Kaua'i Retreat in Paradise with Dr Alexina Mehta and Tiberiu Gozner

Discovering Your Inner Radiance April 8 - 17, 2011

Enjoy a transformational yoga & meditation retreat on beautiful Kauai. Embrace your inner world and discover the spiritual energy of this sacred island through daily yoga & activities.

Are you longing to immerse yourself in paradise and cultivate greater awareness and personal power through yoga and movement, meditation, and sacred ceremony? Do you desire a break from your everyday routine to travel to one of the most gorgeous islands on the planet? Create the adventure of healing and self-discovery you've been craving and experience something new and refreshing on the sacred island of Kaua'i, Hawaii! This retreat offers daily yoga & meditation practices as well as temple visits, excursions to local sites, hikes & activities, and more. READ MORE

Tour Leader Dr. Alexina Mehta

Alexina Mehta is a Naturopathic Physician who inspires others to access their innate, creative healing potential. Through her teachings, she seeks to empower people to step into what is possible for them.

Tour Leader Tiberiu Gozner

Tiberiu Gozner practices Life Coaching and Energy Healing, where he integrates many intricate systems. He enjoys working with people to assist them in reaching their highest potential.  


Retreat Description

Create the adventure of healing and self-discovery you've been craving and experience something new and refreshing! 

Are you longing to immerse yourself in paradise and cultivate greater awareness and personal power through yoga and movement, meditation, and sacred ceremony?  Do you desire a break from your everyday routine to travel to one of the most gorgeous islands on the planet? Then, join Dr. Alexina Mehta and Tiberiu Gozner for an amazing and transformational retreat on the breathtaking, sacred island of Kaua'i, Hawaii.

Sacred Earth Journeys group in Kauai
Our group in Kauai

Kaua'i, rich in outer beauty, is engrossed in powerful spiritual energy that makes the island notably sacred and welcomes thousands of people to visit every year to connect to these sacred energies. The island is known for its deep connection to the "other worlds" and is also known to carry spiritual frequencies that can awaken higher consciousness.  Kaua'i is also home to both sacred feminine and sacred masculine energies making it the perfect place to come into balance and harmony ourselves.  Here in stillness, we shall listen to the messages that the ancient ones of the island have for us and awaken a spiritual transformation within ourselves.

Enjoy deep healing from Mother Earth as she embraces us with her restorative energy, known as Mana by the Hawaiians.  Through daily yoga, meditation and healing opportunities, you will embrace and explore your inner world, while excursions to sacred sites, stunning beaches, breath-taking waterfalls, and lush hiking trails will allow you to experience the power of the land.  

Retreat with us in paradise and discover your inner radiance!

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Hale Luana is located on the beautiful north shore of Kaua'i between the towns of Kilauea and Anahola. The property is situated on a secluded hillside surrounded by grassy meadows and horse pastures and is well off the beaten path. Hale Luana is wonderfully private and peaceful, with sweeping views of the ocean and mountains and nestled in lush tropical gardens. It lies within a short distance of historic Kapaa, Hanalei, and the breathtaking resort of Princeville with its pristine golf courses and amenities. 

Hale Luna in Kauai
Hale Luana

Everyone knows what "Aloha" means and nowhere is its meaning truer than on the beautiful garden island of Kaua'i.  "Hale" means house and "Luana" means to be at leisure and enjoy pleasant surroundings.  Hale Luana's mission is to offer you a leisurely, beautiful and comfortable home away from home, thus being a perfect setting for rejuvenation and renewal.

During your stay you will enjoy delicious, local gourmet meals daily prepared by our private chef with vegan and gluten free options available.  Relax on the lanai or around the pool or catch the soft island breeze while lounging in a hammock.   Let the embrace of this chamring island paradise restore and rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit!


