Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in South India with Dr. Alexina Mehta

A 7-night get-away for healing and rejuvenation December 8 - 15, 2019

Join Naturopathic Physician, Yoga and Pilates teacher, and Energy Medicine Practitioner, Dr. Alexina Mehta for a restorative and replenishing 7 nights at the world renowned Ayurvedagram.

This retreat offers you consultations with an Ayurvedic doctor, 2 treatments daily, 3 delicious meals a day, yoga and meditation practices as well as additional daily sessions with Dr. Alexina Mehta in the conference room at Ayurvedagram sharing yoga practices and lectures on awakening your inner healer. The winner of numerous excellence awards, Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre in Bangalore, India delivers true healing through authentic Ayurveda and Yoga. READ MORE

Tour Leader Dr. Alexina Mehta

Alexina Mehta is a Naturopathic Physician who inspires others to access their innate, creative healing potential. Through her teachings, she seeks to empower people to step into what is possible for them.


About This Retreat

This retreat combines authentic Kerala Ayurveda with yoga practices for full mind-body-spirit healing and rejuvenation. Ayurvedagram Heritage Wellness Centre is an ideal location. Set in a serene 7-acres of sprawling lush greenery with more than 200 species of rare medicinal herbs, the centre has a tranquil, refreshing and healing atmosphere. 

Pulinkunnu Mana, An archetypal Kerala house. Ayurvedagram, India.

Since inception, the centre has become internationally reputed for authentic Ayurveda treatments and long-term rejuvenation programs. Scientific implementation of pure traditional knowledge in a professional way is the secret behind this recognition. A perfect blend of time-honoured diagnostic methods including pulse diagnosis, conventional therapies, and effective herbal medicines from Kerala Ayurveda Limited (KAL), customized Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation, and balanced vegetarian diet as per the classical Ayurveda scriptures is the core program at Ayurvedagram.

Your retreat leader, Dr. Alexina Mehta, will supplement this program with optional lectures and practices for body and mind around a popular subject which she often shares on: “Awakening Your Inner Healer”. 
Do you wonder how you can create conditions for optimal healing for yourself?
Are you interested in discovering who your inner healer is?
Specifically, Dr. Mehta will be sharing on:

  • Practices to Awaken Your Inner Healer: meditation, visualization, self-observation, and meditation
  • How a spiritual understanding of your health is necessary to become empowered and treat the root causes
  • Understanding the root causes of illness and what you can do about them
  • Virtue medicine: The nectar of healing
  • Honouring the divine feminine and divine masculine, mother earth, and her medicines
  • Natural medicine from around the world: A comparison of different systems and how they can help you (i.e. Ayurveda, Natural Medicine, Astrology, and other Spiritual Perspectives on Medicine from Mystical traditions)
  • Foods, herbs, and plants to support the Nervous system, Lymphatic system, Hormonal system, Skeletal system, Muscle system, Skin, Respiratory system, Cardiovascular system, Urinary system, Reproductive system
  • Self-care Tips for Optimal Health
Dr. Alexina Mehta at our last retreat at Ayurvedagram.

Ayurveda: History & Treatments

Kerala Ayurveda: Pure Herbs

Ayurveda started with pure herbal preparations. Parts of trees, shrubs, and plants were freshly gathered and made into simple, safe, effective remedies for illnesses. These were applied externally and ingested and used along with touch-therapies, dietary interventions, and lifestyle alterations to keep Life Balance.

Ayurveda is the earliest school of medicine known to mankind.

Some 2500 years ago, the first of many add-ons to Ayurveda came in the form of using extracts/powders/burnt residue of metals, gems, minerals and poisons to cure chronic and difficult ailments. They could be effective but, unless carefully made and administered only by specially trained doctors, could harm as well.

Over the centuries, successive waves of invasions into the Indian sub-continent brought new systems of belief, which integrated with indigenous Ayurveda and changed it. Today Kerala remains the only bastion of pure ancient Ayurveda. This is because no one ever invaded her. Thus she preserved purely herbal Ayurveda. This form of Ayurveda is naturally gentle, completely safe and has no side effects. In its holistic purity it heals the full body-mind-spirit continuum.

