Centre of the Conscious Dream with Daniel Stone

Dreaming, the Dreaming Body, and the Conscious Dreamers April 12 - 30, 2011

This shamanic training course in Mexico is for anyone from any walk of life who wishes to open more deeply into the key questions of their life – who am I and why am I here?

The Centre of the Conscious Dream grew out of the Shamanic School of Dreaming, founded in 1995 in England by Daniel Stone. Established in 2000, the centre is located in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico towards the end of the sacred ancient pilgrimage route called the Wirrikuta. It is an extraordinary multi-dimensional field of energy, which drew or “called” Daniel to build his centre here. The work is based on Shamanic, Buddhist, and intuitive energetic techniques to re-connect the human being with other parts of him/her self to become a conscious dreamer. READ MORE

Tour Leader Daniel Stone (Chu-Ra)

Through his study with indigenous shamans, Daniel Stone established The Centre of the Conscious Dream in 2000. In addition to leading retreats, he is an author, musician, and international artist. 

Tour Leader Arbolita Pashak

Time traveller. Visionary. Eagle Woman connecting worlds. Her Grandmother initiated her into the worlds of intuitive wisdom and shamanic knowledge from the age of a young girl.


The trip to Mexico at Daniel and Arbolita's centre was quite profound for me as it really helped me to reconnect with the earth and, ultimately, with parts of me that I had neglected or forgotten.Tara Alain, Squamish, BC


Centre of the Conscious Dream Description

The Centre of the Conscious Dream, in the desert of San Luis Potosí, Mexico, is run by Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak. 

Centre of the Conscious Dream site
The studio at the desert site

The work is based on Shamanic, Buddhist, and intuitive energetic techniques to re-connect the human being with other parts of him/her self in order to become a conscious dreamer. The practice involves both traditional and modern forms of shamanism, but the base of the work comes from the Toltec traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Australian aboriginal traditions.

Courses are designed to give self-healing and healing other tools, so that participants can release from their personalities to the place of the clear conscious channel. The conscious dreamer can channel useful and potent frequencies and the most powerful healing force of all - love. 

The advanced work is through the connection with our crystalline intelligence - the inner crystal skull - and this work takes place within the context of the Mayan Calendar, and the coming end of the fifth sun. 

Beyond the courses, there are ongoing conscious dreaming circles, and an international internet circle which connects people in different countries. 


Conscious Dream in Mexico
Domes at the desert site

The courses and retreats are for anyone interested in developing their knowledge of shamanism, Buddhism and conscious dreaming, for those who want to develop their own consciousness of who they are, where they are going, and why they are here on planet Earth. They are very useful for healing practitioners who wish to develop their authentic intuitive healing abilities. They are also for creative people of all types who wish to deepen their connection with their creative fire.

Course Description

“Our intent for this event is to create spaces through practices and ceremony which open the doors to the great shamanic teachers – the earth and the skies.  A gradual course of opening to the dreaming body has been designed to prepare the physical, mental and emotional  bodies to receive the frequencies of other bodies and spaces.  It is our precept that only when the physical body, through the dreaming body, is put in touch with these wider spaces can real deep healing and change take place.  This is a path of transformation.  The human is no longer isolated, he/she can see more clearly and can experience the relation with other energies not only on and in the earth but in the universe.  Our intent is to put you more deeply in touch with your own shaman, priest, wise councillor and healer, to activate your own genie waiting to be released from the bottle.”  Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak. 

Domes at Centre of the Conscious Dream
Domes at the desert site

In Mexico, the shaman is usually called el curandero/a.  The curandero/a is literally "the healer".  Healing is understood to involve all aspects of the medicine wheel.  Air - mind, fire - spirit, earth - body, and water - emotion.  The healing is in the balancing of mind, body, spirit and emotion.  In this practical intuitive shamanic traning, clear healing practises are given which can be used on yourself or on others.  The curandero/a is also aware of the human in relation to the planet Earth, and other planets and stars.  The curandero sees the human in the context of the whole universal dream.  We will be opening spaces for you to explore your dreaming body. 

The word "dreaming" when used here refers to the 24-hour intuitive information which is permanently available.  We relate the dream of the night to the dream of the day.  We open to life as dream and our task to become conscious of the way we are being dreamed and the way that we dream.  We meet our own dreamer who dreams us, and this enables us to become conscious co-creators of our own dream of our own life.

The "dreaming body" is the means through which we extend from the physical body to relate to other dreams in the universe.  The dreaming body does not need to obey the same laws as the physical body, and so can enter extreme elemental dream spaces such as suns and seas and can merge with other vibrational dream frequencies such as colours, trees and rocks.