Retreat Itinerary

Most days will commence with morning yoga and/or meditation designed to bring presence, peace and flexibility to the mind and body, followed by a delicious healthy breakfast. Strengthened and nourished by our morning practice and meal, we begin our workshops and seminars for the day with Alexina, Tiberiu and other local healers and teachers. Together we will explore different aspects of healing and learn about ancient teachings on creating and manifesting our dreams. We will also work with downloading the sacred geometry and matrix for the time to come in this new era of the "Golden Age" so we can actualize our full potential.  Mid-day we enjoy a healthy gourmet lunch followed by an afternoon excursion and exploration of various sacred sites on Kaua'i.  The day ends with another a sumptuous dinner, fun evening activities, and time for relaxation and private reflection.

Day 1 - Fri, Apr 8 (D)

Hale Luna resort in Kauai

Aloha!  Arrive in the tropical paradise of Kaua'i and instantly feel all your worries melt away.  A private transfer from the Lihue Airport will take you the Hale Luana Retreat Center, our home away from home during our stay.  This evening, we will gather for a Welcome Circle to become acquainted with the group and retreat leaders and to set our personal intentions for this retreat. We will then feast on a sumptuous dinner and bask in the evening glow of this magical land before drifting off to sleep with the sounds of nature resounding in the night air. Welcome to Eden!

Day 2 - Sat, Apr 9 (B, L, D)

kauai view

We begin the day with our daily yoga or meditation practice followed by breakfast, workshops and lunch.  In the afternoon we begin our exploration of the island with an excursion to a private secluded beach and lava pools.  Here we will gather for a sacred Water Ceremony which will purify us and prepare us for our inner journey.  There will also be free time to wander the beach independently, bask in the warm sunshine while lounging on the golden sands, or frolicking in the crystal clear waters with a boogie board or snorkel.  The day will surely be a blissful introduction to this beautiful island.

Day 3 - Sun, Apr 10 (B, L, D)

kauai in Hawaii

Today we commence with our usual morning activities.  Later, we have the opportunity of participating in a sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony for purification and rebirth with local shaman, Chandra Porter, at Sonco Via. The Sweat Lodge, known in Hawaii as the Hale Pulo’ ulo’ u (House of Purification), is practiced in some form by every culture in the world.  Each culture has their own protocol, but all use the sweat lodge ceremony to facilitate healing and purification of the Spirit, body and mind. Participants come with the intention to cleanse negative emotions, heal the physical body, create mental clarity and to align with Mother Earth and Spirit. The sweat lodge represents the womb of Mother Earth. In our lodge the door faces the west direction, the place of the feminine and the grandmothers. Our lodge altar is the Universal Star Altar, thus it is a lodge honouring all peoples and all ways. The lodge is a dome like structure made from natural material and then covered with blankets. For hours, stones are heated in a sacred fire that represents the Life Force or Kundalini. The stones are brought into the lodge once the tribe members have entered. Herbs and offerings of sacred plants are placed on the stones to welcome them and water is poured over the stones to create the healing steam. All elements are honoured and present in the ceremony.

For those who prefer to spend the afternoon independently, you may take advantage of the stunning retreat centre grounds and facilities.  Practice yoga or meditation in solitude, take a dip in the pool, swing in the hammock, or just simply relax and enjoy the glorious day.

In the evening we will gather for dinner and have an opportunity to share our experiences of the day.

Day 4 - Mon, Apr 11 (B, L, D)

honor statue in hawaii

Today you have a free afternoon to enjoy at your leisure.  Wander around to enjoy the retreat center grounds, sit in private contemplation while embraced by the warmth of Mother Earth and the sounds and sights of all her children, or arrange an excursion with the retreat center staff.  Possible excursions include boating and fishing trips, helicopter tours of the island, river kayaking, horseback riding treks, or a shopping trip.  (Please call the retreat center ahead so that these arrangements can be made.)  In the evening we will gather once again for another delicious dinner and sharing circle.

