Centre of the Conscious Dream with Daniel Stone

The Circle of 12: Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training Course October 29 - November 19, 2013

This shamanic training course in Mexico will inspire creative fire, open the possibilities of communication with the natural world around us and give self-healing and healing-other tools.

The Centre of the Conscious Dream grew out of the Shamanic School of Dreaming, which was founded in 1995 in England by Daniel Stone. Established in 2000, the centre is located in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico towards the end of the sacred ancient pilgrimage route called the Wirrikuta. It is an extraordinary multi-dimensional field of energy, which drew or “called” Daniel to build his centre here. This course is for anyone from any walk of life who wishes to open more deeply into the key questions of their life – who am I and why am I here? READ MORE

Tour Leader Daniel Stone (Chu-Ra)

Through his study with indigenous shamans, Daniel Stone established The Centre of the Conscious Dream in 2000. In addition to leading retreats, he is an author, musician, and international artist. 

Tour Leader Arbolita Pashak

Time traveller. Visionary. Eagle Woman connecting worlds. Her Grandmother initiated her into the worlds of intuitive wisdom and shamanic knowledge from the age of a young girl.


The retreat in the desert of Mexico was an extraordinary experience, the healing and cleansing on all levels is a guarantee and changes are inevitable. Great way to move forward. Sylvia Pecinska, Australia


Course Description

This Shamanic Training in Mexico is based on Shamanic, Buddhist, and intuitive energetic techniques to re-connect the human being with other parts of him/herself – to become a conscious dreamer. Both traditional and modern forms of shamanism are explored at the centre, but the base of the work comes from the Toltec traditions, Tibetan Buddhism, and the Australian aboriginal traditions.

shamanic training program in mexico
The studio at the desert site

This shaman course is designed to inspire the creative fire, open the possibilities of communication with the natural world around us and give self-healing and healing-other tools, so that participants can release from their personalities to the place of the clear conscious channel. The conscious dreamer can channel useful and potent frequencies and the most powerful healing force of all – love.  

The advanced work of this Mexico journey is through the connection with our crystalline intelligence – the inner crystal skull. There are also on-going conscious dreaming circles of 12, and an international internet circle which connects people in different countries.

shamanic centre of the conscious dream
Mountains at the desert site

The centre is run by Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak, and courses in sacred Mexico are also assisted by Toltec indigenous teachers. The Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training involves various facilitators in different countries who are affiliated to the centre.

The courses and circles are for anyone interested in developing their knowledge of shamanism, Buddhism and conscious dreaming, for those who want to develop their own consciousness of who they are, where they are going, and why they are here on planet Earth. They are very useful for creative people of all types who wish to deepen their connection with their creative fire and for healing practitioners who wish to develop their authentic intuitive healing abilities.

However, greater than all these personal ancient wisdom benefits, is the phenomenal act of service in opening the heart as a clear channel for the earth and for the sky. This is truly an authentic Mexico adventure.

Centre of the Conscious Dream

The idea of harmonic vibration is not new. Every musician attempts to achieve it. Every painter attempts to achieve it. Every dancer, filmmaker, writer attempts to achieve it. A politician would like to achieve it, as would a business person. We would all like to live in harmony.

When you look at the world around you, the idea of living in harmony may seem a long way away. There may be some sceptical reactions to the idea that living in harmony is within our grasp. It may seem like a romantic notion, a pop song from the seventies, a film to take you out of the “real” world.

shamanic training course in mexico
Domes at the desert site

However, if you enter into all the major religions, there is always a root of the creation stories that talks of a harmonic vibration from which we came. The Jews, the Christians as well as Islam have the Garden of Eden. The Buddhists have Dharmakaya, Hindus refer to the time of Shiva and Shakti, and also there is the blissful memory of Krishna.  Shamanic traditions sing of our relations with the stars, from where we came. Many shamanic traditions sing of a dreamtime in which we had an on-going dialogue with the universe. Harmony is a root memory at the base of our collective unconscious. We know it existed. We know it can exist. It is just that at times it seems so far away. So how do we get it back? 

