles and Geshe-la will help us integrate all we are experiencing.

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

After morning meditation and breakfast we will venture to nearby Ubud, the spiritual and cultural center of Bali, and at the kind invitation of our local friend and guide Tjok Gde Kerthyasa we will visit his ancestral home at Ibah Resort. Here, the Wizard of Bali, as he is affectionately known, will lead us through a melukat or water purification ceremony at his family’s sacred spring and temple surrounded by deities that emerge from the jungle, river, and flowers.

After the cleansing ceremony, the Wizard will guide a tour of his clinic and alchemy laboratory where he offers consultations and produces natural healing remedies. Following the tour, Miles will lead a panel discussion on “inner and outer alchemy” with Geshe-la and the Wizard converging their interdisciplinary perspectives from Jung, tantra, and natural medicine. After our immersion at Ibah resort we’ll take a short ride to Ubud city center where we can stroll around the temples and shops and have lunch at our own pace.

Given today’s introduction to alchemy, in the evening we regroup and travel further into the Tibetan tantric practice of the medicine Buddha used for natural healing. We will visit nearby Pegulingan Temple, one of the only Buddhist-Hindu temple complexes on the island of Bali, where Geshe Tenzin Zopa will continue his teaching sessions.

Dinner and discussion await us when we return to our resort in Sideman.

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

After our usual morning ritual of guided visualization and breakfast another very captivating day awaits us. Pak Sedana, a member of Bali Mula, the indigenous tribe originating from the early settlement in Bali around 12th century will join us at the resort to offer a workshop on Balinese Astrology. He is a soul healer and spiritual teacher whose methodology combines physical science, subtle body energy, mythology, psychology, and cosmology. During this session we will be granted a theoretical introduction along with a case example of an individual astrological reading followed by question and answer. Geshe-la will enhance the discussion with his perspectives from the Tibetan tantric tradition that similarly fuses astrology and inner alchemy, “as above, so below.”

After lunch at the resort we will take a deep dive into the magic and healing potential of art. We will visit the art studio of Pak Made Griyawan, a famous Balinese painter and artist, who has reinterpreted the Batuan painting style adding his own signature flair by transforming religious and mythological narratives into magnificent contemporary masterpieces. Batuan is a small area in South Bali and over the past three centuries its artists have played a vital role in performing the rituals of the state that were in high demand from the royal courts of the kingdom of Gianyar. The high concentration of artists in this area and previously home to the King’s artists, remains a unique characteristic of Batuan today. Pak Made will introduce us to his art and techniques, and invite us into a special participatory group art project. Miles will add comments about mythology and mythopoetics, while Geshe-la will share about the importance of art and painting in his own tantric lineage.

In the evening will have a group dinner with Pak Made and time to process astrology and art before heading back to the resort in Sideman.

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

After our morning meditation and breakfast at the resort, we will make our way to an area close to Ubud. The word pilgrimage derives from the Latin word peregrinus, to walk through fields, and we plan to walk across rice fields and rural villages with an expert and his team focusing on regenerative farming and permaculture. We’ll learn more about regenerative farming techniques based on principles of reciprocity, sustainability, and ecological harmony. Time to get our hands and feet in the soil and reconnect with Mother Earth for a few fun hours as we participate in their traditional methods. Afterwards, we will harvest and then cook our lunch together with a local chef in a traditional 'farm to table' style, enjoying the afternoon over the rice fields.

After lunch we will venture to the nearby Taman Beji Griya Manuaba Temple, a sacred waterfall. Following a short walk through the jungle, our guides will lead us through a purification ritual involving offerings and prayers concluding with a complete submersion under the powerful force of the waterfall. Sometimes known as the ‘screaming waterfall’, this will be an ideal place to purge energies and release traumatic imprints that have kept us bound.

In the evening we return to the resort for dinner, and to rest, metabolize and continue our evening group discussion sessions with our tour leaders.

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

After our morning meditation and breakfast routine we venture towards the majestic Mount Agung, the highest mountain in Bali, and the celestial center-point of Balinese mythology. It is on its slopes where we find the holiest temple of Balinese Hinduism, Besakih. The whole complex consists of more than 20 temples which are terraced along six levels. While the exact origins are unclear it is estimated that some parts of the temple date back at least 2000 years. We will participate in a tour and ritual at the temple led by a local priest before Geshe-la leads us through another extradentary teaching session on the Medicine Buddha.

