Centre of the Conscious Dream with Daniel Stone

Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training, Teotihuacan and the Wirrikuta, Mexico: Toltec Wisdom – The Conscious Dreamer October 30 - November 27, 2015

Discover revolutionary practical tools for multidimensional living and profound healing on this sacred travel program to the Centre of the Conscious Dream, Mexico.

The Centre of the Conscious Dream grew out of the Shamanic School of Dreaming, which was founded in 1995 in England by Daniel Stone. Established in 2000, the centre is located in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico towards the end of the sacred ancient pilgrimage route, the Wirrikuta. It is an extraordinary multi-dimensional field of energy, which “called” Daniel to build his centre here. The centre is now in its 15th year offering retreats and courses. The key intent of this course is to develop the human instrument so that it can be sung by the universal breath. READ MORE

Tour Leader Daniel Stone (Chu-Ra)

Through his study with indigenous shamans, Daniel Stone established The Centre of the Conscious Dream in 2000. In addition to leading retreats, he is an author, musician, and international artist. 


Daniel took care of our basic needs and has put together a surreal, accessible, well thought out program to develop our dreaming bodies. And I had lots of dreams! Irene Dulay, Burnaby, BC


My experience with the Intuitive Shamanic Training Course was wonderful and very rewarding...It was all an amazing experience and one which I am very grateful for.Daniela Masaro, Toronto, ON


Course Description

The conscious expanded human being is of great service to the universe. The ability to join worlds, dimensions, to travel in time, to be aware of more than one space at any given moment, makes the human a bridge-builder, a connector, communicator, the link. When our human body lights up to such a state of luminosity that we are consciously connected not only to the planet, but to the solar system, the galaxy, as far as the great universal plumed serpent – Quetzalcoatl – then the human has the power to heal from the place of the core seed of universal thought-form. 

centre of the conscious dream desert site
The desert site

This level of healing is not only physical, or psychological, or emotional; it is not only on the level of the human individual, cultural, or even on ancestral levels; it is not only human, it is planetary, solar, galactic, universal. This is the healing level of the 12 Great Dreamers of the Universe, the first level of consciousness, the seed, the first thought-forms from which all the rest followed and follow.

Our own crystal skull in our very own skull allows us to see through the material mask to the universal web that connects all matter and all spaces. Trusting ourselves to see, we can extend and expand on this web of “light” to illuminate our bodies – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. This luminous body connects you to the dreamer who dreams you, the painter who paints you, the writer who writes you. Now you become the creator.

As we grow in our power of seeing, we learn to find the parts of the web that are broken in our own bodies, the planetary body and the solar system. We learn that the wounds in our own bodies reflect the wounds in the universe. Crucially, we learn how to repair, to re-connect the web so that the natural energy flow and function is restored.

daniel stones shamanic training program
The studio at the desert site

The key intent of this course is to develop the human instrument so that it can be sung by the universal breath.  

In this space you can fully open to your multi-dimensional possibilities. You can finally connect the different parts of yourself that previously didn’t make sense. You can reconnect with your cosmic tribe and to all your relations. Once this perception has been achieved, the task is then to sustain it, not only in this course, but when you go back home. The intent of this course is to provide revolutionary practical tools for multidimensional living.

What is a conscious dreamer?

In the dream of your life, a conscious dream is when you wake up, at night or in the day.  It is the moment when you realize you have relation and dialogue with every type of space – material and immaterial.  This is the moment when you meet the dreamer who dreams you.  When you wake up in the dream of your life, you become the co-creator of your own dream.

What is a shaman?

A shaman is someone who relates not only to the human world but also the worlds of the elements, trees and plants, rocks, animals, the planet earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe.  Through these relations of times and spaces, the shaman finds whole balance, truth, healing, clarity, and artistic expression.

sacred tree in mexico
Our sacred tree

Who is a shaman? 

You are. We are all potential shamans and we all have the ability to remember this ancient wisdom which is in the cellular memory of our own bodies. This ancient knowledge reminds us of why we are here, where we have come from, who we are, and where we are going. It enables us to find space in the mind, clarity of vision, and our true artist within. The shaman opens to the conscious breath in which all is in relation. Opening to the conscious breath, we break the illusion of being alone, and learn to receive and give the most powerful healing energy in existence.

