A Multidimensional Journey through Egypt with Ivan Rados

Architecture of Infinite Consciousness & Healing with Sacred Geometry October 16 - 26, 2008

Expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of imagination, and experience the mystical depths of Egypt’s innate connection to immortality, and life beyond.

Join us for this 12-day odyssey and experience the magic and mystery of Egypt, from Luxor to Cairo, in a transformative way. Understand the wisdom of this ancient civilization’s expression of association and interaction of the natural with the supernatural, and through that awareness, deepen your own creativity and eternal connection with the divine. With the mastery of Ivan Rados’s healing and guiding abilities, you will tune into that energy, explore the complex language of sacred geometry, and transform your heart for growth and spiritual ascension. READ MORE

Tour Leader Ivan Rados

Ivan Rados is an internationally renowned healer, psychic, teacher, spiritual guide, artist, and acclaimed author. His utilizes his art, the Sacred Geometry, in the process of healing and spiritual guidance.


Thank you Sacred Earth Journeys for putting together such a sensational team for our Egypt tour. A generous host, a competent and knowledgeable tour guide and an amazing spiritual leader.Jan Gorman, NSW, Australia


Tour Description

Expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of imagination, and experience the mystical depths of Egypt’s innate connection to immortality, and life beyond.  Like so many of the ancient civilizations, the Egyptians left behind their ways to enlightenment, and their monuments, hieroglyphs, sacred geometry and cosmically aligned stone circles contain a vibrational force of understanding.  With the mastery of Ivan Rados’s healing and guiding abilities, you will tune into that energy, explore the complex language of sacred geometry, and transform your heart for growth and spiritual ascension.

sacred pyramids in egypt
Pyramids, Egypt

Located within 100 meters of the Sphinx, the journey starts with our intensive two-day healing workshop Architecture of Infinite Consciousness & Healing with Sacred Geometry with Ivan Rados at the Sphinx Guest House, where spiritual seekers and researchers such as the Dalai Lama, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Graham Hancock and Alan Alford have stayed.  As you sit on the garden terrace, the Great Pyramid is your backdrop.
In addition to the two-day workshop with Ivan, we will visit some of Giza region’s most celebrated sites: the Cairo Museum, The Red Pyramid, Bent Pyramid, and the Step Pyramid as well as the Temple of Karnak. A private visit to the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid is included, and is the place for our Initiation Ceremony. There will also be time to visit the exotic and colorful Khan el-Khalili Bazaar as well as other attractions.

valley of the kings spiritual travel
Valley of the Kings

We continue our spiritual quest with a cruise down the Nile, the longest river in the world and to the ancient Egyptians, a source of physical spiritual transformation. We will travel through the Valley of the Kings, visiting selected tombs of the pharaohs, and stop at Edfu, Kom Ombo and Aswan from where we will make a special visit to the relocated temples on the Island of Agilkia, and in particular the Temple of Isis.

We invite you to join us for this 12-day odyssey and experience the magic and mystery of Egypt in a transformative way. Understand the wisdom of this ancient civilization’s expression of association and interaction of the natural with the supernatural, and through that awareness, deepen your own creativity and eternal connection with the divine.

Special Offerings:

  • Two day intensive healing workshop with Ivan Rados
  • Private Initiation & Meditation in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid
  • One-on-one spiritual guidance with Ivan Rados

Arrival at Cairo International Airport. Meet our local tour representative for assistance obtaining our Egypt Tourist Visa. Clear Immigration, Baggage Claim & Customs. Transfer to our luxurious 5* hotel near the Great Pyramid and Sphinx and check in. Explore your beautiful surroundings; gaze in awe at the Great Pyramid from the hotel grounds. Believe it.  You are really here in this ancient land where the mystery of spirit is palpable.
Early evening we will transfer to the Sphinx Guesthouse, lying in the shadows of the Giza plateau and directly in front of the Sphinx. Here we will meet our local host, Gouda Fayed, owner of this wonderful guesthouse & conference room which will be our workshop space for the next two days. Enjoy the incredible energies of the majestic Plateau from the hotel’s terrace which looks over the enigmatic Sphinx.
Ivan will welcome everybody who has joined us on this once-in-a-life-time sacred multidimensional journey through Egypt. He will open the circle of energy and guide us with a Sacred Geometry meditation to invite, allow, and accept every experience we will encounter on this amazing journey.
Following our orientation meeting, we will enjoy a Welcome Egyptian Buffet Dinner and the night is ours to bathe in the light of the Pyramids and Sphinx. Overnight Giza.
(Overnight: Mena House Oberoi Hotel, Pyramids Road, Giza Plateau: 5 nights)


Sphinx in Egypt

After breakfast at the hotel, we will transfer back to the guesthouse conference room for Day One of our intensive healing workshop Architecture of Infinite Consciousness and Healing with Sacred Geometry with Ivan Rados.