The number twelve is a sacred geometric form that can help us

There are indications in the history of spirituality as to why the number twelve is a key to understanding harmonic vibration. The twelve Olympian Gods, the twelve tribes of Israel, the twelve apostles, the twelve seats surrounding the throne of Odin, the twelve names of the Sun in Sanskrit, the twelve signs in Western astrology and the twelve animals of the Chinese horoscope, the twelve causes of existence (Nidinas) in Buddhism, the twelve crystal skulls and their relation to the original dreamers of the universe.

The myths of the crystal skulls can be found in the oral traditions of the Mayans, North American Indians, Australian Aboriginal, Celtic lore and Tibetan Buddhism. There is a reoccurring legend of the twelve crystal skulls which when brought together create a powerful “dreaming” unit capable of seeing through time and changing the course of history. The most powerful function of the twelve crystal skulls is their connection with the original twelve dreamers who dreamed the universe. This original seed of twelve are frequencies that vibrate at the edge of time. They have the power of transforming no time to time, of no space and space, no thought to thought, of no dream to dream. They are the bridge between nothing and something. The original 12 dream the universe from the place of harmonic relation. The twelve are in relation with each other. The dream of the universe is an expression of their diversity in relation.

sacred tree at shamanic training
Our sacred tree

The level of harmonic vibration of the original seed of twelve channelled by the twelve crystal skulls is said to be the experience of sustained orgasm. Bliss. Constant creative movement.

The number 12 has constantly been used in the history of sacred geometry to express the relation between the planet earth, human beings, and the divine. The pyramid is the most obvious example. Three times four. 12 and 24 ancient Celtic stone circles are another example, as are the Hindu temples and Christian cathedrals where the twelve grid is used in the architectural structures to make the bridge between the divine and the human.

We describe time in terms of 12 and 24 hours, and 60 minutes (5 x 12). For the Mayans the number 12 is the number of cosmic unity (the seed of the original dreamers). The number 13 is the death and life journey through Quetzalcoatl into the universe.

In this retreat we explore that journey into the universe. We explore the dance of the cosmic plumed serpent (Quetzalcoatl) through times and spaces. We consciously open to the spiral of dreams and to the meaning of our contract with karma. We open to the deepest of knowledge known as the Great Mystery.

daniel stone and participants in mexico
Daniel Stone and fellow teachers

The Healer and the Channel

There are three aspects to this training. The first is simply to “know thyself”. Well, perhaps not so simple. We have received so much interference that we can be very confused as to who we are. The beauty of the desert is that one cannot hide. The real person comes out, shadow and light, and the illusions that we have picked up from our cultures cannot be sustained. Many of the spaces that are made available are spaces in which you can safely explore the real you. A lot of time it will be you and the earth, or you and a tree, or you and the sky. You and the desert. You and time, you and space.  Time and space to see who you are.

The second aspect is healing. Harmonic vibration can only be experienced if we open our hearts to receive it. However, there are resistances to opening our hearts because of the wounds that we hold. So, much of the work is in healing our wounds so that we can open our hearts. We explore many traditional and contemporary shamanic and other energetic healing techniques to help you in this process of healing yourself. These tools can later be developed in the practice of healing others.

The third aspect is the channel. This is the place of the artist, the painter, the musician, the poet. It is the part of you that is the open channel of expression. Everyone has this potential. Everyone is a vessel through which the Gods and the Goddesses can speak.  We are, at best, living deities, and we walk our star on earth.

For more photos of the Centre of the Conscious Dream, please click here:

Harmonic Vibration - Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training Course

Day 1 Tue, Oct 29 - Day 3 Thu, Oct 31: Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is the pre-Aztec ceremonial city about 30 miles from Mexico City. It is the most important pyramid site in Mexico linked to Giza in Egypt, and covers over two square miles. The dreaming of the ancient Toltecs was to understand the connection between the Earth and the other planets in our solar system, and the sun, our star.

site of teotihuacan in mexico

Through this knowledge their dreaming was to find the connection of the Earth with the whole universe. At Teotihuacan we can touch again this dream of unity. We will be staying in the traditional pre-Aztec calpulli (school) within the Ancient Teotihuacan site. We will be learning the meanings of the ancient dances and taking part in the Dance of the Universe. We will be learning the theory and practice of the Temazcal (Mexican sweat lodge), Limpia (energy cleansing), and learning about the curative plants and stones of the traditional mexica to aid the movement and transformation of our dreaming bodies. 