Body of dreams.

Life is dream. There is the dream of the night and the dream of the day. How do we find relation between these two dreaming states? The dreaming body extends from the physical body and is able to touch all other times and spaces – material and immaterial. It breathes, moves, dances, 24 hours a day. The dreaming body opens and channels energies from all the other beings we meet. Most of this information we are not aware of, or ignore. The intuitive wisdom of opening to the dreaming body allows us to receive this vital information. This allows us to make decisions based on a broad harmonic perspective that not many people possess. We have access to a level of knowing without doubt. We are able to move in alignment with the earth and the sky.

The dreamer who dreams you.

Who or what is the architect of the dream of your life? Who or what dreams you – your parents, your culture, your partner? How do you know if a dream is truly yours, a dream that comes from your soul root, from the crystal clarity of your first intent? What is your purpose and meaning in the dream of your life – how can you know this? We invite you to open to your deepest ancestors, to the place in time and space when and where you have no doubt as to who you are and why you are here.

Shamanic healing – the human channel.

We are offering very practical skills in this course, the skills of opening to receive and give healing energies, the ability to find clarity and to communicate that clarity with others. The techniques will include conscious breath work, subtle movement, and specific ceremonies and techniques to practice by yourself and with others. We will also encourage you to develop your creative fire in the form that suits you – painting, music, writing, movement. You will evolve as a human channel, so that you can channel healing energies for yourself and others and can be a useful tool for the Earth. The human channel, the shaman that opens the dreaming body fully, can touch the universal conscious breath. This is a great service to all beings that live and die in time and space.

Practical intuitive shamanic training.

This course can be taken on its own or as part of a larger program over one or two years that involves both course participation (in the country where you live) and internet supervision.   

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who are on a healing path, either their own healing or as a professional healer; those who wish to develop their creative fire through their art, music, dance; professional and business people who seek clarity of vision in their work and their projects; anyone from any walk of life who wishes to open more deeply into the key questions of their life – who am I and why am I here?  


In addition to Daniel Stone, we will have the honour of working with a number of other facilitators during this program. 

Tecpaltecuhtli is a sacred dancer, teacher, and ceremonial leader in the Anahuac tradition. He has devoted his life to the understanding of the traditional teachings in Teotihuacan and is the author of “El Despertar Tolteca”  (The Awakening Toltec). We also work with his son and his family who are all teachers of the Anahuac tradition.

Don Julian and Flor Martinez lead ceremonial sweat lodges (temazcal) and journeys to sacred sites in their area of the desert. They have received wisdom from their own land and elders and continue their traditions. Their lives are dedicated to healing through the temazcal and different medicinal plants.

There are other Toltec teachers at Teotihuacan and in the desert.


Centre of the Conscious Dream

The first part of the course takes place in Mexico City and Teotihuacan. There is a description below. The second part takes place at the Centre of the Conscious Dream in the desert of San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Established in 2000, this centre is towards the end of the sacred ancient pilgrimage route called the Wirrikuta. The pilgrimage terminates at the sacred mountain where “the sun was born”.

sleeping domes at shamanic training centre
The domes at the desert site

The centre is literally in the middle of nowhere, with the nearest neighbour an hours walk. The site has been developed deliberately to be simple but sufficient, so that you can have a direct experience of the elements but not be found wanting on essential living conditions. The site consists of a medicine wheel made of four round houses, three of which are the temple, studio, and sleeping spaces. There is also a large dining area, two kitchens, a building for bathing and toilet, and seven specifically designed adobe dreaming domes. The food is mostly organic and we cater for all diets. The most important physical aspect of the site is space – you can walk as far as you like in any direction.  

Crystalline Intelligence (2 weeks)

Day 1 Fri, Oct 30: The Zocalo, City of Mexico 

Walking consciously. The Zocalo is the point of power where the Toltec tribes saw the vision of the eagle eating a snake whilst perched on a cactus. This central image in Mexican mythology signifies the ascension from the Earth to the skies: the Earth energy of the snake will rise with the eagle into the celestial flight. Mixteca dancers still call in the four elements outside the cathedral and celebrate the dance of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent. On this day is the first "walk of power" in order to open to this earth vortex point.