Architecture of Infinite Consciousness and Healing With Sacred Geometry – Part 1

Based on a lifetime of intensive study of healing methods and some profound visions he received in Egypt’s Kofu pyramid, Ivan’s Create Yourself Healing Workshop is designed to awaken, trigger and tap into your own potential for self-healing.  It will also teach you specific techniques for healing your body, mind, and soul, to ultimately re-discover your true nature, “The Infinite Consciousness”.
The Part 1 workshop features an introduction to Sacred Geometry: The Architecture of The Infinite Consciousness. It will explain the impact of Sacred Geometry on human consciousness and will include meditations and visualizations and other creative methods. Learning to use Sacred Geometry, the blueprint and the building blocks of the Infinite Universe, will help you start activating your gifts, talents, and extrasensory creative abilities. In this way you can be in harmony with the Self-Universe, and start creating yourself and your new purposeful reality.   The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to move from a linear self of limited understanding to a holographic or multidimensional sense of who you are.
We will enjoy an Egyptian style lunch together during the workshop. Afternoon tea and coffee will be served. The workshop will conclude at 5:00 pm.
We will transfer back to our hotel to refresh and spend a quiet night assimilating the powerful energies. Rest is recommended – you will need your energy for the exciting events planned in the days ahead!
(Overnight Giza)

Ivan Rados Sacred Geometry in Egypt

After breakfast at the hotel, we will transfer back to the guesthouse conference room for Day Two of our intensive healing workshop Architecture of Infinite Consciousness and Healing with Sacred Geometry with Ivan Rados.

Architecture of Infinite Consciousness and Healing With Sacred Geometry – Part 2

Sacred Geometry - the ultimate power to create your reality. The secret of ‘Sacred Geometry’ is not about geometry per se, it’s about your Consciousness and creating the meaning of your existence through interacting with it.

The workshop “Create Yourself” Part 2, will incorporate meditations, visualizations and other creative methods to reveal the essence of Sacred Geometry, the “Infinite Consciousness”, and will help open the doors to new dimensions of reality.

You will choose a specific Sacred Geometry image that will be your vibrational, creative portal to enhance your awareness. With this expanded awareness you will learn how to accumulate and purify the energy of intention, and transmit it to the desired place, situation, object or form. Every image comes with a spiritual and psychological explanation which can help you cognitively conceptualize, understand and enhance the process of self creation.

During the workshop, you will see how your own and others’ power of intention will be greatly amplified by both the use of the Sacred Geometry imagery and the power of the surrounding sacred energy. It will be a truly profound, yet subtle all-level healing experience. The Sacred Geometry Group Healing is a very fast and effective technique for speeding up the natural healing process, and one that you will learn to apply to yourself and to others for physical, emotional and mental problems and disorders, as well as for spiritual expansion and ascension.

By the end of the workshop you will also have the tools to enhance inspiration, creativity and awareness for a balanced state of being.  You will be able to re-program your cellular memory, heighten your immune system and achieve harmony within the Whole.

In addition, Ivan will guide and prepare you for a very profound and enlightening experience that awaits you the following day at the King’s Chamber and subterranean chamber of the Great Pyramid, as well as at the arms of the Sphinx. We will enjoy another Egyptian style lunch together and the workshop will conclude by 5:00 pm.
After transferring back to the hotel, the evening is at your leisure – again, please consider resting and reserving your energy for our early morning sunrise ceremony in the arms of the Sphinx. 
(Overnight Giza)

Ivan Rados Image of Sacred Geometry in Egypt

After an early morning breakfast we will transfer to the Sphinx at dawn, where Ivan will lead us in a ceremony to connect with the powerful energies of this enigmatic and ageless wonder. The Ceremony will aid you in your further integration, empowerment, self-actualization and transformation. Sphinx - Soul Star / Stellar Gateway - The Egyptian androsphinx is a symbol of abundance, power, wisdom, mysteries, riddles, truth, unity, and secrets. As a solar symbol, the sphinx is often associated with the sun god Ra; Horus in the Horizon; and Harmakhis, the Lord of the Two Horizons, who represents the rising and setting sun, rebirth, and resurrection. The sphinx symbolizes the union of mind and body or intellectual, spiritual, and physical aspects of creation.