Afterwards our journey continues north towards the scenic volcano ridge of Mount Batur, where we will enjoy a local lunch and the stunning views. In the afternoon we will continue northwards to experience Balinese culture through its heritage culinary delights. We will be greeted by Pak Yudi, a local chef who also happens to be the priest of this area, and who cooks in the traditional style over wood-fire in a hand-built clay stove, using only local ingredients and techniques. We will also be joined by the Wizard’s sister, Maya Kerthyasa, co-author of the recently published book Paon: Real Balinese Cooking, who will share personal stories to help us savor Balinese culinary traditions and the healing potential of food. In the evening we will return to our resort.

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Our pilgrimage would not be complete without our day of service, where we can embody our gratitude and appreciation in acts of reciprocity with the Balinese community who have graciously hosted us for our tour. After morning practice and breakfast, we are joined by Pak Nick, founder of Ragam Foundation, who leads us to a local village in Sideman where he and his team will showcase their various service projects preparing and offering meals, observing and implementing the water filtration systems for the village, and educating and empowering women with skills that lead to economic independence. We will participate in karma yoga with the community and then share a meal with the team and villagers before heading back to our resort in the evening for dinner and discussions.

Throughout the day Geshe Zopa will teach dharma in action, and perfectly embody the ideal of the bodhisattva or master altruist. By now it’s clear to all of us that the multifaceted experience of Balinese culture we’ve received – astrology, alchemy, natural medicine, art, permaculture, food, service, ceremony, and being on the land, has been the actual or living mandala and healing balm of the Medicine Buddha practice.

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Unbelievable that we have already reached our last day of the tour and our local hosts and guides have certainly planned for it to be memorable. A trip to the sacred islands of Java and Bali would not be complete without time by the ocean. After morning meditation and breakfast we set out to visit a small island off the Eastern coast of Bali. We will take a boat to Pulau Kambing where we find a sacred temple in the middle of the island, a local hidden gem, and perfect location for our final melukat ceremony and blessing with the Wizard, Tjok Gde Kerthyasa. We’ll take a moment to savor all we have been through together, through ancient temples, sacred landscape, and healing traditions. 

After returning back to the mainland it is time to enjoy the ocean breeze and a mesmerizing sea-scape during a nice lunch at a local restaurant by the shore. This afternoon is about metabolizing all of our experiences and coalescing as a group so please enjoy the beach, snorkeling, leisure time, and impromptu seaside Dharma chats with Geshe-la, the Wizard, and Miles, before we drive back to our resort for our farewell dinner. What an epic pilgrimage! Thank you Indonesia.

(If you are not joining the optional extension, then Day 14, Sep 30 will be your departure day. We will arrange transfers to the airport after breakfast).

(Overnight in Sideman at Surya Shanti Villa or Subak Tabola Villa or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Extension: Medicine Buddha Retreat with Geshe Tenzin Zopa and Dr. Miles Neale

Following our arrival, check-in, and resort orientation, Geshe-la will open the retreat and offer instructions for our mid-morning practice session at the Batukaru Estate. Lunch will then be served at the communal table and in the afternoon we have the pleasure to learn about the biodynamic farming conducted on the Estate by the resort’s passionate founder Ibu Kentri. Strolling through the gardens we will appreciate once again how food is medicine and the way it is prepared is an expression of the Medicine Buddha’s secret elixir of unconditional love and universal compassion. The medicinal grove and plants that surround the outer periphery of the mandala of our visualizations are brough to life here on the Estate for us internalize and make our practice even more vivid. After a delicious family style dinner served on the Estate’s open aired veranda, we can relax in the cozy lounge area by the fire for group discussion, processing, and integration led by our leaders.

(Overnight near Mount Batukaru at Batukaru Coffee Estate or similar)

Indonesia 2023

After Geshe-la leads our intensive Medicine Buddha practice session between dawn and lunch, we will trek through the nearby UNESCO protected Jatiluwih rice fields where we will once again be reminded of the importance of preserving heritage seeds and methods of regenerative agriculture. Hectares of lush emerald green rice paddies cascade from high terraces to the valley below, irrigated by complex water systems, punctuated by water temples, and managed by an dynamic network of village cooperatives called “subak”. The subak system is unique to Bali, dates from the 9th century CE, and seamlessly integrates the Banjar or local community self-governance, farmers who manage agriculture and economic self-sufficiency, as well as priests whose philosophy of tri hita karana harmonize relations between humans, land, and the spirit world. The tour offers us important insights into how people can live more locally, sustainably, and spiritually together on the land. We’ll take time to visualize how the subak network that sustains community life might animate our visualization of the Medicine Buddha’s mandala. After our communal dinner back at the Estate we’ll gather in the lounge to debrief, process and integrate experience form the inner practices and excursion of the day.