Day 2 Sat, Oct 31 – Day 4 Mon, Nov 2: Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan is the Toltec (pre-Aztec) ceremonial city about 30 miles from Mexico City. It is the most important pyramid site in Mexico linked to Giza in Egypt, and covers over two square miles. The dreaming of the ancient Toltecs was to understand the connection between the Earth and the other planets in our solar system, and the sun, our star. 

Teotihuacan pyramid in mexico

Through this knowledge their dreaming was to find the connection of the Earth with the whole universe. At Teotihuacan we can touch again this dream of unity. We will be staying in the traditional pre-Aztec calpulli (school) within the ancient Teotihuacan site. We will be learning the meanings of the ancient dances and taking part in the dance of the universe. We will be learning the theory and practice of the temazcal (Mexican  sweat  lodge),  limpia  (energy  cleansing), and learning about the curative plants and stones of the traditional mexica to aid the movement and transformation of our dreaming bodies. We will be taking part in cave meditations underneath the sacred site before we are taught how to enter through the natural energetic doorways on the land to the site itself. 

Day 5 Tue, Nov 3: Travel to the Centre of the Conscious Dream

Day 6 Wed, Nov 4: Meditation 

Breath awareness is the foundation of understanding the truth of our present moment. Making space in the mind. Techniques of opening. Techniques of focusing intent. 

participants at shamanic training program in mexico
Daniel Stone and fellow teachers

The Medicine Wheel. Balance of mind, body, spirit, and emotion. The Medicine Wheel is an inter-dimensional interface through which the dreaming body extends from the physical body, and then safely returns. Each participant establishes their orientation to the four directions and the four elements as a strong and secure base for their ongoing dreaming and healing. A technique is given that teaches the individual their strong and weak elements and how to balance them.

Day 7 Thu, Nov 5: Trees 

Clarity of mind. Ways of seeing. The doors of perception. Learning to extend energy from the human body to another energy body. Learning how to receive information from another energy body. The wisdom of the breath. The expanding lungs. Plant spirits.  How to relate to the spirit of a plant.

centre of the conscious dream in mexico
Trees at the desert site

Day 8 Fri, Nov 6: Movement 

This is an ongoing practice. Shamanic yoga. The listening moving body. The body heals itself by finding its natural movement in the moment. The body finds its true expression in the revealed secrets of each second. The body knows how and when to move. Our work is to listen to the language of the body in movement.

The human does not live in isolation. Shamanism teaches that the human body is connected not only to other human beings. The human body is connected to the elements, trees, the plants, rocks, the animals, the whole planet Earth, the sun, the moon, the stars. When the human body finds its moving connection with where it lives and breathes, it ends its isolation and finds its freedom. Yoga is a series of movements and stretches that connect the human body with the universe.

In this yoga, the moving human body finds its own language, its own response to each moment, its own “truth”. The wisdom of our perfection comes from within our own body. Our work is to listen to our own wisdom. The body listens. We create a space in which the body listens to each moment, and finds its authentic response from the truth in the body.  

Day 9 Sat, Nov 7: Rocks 

The library. “Stone people” hold memory. We learn how to read the memory held in stones. This will help us to read the memory held in our bones. Identifying memories held – time traps. Memory release from the body. Deep history. Time travel. Journey into the cellular history of your human body. Journey into the cellular history of the planet. Body space clearing. Earth space clearing. Freeing the body to dance. 

Day 10 Sun, Nov 8: Animal guides

Learning how to be in a body. Animals as guides into different parts of the human body, showing what is unnatural or out of balance in our body. Teachers of the movement between dimensions. Animals as guides of death (transformation from one dream state to another dream state). 

Day 11 Mon, Nov 9: Human teachers of the dream

Humans who are either still in body or no longer in body as teachers of our dreaming. Family, friend teachers. Archetypal teachers – Buddha, North American Indian, Shaman, Priest, Jesus, Allah, Shiva, Shakti, Earth Mother, Isis, etc. Spirit guides. Developing and maintaining connection with spirit teachers. 

sacred crystal skull in mexico
Crystal skull

Day 12 Tue, Nov 10: Your first intent

The root of your dream. Crystalline intelligence. The properties of crystal. The inner crystal skull. Connecting to our crystalline DNA. Connecting to the crystalline grid in the planet. The relation between star and earth. The planet Earth as a conscious being. The deep past and the deep future. The human, the earth, the star, and the universe. The human role in the universe. Tantra. Sacred sexuality.