We will be taking part in cave meditations underneath the sacred site before we are taught how to enter through the natural energetic doorways on the land to the site itself.

We have deliberately coordinated the dates so that we partake in one of the most important festivals of the Mexican calendar – The Day of the Dead. We will be invited into the ceremonies and dances and taught the significance of the altars and this very deep tradition.   

Day 4 Fri, Nov 1: Bus to Matehuala

Today we travel by bus to Matehuala to overnight there for the evening.   

Day 5 Sat, Nov 2: The Huricuta

The Huricuta (sometimes spelt Wirrikuta) is the ancient pilgrimage route of the Huichol tribes to the sacred mountain in the semi-desert area of San Luis Potosi. The Centre of the Conscious Dream is situated under the view of this powerful ancestral presence. Here will be a profound deepening of our practice. Through the Walk of Awareness, we will be listening to the mountains, the desert, and the stars that speak so clearly in the night sky.

desert site of conscious dream
The desert site

Meditation. Breath awareness is the foundation of understanding the truth of our present moment. Presenting the eyes with the space to see. Techniques of opening. Techniques of focusing intent. 

Day 6 Sun, Nov 3: The Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is an inter-dimensional interface through which the dreaming body extends from the physical body, and then safely returns. Each participant establishes their orientation to the four directions and the four elements as a strong and secure base for their ongoing dreaming and healing. A technique is given that teaches the individual their strong and weak elements and how to balance them. The medicine in this wheel is balance. 

Day 7 Mon, Nov 4: Trees & Ways of Seeing

The doors of perception. The dreaming body. Learning to extend energy from the human body to another energy body. Learning how to receive information from another energy body. The wisdom of the breath. The expanding lungs. The breath of the human and the breath of the tree. Extending breath into the earth, into the sky. The breath of the universe. The big self and the little self. 

Day 8 Tue, Nov 5: Rocks & The Library

centre of the conscious dream shaman training
Looking to the mountains at the desert site

“Stone people” hold memory. We learn how to read the memory held in stones. This will help us to read the memory held in our bones. Deep history. Time travel. Journey into the cellular history of the planet. Journey into the cellular history of the human body.  Identifying memories held – time traps. Memory release from the body. Memory release from the earth. Body space clearing. Earth space clearing. Freeing the body to dance. 

Day 9 Wed, Nov 6: Animal Guides

Animals as guides into different parts of the human body. Information linking different animal guides, different body parts as states of being. Learning how to be in a body. The animal in the human as a guide or teacher for another human. Receiving animal intent. Projecting animal intent. Teachers of the movement between dimensions. Animals as guides of death (transformation from one dream state to another dream state). 

Day 10 Thu, Nov 7: Human Teachers of the Dream

Humans who are either still in body or no longer in body as teachers of our dreaming.  Family, friend teachers. Archetypal teachers – Buddha, North American Indian, shaman, priest, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Shakti, Earth Mother, Isis, etc. Spirit guides. Developing and maintaining connection with spirit teachers. 

Day 11 Fri, Nov 8: Crystalline Intelligence

sacred crystal skull
Crystal skull

The properties of crystal. The inner crystal skull. Connecting to our crystalline DNA.  Connecting to the crystalline grid in the planet. The relation between star and earth. The planet Earth as a conscious being. The deep past and the deep future. The human, the earth, the star, and the universe. The human role in the universe.  

Day 12 Sat, Nov 9: Walking Meditations

The walk of power. The walk of intent. The walk to Vernalejo. This is an ancient Huichol site which represents and embodies the death aspect of the pilgrimage. Pilgrims pass through their death before climbing the mythical mountain where the sun was born – the place of the pilgrims re-birth.  

Day 13 Sun, Nov 10 - Day 14 Mon, Nov 11: Burial

This ancient shamanic ritual is a ceremonial death. The personal history is released, and so the sense of “self” can expand to include the human connection with the earth, the planets, the stars, and the universe. The human, freed from the congestion of the holding of personal history, is then able to open as a channel of the cosmic vision.