Day 5 - Tue, Apr 12 (B, L, D)

hanakapica falls
Photo: Paul Bica

Be sure to enjoy a full and healthy breakfast and lunch today for it will be a day of adventure and discovery!  We begin the afternoon by setting off to hike the scenic Hanakapi'ai Trail in the lush Hanakapi'ai Valley to wonder at the majestic coastal views.  Surrounded by numerous guava trees and enveloped by their succulent aroma, we will stop along the way to enjoy these mouth-watering treats.  In the distance we can hear the magnificent Hanakapi'ai Falls as they thunder into the crystal waters below.  In the valley we will discover an ancient energy vortex which holds the sacred Lemurian energies.  Lemuria was a land of light on earth, a place where all of creation was honoured and sacred and there was no separation between anything or anyone.  Here we will connect to these energies and open ourselves to the ancient memories and stories.  As we hike our way back we will pause at a sacred crystal that holds the Akashic records for a special ceremony.

For those who wish to skip the hike, there will be an opportunity to explore Ke'e Beach with its golden sands and warm waters.  Take advantage of some of the world's best snorkelling which Kaua'i is famous for. 

Having worked up an appetite we will enjoy another bountiful dinner this evening.  Our sharing circle will surely include many wonderful stories and experiences from this exciting day.

Day 6 - Wed, Apr 13 (B, L)

Hindu Temple in Kauai

This morning after our yoga/meditation practice and breakfast, we depart for a visit to the Kauai Aadheenam, also known as Kauai's Hindu Monastery, a traditional South-Indian style monastery-temple complex, for a tour of the spectacular grounds.  This powerful sanctuary founded by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami, sits on 458 acres of tropical lushness.  As we explore the site we will encounter one of it's highlights, the San Marga Iraivan Temple, a massive white granite Chola-style temple currently being carved in Bangalore, India, and whose stones are now being shipped to Hawaii for assemblage here in Kaua'i.  

We then visit the Kadavul Hindu Temple, a traditional South-Indian style Siva Temple. As it is the primary temple for the 21 resident monastics, the monks rotate in three-hour-long vigils round-the-clock during which time they worship, meditate and perform other spiritual disciplines. This sadhana has been maintained in unbroken continuity since the temple was established in 1973, adding to the temple's profound power which changes the lives of many a visitor, much like the ancient temples of South India. The Supreme God Siva, in the form of Nataraja and a crystal Sivalinga, is enshrined in the main sanctum. In front of Siva's sanctum is the temporary abode for the 700-pound, 3-foot-tall, naturally formed crystal Sivalingam, the largest known sphatika svayambhulingam in the world.

hindu monastery hawaii

 Here, we will make our offerings and meditate in the presence of the soothing music which resounds.

Later we take a short journey to the "Sacred Forest" near the monastery.  Enveloped by the magical energy of the forest we will sit in meditation for a short while before returning to our retreat centre.

Enjoy the evening at your leisure.

Day 7 - Thu, Apr 14 (B, D)

kauai lookout

Today we journey to the dramatic Waimea Canyon, the largest canyon in the Pacific, measuring 10 miles in length and 1 mile in width with a depth greater than 3,500 feet. Carved by thousands of years of erosion and the rivers and floods which flowed from Mount Waialeale's summit, the canyon walls also depict various volcanic eruptions and lava flow. While Waimea is smaller than the Grand canyon of Arizona, it certainly rivals it in beauty and spectacle.  Here we will take advantage of the numerous trails and lookouts with a short hike to the renowned Kalalau Lookout to absorb every element of this impressive wonder.  Soaring at an elevation of 4,000 feet, we will gaze at this inspiring panorama where the sky and the ocean meet as one, and be reminded of how we are truly blessed by the graces of Mother Earth.  

After a quick stop for lunch, we visit the mystical Polihale Beach on Kauai's western most point, a beach draped in sand dunes that can reach up to 100 feet in height.  His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, described this beach as a powerful portal and a place where the spirit voices can be frequently heard.  On this beach we will gather for a sacred Despacho Ceremony, a traditional Andean offering ceremony, to express our gratitude.