Day 13 Wed, Nov 11: Deepening into shamanic healing techniques 

Specific personalized techniques. Practicing on yourself and on others.

Day 14 Thu, Nov 12: Grounding the dream

We use part of this day to begin to ground the information we have received through creative writing, painting, music, movement, or simply reflecting in silence. For those who are on the two-week retreat, we also look at how to make the bridge between what has been received in these two weeks and your daily life where you live.

Participants taking the two week program will travel from the desert back to Mexico City on Fri, Nov 13. Your first available flight date back to your home would be Sat, Nov 14.

The Conscious Dreamer & Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training (3 & 4 week options)

Day 15 Fri, Nov 13 - Day 16 Sat, Nov 14: Burial

This ancient shamanic ritual is a ceremonial death. The personal history is released, and so the sense of “self” can expand to include the human connection with the earth, the planets, the stars, and the universe. Space to release long held memories that cause physical and psychological imbalance. The planet earth as your healer.

Daniel Stone painting
A detail from a Daniel Stone painting

Day 17 Sun, Nov 15: Walking meditations

The walk of power. The walk of intent. The walk to Vernalejo. This is an ancient Huichol site which represents and embodies the death aspect of the pilgrimage. This is the place where the death that one carries from the history of blood family generations and culture is released.  Also the place where trapped souls (those spirits who do not know how to die and cling to a body) can be released. Pilgrims pass through their death before climbing the sacred mountain where the sun was born – the place of the pilgrims re-birth.  

Day 18 Mon, Nov 16: Day of rest

Grounding the dream.   

Resting at the Centre of the Conscious Dream in Mexico
Resting at the Centre of the Conscious Dream in Mexico

Day 19 Tue, Nov 17: Your tribe

Your tribe is formed during your journey through the universe before you enter into your earth human body. On this day you open to remember the alignments you have already made – human, animal, colour, mineral, abstract form, and other types of forms. These alignments are experienced as your tribe, the energies that came with you into your human form. In the Fire Ceremony you awaken to these energies that are such an important part of who you are.

Day 20 Wed, Nov 18: The hollow bone

The human channel. The number 12. The human channel working alone and the human channel working in circle. Individual healing as a channel, earth healing as a channel, healing of consciousness as a channel. Seminar on the 12 tones that create harmonic resonance. The cosmic web. The cosmic web in the earth and in the sky and in your body.  

End of 3 week program option

Participants taking the three week program will travel from the desert back to Mexico City on Thu, Nov 19. Your first available flight date back to your home would be Fri, Nov 20.

Water View at the Centre of the Conscious Dream in Mexico
Water view at the Centre of the Conscious Dream

Day 21 Thu, Nov 19 - Day 26 Tue, Nov 24: The gift from the stars

The levels of the mysteries we touch in these days is difficult to put into words, so the following are approximations. This is the kind of level where you end in a quiet silent wisdom without the need or wish to say anything. Learning to listen to the sacred plant spirits. The human channel opening to the cosmic web through ancient practices. The expanded dreaming body. The parallel lives. The double. Walker of the earth; walker of the sky. Linking dreams, linking dimensions. Shifting the assemblage point. Living the dream of your multidimensional truth. Unity consciousness.  

Day 27 Wed, Nov 25: Re-birth

Our final destination is the sacred mountain, which, rather than this program, is what would call you to the desert. In this vision quest, we find out why. This great teacher has information it would have called you to receive, and everything you would have passed through on the weeks leading up to this day would be so that you have the intuitive knowledge to know how to receive it.

Day 28 Thu, Nov 26: The bridge

How do we bring this information from these four weeks into our daily lives?  How do we create the bridge between the times and spaces that have been touched and experienced through your dreaming body and the times and spaces of your home, relations, and work? On this day we look at how to develop what has been received, and further training options.  (Please note a consultation is given on the theme of the bridge for participants on the two and three week programs before they depart.)  