Following our connection at the Sphinx, we have our private entrance into the Great Pyramid for our Initiation Ceremony inside the King's Chamber. This will be a very powerful and unique experience and an excellent way to connect to the universal energies.  If time and group size allows, each person will be able to lie in the "sarcophagus" for a truly unforgettable moment. One of the major functions of pyramids was to harness the cosmic energies. In the word 'pyramid', pyra means fire, the Universal Life Energy or cosmic force, and mid stands for middle.  A pyramid, therefore, harnesses cosmic energy and preserves it in the middle.

The Great Pyramid – The Gateway to Heaven - Ivan will lead us in our Meditation & Initiation where we will focus on harnessing the incredibly powerful transformative energies that are innate in the pyramid, to receive inner peace, love and healing. You will experience changes in your mental, physical and emotional states. Upon your initiation, The Great Pyramid will accelerate the process of meditation, bringing feelings of calmness and wellbeing, increased memory recall, visions of past incarnations, telepathic communication and an expansion of awareness. When we all individually achieve love as a state of consciousness, we will be able to send this love to everyone on the planet and the Earth itself.

After enjoying lunch on your own, we head out to the Cairo Museum. This outstanding museum houses an innumerable collection of fine relics and artifacts dating back thousands of years and is home to the most extensive collection of Egyptian Antiquities in the world. It is impossible to see all that the museum holds in just one day, but we will do our best to take in as much as we can. A highlight of our time here will be viewing the many treasures of Tutankhamun such as, ornate jewellery, alabaster vases, and tools used by the king. 
(Overnight Giza)

Pyramids in Egypt

After breakfast, our first stop is Dashur, a royal necropolis in the desert where we can view several pyramids, two being among the oldest, largest and best preserved pyramids in all of Egypt. Here we will enter the Red Pyramid, named after its crimson hued granite surface. At the time of its completion it was considered to be the tallest man made structure. We then visit the Bent Pyramid, a unique example of an earlier pyramid. We will learn about the many theories which explain why the pyramid was built in this angled fashion.

After our visit we head out for a delicious traditional lunch of local Egyptian delights. We then continue to Sakkara, a vast, ancient burial ground which features the world's largest Step Pyramid, considered the oldest of Egypt's pyramids. The pyramid was built for King Djoser by the ingenious architect, Imhotep. Here we will explore the site and discover its historical and spiritual offerings and also learn about the sound healings which were once performed by the Egyptian priests and priestesses.

Sacred Geometry Meditation with intoning the sound AUM - Ivan will lead the group in a sound healing meditation to explore this ancient healing art that was the main focus of this temple complex. Every sound you make, every sound you hear, every sound you experience comes from the silence within. Every sound resonates, creates and returns to the silence within. Listen to yourself. By listening you are IN - in the infinite silence. With the Absolute Sound of AUM, you can purify yourself with your consciousness. Feel the AUM, flow within as if your whole body is being filled with it. Every cell, every molecule, every atom is vibrating with it. With intoning the sound AUM you are allowing your body to be balanced, purified, and aligned with the natural state of health.  You are allowing it to cleanse you of the information, definitions, and beliefs that are no longer serving you.  You will tune your mind into the Universal Mind, and align yourself with your natural state of Bliss.
Return to Giza and the hotel. Sharing Circle with Ivan. Dinner on your own. Maybe you'd like to reserve a table at the hotel's Mogul House, with its exquisite Indian cuisine.
(Overnight Giza)

Sakkara in Ancient Egypt

After breakfast, we depart to the airport for our flight to Luxor. On arrival we will be transferred to our luxury cruise ship, which will be our floating hotel for the next four nights! Lunch on board.
In the afternoon we will explore the vast open air museum of the Temple of Karnak complex, one of the largest ancient religious sites in the world.  Remnants of Sphinxes which once lined the avenue all the way to the Luxor Temple still remain. Here we will explore the Temples of Amun, Montu, and Mut, and admire the astounding detailed columns of the Hypostyle Hall.