(Overnight near Mount Batukaru at Batukaru Coffee Estate or similar)

Indonesia 2023

Following our extended dawn to lunch Medicine Buddha practice session led by Geshe-la, we will trek the slopes of mount Batukaru, stopping at a gorgeous waterfall or healing hot springs, enroute to an early evening visit of the sacred temple dedicated to Mahadewa, the God of Mount Batukaru, Pura Luhur Batukaru. Built in the 11th Century as a dedication to the ancestors of the Kings of Tabanan, it was destroyed in 1604 and then regenerated in the late 1950's. Batukaru temple, surrounded by lush forests, becomes a wonderful dreamscape for more teachings by Geshe-la. Here, we have a chance to internalize the ancient temple complex with Geshe-la animating it's center, making our visualization of the inner sanctum and deity of the Medicine Buddha mandala even more vivid.

Another wholesome communal dinner prepared with love and local ingredients awaits our return to the Estate, followed by group process by the fire to help us integrate all that is being activated and needs working through.

(Overnight near Mount Batukaru at Batukaru Coffee Estate or similar)

Indonesia 2023

After our Medicine Buddha session from dawn to lunch, we reflect on the past three days of intensive practice, processing, and excursions and Geshe-la concludes the retreat with closing prayers, aspiration, and fire ceremony for the wellbeing of all. Our outer experiences of medicinal garden, subak network, mountain temple and sanctum, fuse with our inner vision of the Medicine Buddha, healing mantra, altruistic motivation, and blissful energy, forming an inner mandala installed in our own hearts, ever accessible wherever we go. Whatever shadow elements that once inhibited growth have now been exposed through our work with Miles and can slowly be integrated by the light of own awareness. Throughout the pilgrimage and retreat we have tasted what it means to begin to heal our relations with mind, body, others, land, and ancestry.

After savoring our last few hours together at the Estate we’ll make our way to the airport for our return home with a dose of the healing elixir for others.

(B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)

Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.

Indonesia 2023

Sacred Healing in Java and Bali with Dr. Miles Neale and Geshe Tenzin Zopa

Extension: Medicine Buddha Retreat with Geshe Tenzin Zopa and Dr. Miles Neale : A Healing Immersion on Sacred Mount Batukaru

Tour Includes:

  • Arrival transfers in Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia (Sep 16 or 17 only)
  • Departure Transfers in Bali, Indonesia (Sep 30 or Oct 3 only)
  • Air-conditioned transport for all excursions
  • Domestic flight Yogyakarta/Bali
  • 13 nights accommodation
  • Breakfast daily
  • 11 Lunches
  • 12 Dinners, including Welcome and Farewell dinners
  • Entrance fees to all sites as per itinerary
  • Boat transfer
  • Snorkeling gear
  • Group donation to Priest in village
  • Sangha scholarship for a monk or nun

Tour Added Features:

  • Travel, teachings, and practices with Buddhist psychotherapist and author Dr. Miles Neale
  • Travel, teachings, and rituals with Tibetan master Geshe Tenzin Zopa
  • Two days of excursions led by local wisdom keeper Tjok Gde Kerthyasa
  • Visits to multiple temples for ceremonies including two UNESCO World Heritage sites Borobudur and Prambanan
  • Value added experiences including lectures and direct participation in natural medicine preparation, astrology, cooking, group art project, and permaculture.
  • Community service with Ragam Foundation
  • Help preserve traditional culture, and learn valuable skills while you travel for transformation.
  • Pre departure orientation and post pilgrimage orientation
  • Connect with a like-minded group of pilgrims.

Extension Includes:

  • Transfers to healing retreat at Batukaru Coffee Estate
  • Air-conditioned vehicle for excursions
  • 3 nights accommodation
  • All meals
  • Daily excursions
  • Entrance fees to all sites as per the itinerary

Extension Added Features:

  • Intensive practice instruction and guidance with Geshe Tenzin Zopa
  • Expert facilitation and integration with Dr. Miles Neale
  • Lectures on Tibetan medicine and tantra
  • Guided visualization and mantra of the Medicine Buddha
  • Other retreat practices of energy and embodiment
  • Group processes and shadow-work for integration
  • Daily excursions including UNESCO Jatilewi Recefields and Mount Batukaru Temple
  • Permaculture lecture and garden tour
  • Connect with a like-minded group of pilgrims

Tour Does Not Include:

  • Flights to Yogyakarta, Indonesia and return from Bali, Indonesia
  • Cancellation & medical insurance (ask us for a quote)
  • Meals and drinks not specified
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Tourist Visa for Indonesia (Visa-On-Arrival for most people)
  • Tips & Gratuities for local guides, drivers, porters, etc.
  • Additional donations to organizations and projects
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $5,260 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $1,490
  • Extension:

    • Double Room: USD $1,960 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $680
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