Day 29 Fri, Nov 27: Return to Mexico City

Today you will need to travel from the desert back to Mexico City. Your first available flight date back would be November 28.

*This course description is subject to some change and is intended as a general guide. Some ceremonies and activities may be modified to suit some participants’ physical and/or dreaming capabilities. Many of the practices described here are ongoing.​  

*Please note that the course is open only to a maximum number of participants so please book early to confirm your space.

Getting There

Arrive in Mexico City 

You will be asked to arrive on October 29 at the latest in Mexico City as we begin early in the morning on Day 1. Accommodation in Mexico City on Oct 29 is included in the package price. 

Departing from the Desert

You will need to make your own way from the desert home at the end of the retreat (but we will help arrange the whole journey back). Arrangements can be made to transfer you to Matehuala. From here you can take a bus to departure cities such as San Luis Potosí, Monterrey, or Mexico City. Please note that participants do not travel back to Mexico City alone – you will travel with other participants, and there is almost always someone who speaks Spanish.

* Please keep in mind that busses do not always run on time in Mexico so remember to travel with patience and an open mind.


Are the domes enclosed?

No, there is a door and a window (which you don’t see on the video). So, you can sleep with both closed to create a darkened space, or with either or both open to the stars. 

Is Mexico dangerous for me?

Look inside, there is the answer. Everywhere in the world is dangerous to a degree, and any journey involves risk. As you probably would have read, in Mexico the main problems are on the border regions and Michoacan state, both of which are a long way from us. However, Mexico, as the country you live in, is not a walled garden. In this path we open to the shadow and the light.  We open to the dangers inside which are a reflection of the dangers outside. We open to the fear inside which is reflected in the fear outside. In this course we ask the question – what is real danger outside and inside and what is real protection outside and inside? 

Is there internet and telephone? 

In the city yes, in the desert no. However, there is an emergency number for your friends and relatives. One of the main points of this retreat is to release yourself from internet and telephone so that you can hear other kinds of messages.

What is the weather like?

It is cold at night and warm in the day. 

What do I need to bring?

A comprehensive list will be sent to you.

Can I talk to someone who has done this retreat?

Yes, please contact us.

Centre of the Conscious Dream with Daniel Stone

Program Includes:

  • Hotel accommodation in Mexico City (Oct 29-30)
  • Shared partitioned rooms within a dormitory in Teotihuacan (showers available)
  • Adobe dome (7 available) or round houses in the Centre of the Conscious Dream (toilets are dry ecological in the desert)
  • All meals (except for two meals in Mexico City). Food is through restaurants in Mexico City, in-house Mexican food at Teotihuacan, and a varied diet (organic when possible) at the desert site where there is also a shared kitchen. Vegetarian options available. Bottled water is always available, and water to heat.
  • Laundry service while at the Centre of the Conscious Dream
  • Local bus transportation throughout
  • All entrance fees and seminars
  • Course tuition


Added Features:

  • Insightful teachings with Daniel Stone and invited Toltec teachers
  • Special guest teachers: Tecpaltechutli and others
  • Temazcal and limpia ceremonies
  • Cave meditation
  • Walks of power to sacred sites 
  • Group and private meditations, sharing circles
  • Use of musical instruments such as drums, rattles, whistles, etc. (Please feel free to bring your own musical instrument.)
  • Community of like-minded “dreamers”

Program Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to Mexico
  • Transportation from desert site (see "departing from the desert" section)
  • Costs to obtain valid passport
  • Cancellation & medical insurance (ask us for a quote)
  • Any items of a personal nature. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary.

Tour Price:

  • <b>Crystalline Intelligence</b> - 2 weeks <br />(Oct 30-Nov 13)
    • Shared Round House: $2,235 per person
    • Private Adobe Dome: USD $75
  • <b>The Conscious Dreamer</b> - 3 weeks <br />(Oct 30-Nov 20)
    • Shared Round House: $3,030 per person
    • Private Adobe Dome: USD $75
  • <b>Practical Intuitive Shamanic Training</b> - 4 weeks <br />(Oct 30–Nov 27)
    • Shared Round House: $3,825 per person
    • Private Adobe Dome: USD $75
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