During our time here we will visit the wondrous Sekhmet Chapel.  Here Ivan will lead us in  a Sacred Ceremony to connect you with the spiritual energies here. This ceremony will facilitate the alignment with your Higher Self.
A Meeting with the Goddess Sekhmet - Sekhmet is known as a Goddess of action, fertility, death, protection, strength, and willpower. She personifies the powerfully protective Unconditional Love, and the transformative energy that destroys the illusion, the ego-mind, and brings you into alignment with your Higher Self, the “Infinite Consciousness”.

Facing Sekhmet can be a frightening and enlightening experience at the same time. You will have private time with Sekhmet in her place of divine rest.  Because she is very responsive, Ivan will guide you to individually receive blessings and insights from her. Here, you can ask for help with any problem, fear or obstacle, to better understand yourself and to transcend your earthly limitations. Sekhmet will guide you towards accepting your ego-self in order to transcend it, so that you can love yourself, express your own charisma and essence, and become assertive. She will give you guidance and empower you to align with your Higher self.  When you seek Sekhmet’s help expect a response that is appropriate and that responds in the manner you requested. Be explicit and clear about your intention when you interact with her. Remember, Sekhmet is just a reflection of you, or you are just a reflection of her.
This evening we will enjoy our dinner onboard together, sharing our experiences of the day. Overnight Cruise Ship.
(Overnight on Luxury Nile Cruise – The Ramses King of the Nile or similar, 4 nights)

Karnak Lake in Egypt

This morning we journey to the Necropolis of Thebes, along the West Bank of the Nile. We then visit the vast Valley of the Kings which houses the tombs of kings and powerful nobles of the New Kingdom. This valley was made famous by the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb, one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world.  We also visit The Mortuary Temple of Queen Hatshepsut's  at Der el Bahari, dedicated to the sun god Amon-Ra. On our way back to the nearby village we stop to gaze at the magnificent statues of Pharaoh Amenhotep III at the Colossi of Memnon.

We then return to our cruise ship for a delicious lunch and begin to set sail on the Nile! Enjoy the panoramic views from the deck as we sail past the mysterious expansive desert.   Ivan Rados will be available for one-to-one private energy healing sessions or individual intuitive spiritual guidance. With Ivan effortlessly guiding your energy, you will experience a shift in your perception of self, your awareness of your infinite light within, your peace, your joy and bliss. You will enhance your intuition and connection with yourself and you will remember your true nature – the “Infinite Consciousness”. Dinner on board and arrive Edfu late evening. 
(Overnight Cruise Ship)

Hatshepsut in Egypt

After an early breakfast we depart for our morning visit to Edfu, site of the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus, the falcon god. Of all the temples in Egypt, this temple is considered the most completely preserved. Here, our local guide will explain the rich history of the site as we explore the intricate carvings and imagery which depicts scenes and stoires relating to Osiris, Isis, Sokar and Khonsu.

Horus is the child of Osiris and Isis, a God of Light and Consciousness. He symbolizes healing, creativity and procreation. Our Sacred Ceremony facilitated by Ivan will connect you with Horus, who will help you to use your creative energies to connect with the “Infinite Consciousness”, so that you can heal any aspect of your existence and in particular the issue of infertility – weather biological or spiritual.  Horus can also help you to open your third eye, so you will be able to see clearly both your inner reality and the areas of it that need healing and further growth, as well as the external reality and all the creative solutions to any difficult situation.

Return to cruise ship for lunch. Free time in the afternoon to enjoy sailing. Sharing Circle on deck at tea time. 
In the early evening we round a bend in the Nile and behold Kom Ombo, a fascinating site consisting of two temples, the Temple of Sobek and the Temple of Haroeris. Although the remnants and ruins are scarce, the symbolism of duality is evidently seen. Everything is duplicated; two entrances, two courts, two colonades, two hypostyle halls and two sanctuaries. These can all be considered examples of dualistic energies such as light and dark, positive and negative - complete balance. Here Ivan will lead the group in a short meditation to connect with the Light and Dark in ourselves to achieve our own inner balance.
We return to the cruise ship for dinner on board and sail to Aswan, where we arrive late evening. 
(Overnight Cruise Ship)

Sacred site of Edfu in Egypt

Awaken to Aswan, the ancient city of Swenet and Egypt's sunniest southern city.  With its distinctive Nubian ambience and its beautiful setting on the Nile, this city is a true haven of peace and calm.  Visitors can stroll along the lovely Corniche to watch the feluccas sail by and soak up the glorious sunshine.