Grounding the dream. Every day there will be space to sense the way in which the information can be translated to your day-to-day life where you live. This practice of grounding the dream is encouraged as a daily practice throughout the retreat.  

Circle of Twelve

Day 15 Tue, Nov 12 - Day 20 Wed, Nov 17: The Circle of 12

Detail from a Daniel Stone painting

The circle of 12. The human channel. Having moved through our opening to who we are, having opened to our own healing, we now are ready to open to the human as the channel of harmonic vibration.  

Conscious dreamers, when working by themselves, can open to the universal spiral, move through times and therefore create bridges not only for themselves but for all connected with their cellular memories. When conscious dreamers work in a circle, it is an opportunity to practice together and channel the bridge between times for all the beings that are ready to move through the spiral.

The circle of twelve humans will be developing in circle to merge with the vibration of the council of twelve Great Dreamers who dream the universe. By connecting with this harmonic vibration we will be sensing the seed consciousness of molecular matter, and how the seeds of dreams have moved and will move through times. It is, in essence, the 12 Great Dreamers who call the twelve humans incarnate in time and space to their council in order to remember the root of harmonic vibration in the universe. Our practices are to develop the art of travelling to this frequency and the art of listening to the information we are given so that we can sustain harmonic vibration in our daily lives.

At the end of this week, we visit and in some cases climb the sacred mountain, which, rather than this program, is what would call you to the desert. In this vision quest, we find out why. This great teacher has information it would have called you to receive, and everything you would have passed through on the weeks leading up to this day would be so that you have the intuitive knowledge to know how to receive it.

Day 21 Thu, Nov 18: The Bridge between Dreams

Trees at the desert site

This day is given to looking more specifically with each individual the relation between the information received during this journey and the applications in daily life. We are also looking at the ongoing possible practical applications and how they can be developed in a personal and professional capacity.

Day 22 Fri, Nov 19

Today you will need to travel from the desert back to Mexico City. Your first available flight date back would be November 20.

*This course description is subject to some change and is intended as a general guide. Some ceremonies and activities may be modified to suit some participants physical and/or dreaming capabilities.

*Please note that the course is open only to a maximum number of participants so please book early to confirm your space.

Getting There

Arrive in Mexico City 

You will be asked to arrive on October 28 at the latest in Mexico City as we begin early in the morning on Day 1. Accommodation in Mexico City on Oct 28 is included in the package price. 

Departing from the Desert

You will need to make your own way from the desert home at the end of the retreat. Arrangements can be made to transfer you to Matehuala. From here you can take a bus to departure cities such as San Luis Potosí, Monterrey, or Mexico City.

*Please keep in mind that busses do not always run on time in Mexico so remember to travel with patience and an open mind.

Centre of the Conscious Dream with Daniel Stone

October 29 - November 19, 2013

Program Includes:

  • Hotel Accommodation in Mexico City (Oct 28)
  • ​Shared partitioned rooms within a dormitory with a camping option in Teotihuacan
  • ​Camping or adobe dome (7 available) in the Centre of the Conscious Dream (The camping option includes the facility to sleep in shared adobe house if and when required.)
  • All meals (except for two meals in Mexico City). Food is through restaurants in Mexico City, in-house Mexican food at Amatlan and Teotihuacan, and a varied diet (organic when possible) at the desert site where there is also a shared kitchen. Vegetarian options available. Bottled water is always available.
  • Laundry Service while at the Centre of the Conscious Dream
  • Local Bus Transportation Throughout
  • Course Tuition


Added Features:

  • Insightful Teachings with Daniel Stone and Arbolita Pashak
  • Special Guest Teachers: Tecpaltechutli and others
  • Day of the Dead Celebrations
  • Mixteca Dance Instruction and Ceremony
  • Temazcal and Limpia Ceremony
  • Cave Meditation
  • Aztec Walk of Power 
  • Group and Private Meditations, Sharing Circles
  • Use of musical instruments such as drums, rattles, whistles, etc. (Please feel free to bring your own musical instrument.)
  • Community of like-minded “dreamers”

Program Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to Mexico
  • Costs to obtain valid passport
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote)
  • Any items of a personal nature. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary.

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $3,120 per person
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