Back at our retreat center we take time to freshen up after the day and gather once again for our evening dinner and sharing circle.

Day 8 - Fri, Apr 15 (B, L, D)

anani beach in kauai

This morning we rejuvenate with our morning yoga and meditation practice followed by a hearty breakfast.  We then set out to explore beautiful Anini Beach known for its fringed reef which runs the entire length of the beach and is Hawaii's longest reef.  Our time will be spent here in leisure independently or with our new-found friends.  Anini Beach has amazing snorkelling opportunities so we encourage you to take advantage of this exhilarating activity. The gentle waters allow for fun and safe water play so be sure to splash around and reconnect with your inner child.  You may also want to take some to time lay back and finally indulge in that novel that's been hiding away in your suitcase all this time and just enjoy the restful peace and tranquillity.

Back at our retreat center and fully regenerated by a glorious day at the beach, we have time to freshen up before dinner and our sharing circle.

Day 9 - Sat, Apr 16 (B, D)

hanalei beach kauai

Today we have an opportunity to mix with the locals in the quaint seaside village of Hanalei, which means "lei making". Wander through this charming town and visit the many shops that line the streets to purchase some wonderful gifts and curios.  Be sure to stop at the farmer's market which sells locally made handicrafts, jewellery, honey, fresh breads, and some of the freshest fruits and vegetables you will ever taste.  This is the perfect place for you to sample some of the local fare such as refreshing coconut water, guavas, papayas, bananas, avocado, starfruit and more!  Definitely a tantalizing experience for the senses!  You may also wish to walk to the nearby Hanalei Beach for a stroll along the golden sands.

In the evening, overflowing with a bountiful experiential day, we will gather for a final celebratory evening.  We will feast on more of the retreat center's fabulous food and share a medley of experiences and fond memories during our closing circle.  As a memorable send-off, we will delight in some wonderful surprises.

Day 10 - Sun, Apr 17 (B)

womens retreat in hawaii

We relish one last breakfast of fresh and exotic tropical fruits, grains and other delicious healthy treats and prepare for our private transfer to the airport. Replete with an abundance of memories and exceptional experiences, we bid a final Aloha to the gorgeous garden island of Kaua'i.  By this time, it will be difficult to bid our farewells to our new-found friends as well for we will surely have created everlasting bonds and deep connections.  Having shared laughter, tears, and special moments, there will be much to cherish and remember upon our return home.  Holding your love for this island deep in your heart, you will depart with an inner and outer radiance, completely rejuvenated, revitalized and restored. Mahalo!

(B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)
Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.

Kaua'i Retreat in Paradise with Dr Alexina Mehta and Tiberiu Gozner

Retreat Includes:

  • 9 nights accommodation at the Hale Luana Retreat Center in double occupancy
  • Arrival and Departure Transfers
  • Breakfast Daily, 6 Lunches and 8 Dinners
  • Private Transportation for Excursions Included


Added Features:

  • Wisdom Teachings and Discussions with facilitators, Alexina Mehta and Tiberiu Gozner
  • Special Guest Teachers and Workshops
  • Daily Yoga and Meditation
  • Sweat Lodge Ceremony at Sonco Via Healing Centre
  • Hike at Hanakapi'ai Valley
  • Snorkelling at Ke'e Beach
  • Tour of Hindu Aadheenam
  • Meditation in the "Sacred Forest"
  • Excursion to Kalalau Lookout and Waimea Canyon with Hike
  • Exploration of Several Beaches
  • Excursion to the Hanalei Village and Farmer's Market
  • Sacred Earth Ceremonies
  • Closing Celebration

Retreat  Does Not Include:

  • Return Airfare to Kaua'i, Hawaii
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote if you are Canadian or American)
  • Meals and drinks not included, as indicated in the itinerary
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final trip itinerary

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $2,149 per person
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