Centre of the Conscious Dream desert site
View to the mountains at the desert site

A conscious dreamer is literally someone who is conscious in their own dream.  They would be aware of how the dream of the human relates to other dreams in the universe and so would be in a position to perceive the greater cosmic vision.

The course takes place at the Centre of the Conscious Dream situated in part of the Huiricuta pilgrimage route, in the desert of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. The land is geographically classified as ‘semi-desert’. Cactus country, mountains, rocks. 

The centre is literally in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest neighbour an hour’s walk. The most important physical aspect of the site is space - you can walk as far as you like in any direction. The site has been developed deliberately to be basic but sufficient, so that you can have a direct experience of the elements but not be found wanting on essential living conditions. The site consists of a medicine wheel made of four round houses, two of which are the temple and studio spaces. There is also a dining area, two kitchens, a building for bathing, a dry ecological toilet, and four adobe sleeping domes. There are no showers at the site; bathing is by heated water and bucket bath. Accommodation is tented camping, or in adobe houses, depending on your needs. Domes are primarily reserved for those who require them most, but can be shared based on rotation along with the studio space to give everyone an occasional break from their tent. Food is brought by vehicle from the village or cooked on site. The setting and atmosphere is one of community, whereby all participants will be expected to assist with daily chores such as wash up, tidying up spaces, helping with meals, etc. The intention is to learn to live in community and be of service to others. 

For more photos of the Centre of the Conscious Dream, please click here:

Part 1 - Teotihuacan

Note: Your hotel in Mexico City is included for the night of Apr 11.

Day 1 Tue, Apr 12:  Arrive Mexico

The Zocalo, Mexico City. The Zocalo is the point of power where the Aztecs saw the vision of the eagle eating a snake whilst perched on a cactus. This central image in Mexican mythology signifies the ascension from the Earth to the skies: the Earth energy of the snake will rise with the eagle into the celestial flight. Aztec dancers still call in the four elements outside the cathedral and celebrate the dance of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent. On this day is the first ‘walk of power’ in order to open to this earth vortex point.

Day 2 Wed, Apr 13 - Day 4 Fr, Apr 15:  Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan in Mexico

Today we head to Teotihuacan, the pre-Aztec ceremonial city about 30 miles from Mexico City. It is the most important pyramid site in Mexico linked to Giza in Egypt, and covers over two square miles. The dreaming of the ancient Toltecs was to understand the connection between the Earth and the other planets in our solar system, and the sun, our star. Through this knowledge their dreaming was to find the connection of the Earth with the whole universe. At Teotihuacan we can touch again this dream of unity. We will be staying in the traditional pre-Aztec calpulli (school) within the Ancient Teotihuacan site. We will be learning the meanings of the ancient dances and taking part in the Dance of the Universe. We will be learning the theory and practise of the Temazcal(Mexican sweat lodge), Limpia (energy cleansing), and learning about the curative plants and stones of the traditional mexica to aid the movement and transformation of our dreaming bodies. We will also be taking part in a cave meditation underneath the sacred site before we are taught how to enter through the natural energetic doorways on the land to the site itself. 

There will also be a seminar on the significance of the different Toltec Calendars. We will be taking part in cave meditations underneath the sacred site before we are taught how to enter through the natural energetic doorways on the land to the site itself.

Part 2 - The Desert Shaman

Day 1 Sat, Apr 16: Arrival, Opening Ceremony

Travel with the group from Teotihuacan or make your way independently to the remote desert of San Luis Potosí. Upon arrival, find your place, your power spot to sleep. When everyone has arrived we will gather for our opening ceremony.

Day 2 Sun, Apr 17: Meditation

Daniel Stone in Mexico
Daniel Stone and fellow teachers

Breath awareness is the foundation of understanding the truth of our present moment.  It will help us to connect with out present condition, and also the condition of others.  Before any diagnosis is possible, we need a sense of the quiet mind, and an opening of the 'eyes'.  We give techniques of opening, of seeing, and of focusing intent. 

Day 3 Mon, Apr 18: The Medicine Wheel

We open to this ancient shamanic balancing tool, balancing not only the four elements in the human, but opening to the four elements in the wider dream – sensing the balance of the four elements in the earth and in the universe. The Medicine Wheel is an inter-dimensional interface through which the dreaming body extends from the physical body, and then safely returns.  Each participant establishes their orientation to the four directions and the four elements as a strong and secure base for their ongoing dreaming and healing.  A technique is given that teaches the individual their strong and weak elements and how to balance them.  The medicine in this wheel is balance. This exercise will help in diagnosis both for yourself and for others.  When you know which element you are working with you will have a lot of information already.  