Treatments Available at Ayurvedagram

The traditional Kerala Ayurveda therapies and herbal medicines can be used both to cure various ailments (Curative) as well as to improve general health (Rejuvenation). The effect of Kerala therapies differs with the oil, herbs, and other ingredients used.

Shirodhara is a gentle but powerful Ayurvedic treatment.

The highly trained staff at Ayurvedagram offers a number of massage-based treatments such as Shirodhara, the use of specific oils poured continuously on the centre of the forehead to induce deep relaxation and rejuvenation, and Abhyanga, a full body warm oil massage to promote overall good health. A full range of treatments can be seen on Ayurvedagram’s website.

A Typical Day at Ayurvedagram

6.15 – 7am: Awake to the sound of birds and proceed for a morning walk along our beautiful 1-kilometre pathway
7am: Prabhatacharya – The morning regimen with Nasya, Gandoosha, Netraseka, Karnapoorana, etc.
7.30-8.15am: Group Yoga Session
8.30-9.15am: Breakfast
10-11am: Ayurveda Therapy
12.15-1pm: Group Pranayama Session
1-2pm: Lunch
3.15-4pm: Group Meditation Session
4-4.45pm: Ayurveda Therapy
5.30-6pm: Evening walk
6pm: Doctor Visit
7-8.30pm: Dinner

The above schedule is subject to change according to the needs of the patient and the therapy prescribed by the Doctor. Your retreat will also include discussion and lectures with Dr. Alexina Mehta.

Accommodation & Guest Facilities

Classic rooms are all found in one large house called Kuroor Mana, a 160 year-old ancestral home that once belonged to the famous Kuroor family of Trichur in Central Keralawhich. Today it also houses the Yoga Hall. The rooms all have ensuite bathrooms, cable TV and a desk. They are comfortable and provide everything you need for an enjoyable stay. 

A classic room at Ayurvedagram.

Ayurvedagram also offers a wide range of guest facilities and amenities including a 1-km walking track, a gym, an activity centre and library, a yoga hall, restaurant, and more. See the Ayurvedagam website for full details.

To see more photos of our Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat to Ayurvedagram, please see our Flickr set.

Gaden Shartse Monastery Program offered by Pneuma Institute

Many people attending this retreat are also going to be joining a very sacred celebration at the Gaden Shartse Monastery in Mundgod, India right afterward for 5 days. The event is the 600th anniversary of Tsongkhapa's ascension to Nirvana.  

H.H the Dalai Lama will preside over the commemoration of the 600th anniversary of Tsongkhapa's ascension to Nirvana. This event, sponsored by Pneuma Institute, will have the unique participation of the leaders of the four lineages of Tibetan Buddhism: S.S. the Karmapa, S.S. Sakya Trichen, Gaden Tripa and the abbots of the Gaden Shartse and Gaden Jangtse Monasteries.

Gheshe Thupten Jinpa translator of the H.H. Dalai Lama, Shartse Kensur Jangchup Choeden Executive Director of Geluk International Foundation, Geshe Gyaltsen Dorjee and Juan Ruiz Naupari Director of Pneuma Institute will also attend.

This event is offered by Pneuma Institute. For more information, please contact:



Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat in South India with Dr. Alexina Mehta

December 8 - 15, 2019

Retreat Includes:

  • 7 nights’ accommodation in a Classic room
  • Arrival and Departure transfers, Bangalore airport/Ayurvedagram
  • Doctors’ consults 
  • One consult with the yoga acharya on check-in 
  • One major and one minor treatment every day (unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor)
  • 3 meals daily in onsite restaurant (diet individualized where necessary)
  • Tea/coffee 
  • Low bandwidth Wi-Fi
  • Accommodation and all taxes


Added Features:

  • Workshops and lectures with Dr. Alexina Mehta, ND, on awakening your inner healer
  • 3 Group yoga practices
  • Meditation and pranayama daily
  • The company of a group of like-minded travellers

Retreat Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to/from Bangalore (BLR), India
  • Costs to obtain valid passport
  • Cancellation & medical insurance (ask us for a quote)
  • Any items of a personal nature 
  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $1,780 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $230
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