After breakfast we journey to the Temples of Philae on the Island of Agilkia.   The temples were rescued and reconstructed piece by piece, by the Unesco Project in 1960 when the waters of the Aswan damn flooded the Island of Philae, their earlier home.  The Greeks named it Philae, while the Egyptians named it Pilak, meaning “end” or "creation".  The island is considered to be a site of worship in honour of the goddess Isis.  The cult of Isis was well spread in the Roman world and Philae survived as the last outpost of this ancient following.  Here, among other temples, we will pause to admire the beautiful Temple of Isis.

An Intentional Life with energy of Isis - Isis is the wife and sister of Osiris and mother of Horns. She symbolizes the scattered energies being reconnected again and the unity between male and female energies within. During our  meditation time in her temple, Ivan will facilitate his Sacred Ceremony to Isis to assist you to open your heart and be forever connected with Her energies of love and healing.  He will guide you to use your wisdom, with the help of Isis, to re-discover unconditional love and return to an intentional life and wholeness again.

On the way back to the cruise ship we stop at the Unfinished Obelisk for a gander at this gigantic block of Aswan granite.

We return to Aswan for lunch onboard our cruise ship. Enjoy the rest of the day independently.  Take time to practice your bartering skills at the souk and pick up some treasures of your own, stroll along the Nile, or simply bask in the sunshine on board our cruise ship.  Later we will gather for a Sharing Circle to discuss our experiences thus far before boarding our charming felucca.  As we glide along the peaceful still waters of the Nile we can wonder at the captivating setting sun.  We return to our ship for the evening. Dinner onboard. 
(Overnight Cruise Ship) 

Sacred site of Philae in Egypt

After breakfast we disembark from the cruise ship and transfer to the airport for our return flight to Cairo. Upon arrival we transfer back to the Giza Plateau and check in at our hotel. Lunch on your own.
Next, visit the Khan El Kahlili. Once known as the Turkish bazaar during the Ottoman period, the 'Khan' is named for the great Caravansary, the market that was built in 1382 by the Emir Djaharks el-Khalili. It's one of Cairo's most important shopping areas. You can buy all manner of souvenirs! Treasures await you! Afterwards, transfer back to your hotel.

This evening enjoy a traditional Egyptian Farewell Dinner at the hotel, followed by our last Sharing Circle and fond good-byes to old friends and new ones! Overnight Giza.
(Overnight: Mena House Oberoi Hotel, Pyramids Road, Giza Plateau)

Cairo in Ancient Egypt

Breakfast, followed by transfer to Cairo International Airport for your departure flight.

Ivan Rados representation of Sacred Geometry in Egypt

A Multidimensional Journey through Egypt with Ivan Rados

October 16 - 26, 2008

Tour Includes:

  • 6 nights at the Five-Star Mena House Oberoi Hotel in Pyramid view rooms
  • 4 night Deluxe Nile Cruise aboard Presidential Nile Cruises (or similar)
  • Airport/hotel roundtrip transfers
  • Breakfast daily, 7 Lunches, and 6 Dinners (all meals onboard cruise ship)
  • Hotel taxes & service charges
  • Baggage handling at airport and hotels
  • Tourist Visa for Egypt
  • Tour Leader Ivan Rados throughout the entire journey
  • Local Egyptian Tour Guide throughout the entire journey


Added Features:

  • Travel with Ivan Rados, author of Create Yourself – Secrets of Self Discovery & Healing with Sacred Geometry and other like-minded people
  • Enjoy the company of our local host in Egypt, Gouda Fayed, owner of the Sphinx Guesthouse
  • Ceremonies & meditations with Ivan Rados at temples and sacred sites
  • Private healing and spiritual guidance sessions with Ivan Rados
  • Private Initiation Ceremony in King's Chamber of Great Pyramid
  • Special Welcome and Farewell Dinners
  • Optional Sharing Circles facilitated by Ivan

Tour Does Not Include:    

  • Airfare to Cairo
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote if you are Canadian)
  • Meals not included, as indicated in the itinerary
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final trip itinerary

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $3,125 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $900
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