Day 4 Tue, Apr 19: Deep Diagnosis

Rocks.  ‘Stone people’ hold memory.  We learn how to read the memory held in stones.  This will help us to read the memory held in our bones.  Deep history.  you will learn how to journey through the help of stones into your cellular memory, so that you can 'read' your own body.  You  pracitise first on yourself and then on others.  You are identifying memories held – time traps.

“Rocks hold dreams – past dreams and future dreams. Through them we can extend our dreaming body and journey through time. Plants look to rocks to deposit the seeds of their dreams that will not continue in this present dream of the earth. They are the bridges of evolution; they hold the secrets of our death and our transformation from one dream state to another - the secrets of our next home, the next dreamtime in the lives of this planet.” Daniel Stone

Day 5 Wed, Apr 20: Trees

Sacred Tree in mexico
Our sacred tree

The chance to breathe.  Trees can teach us how to clear the spaces so that the memories held in the body have somewhere to go.  By opening the dreaming body to the tree, the breath can extend the physical body into the earth and into the sky.  This opens the doors of percieption.  You are able to open to the wisdom of the tree and release the holding.  

Learning to extend energy from the human body to another energy body.  Learning how to receive information from another energy body.  The wisdom of the breath.  The expanding lungs.  The breath of the human and the breath of the tree.  Extending breath into the earth, into the sky.  The breath of the universe.  The big self and the little self.

“The trees teach us the song of pure love, of unconditional love. They teach us how to connect worlds and times, the sky with the earth, the ‘inframundo’ with the ‘supramundo’ the physical body with the dreaming body.” Arbolita Pashak.

Day 6, Thu Apr 21: Mexican Healing Plants

The curandero always works with plants for healing.  You will be taught how to open to the spirit of a plant, how to intuitively feel the right plant for a particular diagnosis.  You will learn how the plants work on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  You will also be taught how to apply the plants, how to make teas, oils, creams and ointments.   

Each ‘curandero’ (healer, shaman) has a special plant with which they work. This plant is deep inside the heart of the healer, it speaks with them from the heart. This plant has the power to heal because the healer has opened to it so much that it has become them. The plant and the healer work as one. How can we find our particular plant? How do we develop our relation with the plant? How do we use the plant?” Arbolita Pashak

Day 7 Fri, Apr 22: Animal Guides

Animals as guides into different parts of the human body.  By identifying your helper and then developing dialogue with this animal, you will receive very useful information.  This is something that can be done for yourself and also for another person.  For many people, connecting with animal guides teaches how to be in a body.  They are also Teachers of the movement between dimensions and guides of death (transformation from one dream state to another dream state). 

Day 8 Sat, Apr 23: Human Teachers & Spirit Guides

Human teachers of the dream have different information than the animal guides.  We open to human spirit teachers who are either still in body or no longer in body as teachers of our dreaming.  Family, friend teachers.  Archetypal teachers – Buddha, North American Indian, shaman, priest, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Shakti, Earth Mother, Isis etc.  Spirit guides.  We learn how to Develop and maintiain our connection with spirit teachers. 

Day 9 Sun, Apr 24: Plants & The Mayan Calendar

Deepening the work with plant spirit and their practical application.  The mayan Calendar (seminar). 

“We can establish a relation with plants from the place of their pure vibration. They have a direct and clear process of transformation which shows the connection between the planet and the universe and so when we reflect on them, we can understand the movements necessary to channel healing on many levels. They show us how to 'be with the all'. Arbolita Pashak

Day 10 Mon, Apr 25: Dreams

We are looking at the relation between the dream of the night and the dream of the day.  We are looking at how to make the links.  Our 24 hour dreaming gives us constant information about all aspects of our life in luding our own healking and the healing of others.  How do we receive and how  do we read this information?    How can we develop contact with our dreaming so that we receive  more clearly this informaiton?  

Day 11 Tue, Apr 26 & Day 12 Wed, Apr 27: Walking Meditations

The walk of power.  The walk of intent.  These walks will help you to strengthern your intent.  The walk to Vernalejo is to an ancient Huichol site which represents and embodies the death aspect of the pilgrimage.  This is a walk of death, of letting go.  Pilgrims pass through their death before climbing the mythical mountain where the sun was born – the place of the pilgrims re-birth.  

Day 13 Thu, Apr 28: Crystalline Intelligence

Crystal Skull
Crystal skull

You learn how to journey into the cellular history of the planet and how memory can be release from the earth.  Earth space clearing.  Freeing the body to dance.  We open to the healing properties of crystal.  The inner crystal skull.  You connect with your crystalline DNA and to the crystalline grid in the planet.  We travel to the star, the place of your first intent which will give you the the connection with your vital life force essential for any self healing and for healing others.   We open to the planet Earth as a conscious being to the deep past and the deep future.  We open to the human role in the universe.  

"Crystal amplifies and clarifies. In this ceremony we open to the star seed, the eye of this dream of the earth and the eye of your personal dream. In essence we meet our own God/Goddess principle, the creative spark which made you, which made this earth. When we bring this star seed to your human skull, you are reminded of your original intent. Most dis-ease comes from forgetfulness of this intent. When we bring the star seed to the crystal skull inside of us, and inside of this planet, we are reminded of the planet’s original intent. Our personal dream lines are then aligned with those of the planet where we live. We can understand the human dream within the earth dream, and the earth dream within the universal dream. It opens us to a deeper level of balance and harmony.” Daniel Stone

Day 14 Fr, Apr 29: Grounding the Dream

Mexico Centre of the Conscious Dream
View to the mountains

We use this day to begin to ground the information we have received through creative writing, painting, music, movement, or simply reflecting in silence.  This practise of grounding the dream is encouraged as a daily practise throughout the retreat.  There tends to be time most days devoted to this practise. 

Day 15 Sat, Apr 30: Return to Mexico City

Today, travel back to Mexico City.

Getting There

From Mexico City

Most international flights will arrive into Mexico City. From here, you can either take a domestic flight into San Luis Potosí (check or travel overland by bus to Matehuala. From the airport you will need to take a taxi to the NORTH bus station. There are registered taxi stands inside the airport. Travelling by bus is quite comfortable but time consuming. Whether you find a direct non-stop bus from Mexico City to Matehuala, or one with many stops, will depend on the class of service you choose. You may need to change busses in San Luis Potosí. The entire overland bus journey from Mexico City to Matehuala takes approximately 7 hours so please set aside a full day for travel if arriving into Mexico City.

From Monterrey

Some international flights also arrive directly into Monterrey. From the airport you will need to take a taxi to the bus station. From there you will need to board a bus to Matehuala. The bus ride will take approximately 4 hours.

From San Luis Potosí 

From San Luis Potosí airport take a taxi to the bus station. From there you can board a bus to Matehuala which will take approximately 2 hours. 

From Matehuala

You will be met once you have arrived into Matehuala and be transferred to the retreat site which is approximately 1 ½ hours away.

*Please keep in mind that busses do not always run on time in Mexico so remember to travel with patience and an open mind. 

*Assistance in Mexico City can be arranged with a local representative if necessary. 

Centre of the Conscious Dream with Daniel Stone

April 12 - 30, 2011

Program Includes:

  • Hotel Accommodation in Mexico city for April 11 & 12 (Part 1 & 2 only)
  • Shared partitioned rooms within a dormitory with a camping option in Teotihuacan
  • Tent accommodation at the Centre of the Conscious Dream (you must bring your own) or Adobe Domes (5 Domes available and must be prebooked.)
  • All meals (except for two meals in Mexico City). Food is through restaurants in Mexico city, in-house Mexican food at Amatlan and Teotihuacan, and a varied diet (organic when possible) at the desert site where there is also a shared kitchen. Vegetarian options available. Bottled water is available always.
  • Laundry Service while at the Centre of the Conscious Dream
  • Local Bus Transportation Throughout
  • Course Tuition


Added Features:

  • Insightful Teachings with Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak
  • Special Guest Teachers: Tecpaltechutli, Ea Orgu, Don Julian, and Don Julio Martinez
  • Aztec Dance Instruction and Ceremony
  • Temazcal and Limpia Ceremony
  • Cave Meditation
  • Huichol Walk of Power
  • Group and Private Meditations, Sharing Circles
  • Use of musical instruments such as drums, rattles, whistles, etc. (Please feel free to bring your own musical instrument.)
  • Community of like-minded “dreamers”

Program Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to Mexico
  • Costs to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website.

Tour Price:

  • Part 1 & Part 2 with Tented Camping Option in Desert
    • Double Room: USD $1,845 per person
  • Part 1 & Part 2 with Adobe Home in Desert (only 5 domes available)
    • Double Room: USD $1,965 per person
  • Part 2 Only with Tented Camping Option in Desert
    • Double Room: USD $1,425 per person
  • Part 2 Only with Adobe Home in Desert (only 5 domes available)
    • Double Room: USD $1,545 per person
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