Welcome to Portals of Peru with Freddy Silva

Discover the Power Places of an Ancient Civilization September 9 - 18, 2021

Join bestselling author & ancient civilizations researcher Freddy Silva on a quest to megalithic Peru, learning the lesser-known aspects of temples from Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu to Lake Titicaca.

This is not your typical Andean trip. Unlike others, it reveals an aspect of pre-Inca culture few people get to see and hear. Such as the ritual towers of Sillustani; the underground resurrection chamber of Q'uenqo; the Egyptian roots of Sacsayhuaman; the Otherworld portal of Aramu Muru; and the ceremonial Moon temple on the steep slope of Wayna Pichu. Highlights include meditations, mountain walks, dowsing, time for personal introspection, and lively discussions on the true origin of these awe-inspiring power places, all in a carefully-balanced itinerary. READ MORE

Tour Leader Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva is one of the world's leading researchers of ancient civilizations, sacred sites and their interaction with consciousness. He is the best-selling author of The Divine Blueprint.


My journey to Peru was life-changing! Freddy Silva, Edgar M, and Sacred Earth Journeys took me to all of the places I was meant to experience. I saw the face of Creator, the heart of Gaia, the hands of celestial beings and the roots of ancestors Paulina Vazquez Morris, Paradise Valley, AZ


This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Freddy Silva and Sacred Earth Journeys, awakened one. Amazing in all ways ~ the sites, the ceremonies, the guides and the other participants, made it an unforgettable trip. Couldn't ask for more. Nasrin Farahani, Austin, TX


Tour Description

There are places on Earth that literally take your breath away. The megalithic culture of Peru is such a place. Sacred sites such as Sillustani, Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu defy description because they defy human scale. Imagine cutting blocks of stone too large for modern cranes to lift, hauling them up near-vertical mountainsides and 40 miles across high altitude terrain, then fitting them with lathe-like precision so that thousands of years later the fruits of this labour are still fairly intact.

You get the idea. 

peru sacred travel
Tour Leader Freddy Silva enlightens our group in Peru.

The Inca did not build these sites, they adopted and augmented an ancient tradition established around Lake Titicaca c.15,000 BC, a time when vast sheets of ice were collapsing across the Earth, bringing unparalleled climate change and catastrophe. It was under such conditions that an advanced culture thrived in South America, the stuff of legends. The Inca maintained their memory so that one day we could travel to these temples and marvel at a civilization whose work modern science still has trouble explaining.

peru sacred travel
Taking a relaxing break at the impressive site of Sillustani on the shores of Lake Umayo.

To visit such remote places is to connect with a culture the Andean people considered beyond time. Myths speak of travelling gods moving stones through the air to the command of sound, and erecting "mansions of the gods" literally overnight. What spiritual technology were they privy to? What motivated them to create such a megalithic landscape? 

You can find out by joining us on a quest into the unbelievable.

peru sacred travel
Taking in the megaliths from an 11,000 year old civilization.

We will go beyond the typical site visits and focus on details that few people get to see and hear: Wayna Picchu, a ceremonial Moon temple above Machu Picchu; the underground chamber of Q'uenqo, once used for the ritual of living resurrection; the beehive towers of Sillustani; and Aramu Muru, a portal into the Otherworld.

We shall listen to legends, tap into subtle energies, and perform shaman rituals whenever appropriate. For ten days we shall feel like gods.

We shall also feel every muscle in the body, as high altitudes and everyday hiking — 3 hours down the Inca Trail at Pisac and 5 hours on the very steep and challenging Wayna Picchu — will test your stamina and fitness to the limit. The Andean temples are challenging at every level but, if you are physically and mentally prepared, the person who returns will not be the same person who arrived.

Breath taking view of Pisac

Welcome to the Portals of Peru. 

Read our guest blog by Freddy Silva - he explores the true significance of some of Peru’s most iconic sacred sites, revealing that stone towers (chullpas) such as those at Sillustani and Cutimbo as well as portals such as Amaru Muru may have been part of a global tradition of secret initiation rituals. A must-read! 

The Otherworld in the Andes - Part I
The Otherworld in the Andes - Part II

View a preview of Freddy's latest documentary here: Secrets of the Andean Temples

Read about the true origin of Andean temples in his latest book The Missing Lands

Watch another video from Freddy Silva about Peru on our YouTube channel:
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You will be met at Cusco airport and transferred to the hotel. The first day is spent doing... nothing strenuous. At 11,000 ft, your body needs time to adapt. Drink tea, chew coca leaf and watch the local world come and go.

In the evening we will enjoy a Welcome Dinner together with fellow travellers, and tour leader Freddy Silva along with Aymara guide Edgar Mejita. It's an opportunity to enjoy delicious local cuisine and get to know every pilgrim (or as Freddy calls them, Willing Infodels). We can also share our aspirations as we prepare to engage with the megalithic world.  
(Overnight in Cusco at the Novotel Cusco or similar)

Cusco in Peru

First matter of the day, we walk to Qoricancha, the original navel of the earth, now inside Santo Domingo cathedral, site of the original megalithic temple dedicated to the Sun, Moon, Venus and Pleiades. It is also the first point of the Cusco Triangle identified by Freddy. A short bus ride uphill takes us to Illapata, a rarely visited site for a cleansing ceremony with shaman Isidro, to purify the spirit body, because entering temples is best done without negative baggage.

After lunch we drive to Quillarumliyoq, a mountainside lunar temple where we can perform a ceremony, and see a huge boulder carved with a mysterious semi-circular glyph.
(Overnight in Cusco at the Novotel Cusco or similar)

Killaruliyoq in Peru

We start with a visit to Q'uenqo, a mysterious limestone butte carved with ledges, stairways, and hollowed into a chamber used for performing living resurrection rituals to access the Otherworld. This is the second point of the triangle. Then, we enjoy an invigorating walk around Amaru Machay, a complex of carved niches and ceremonial areas, where we will experiment with sound and the power of the Earth’s currents.

After lunch, a full afternoon at Sacsayhuamán, a sprawling megalithic complex overlooking Cusco and third point of the triangle. Along with ample time to walk around freely, we’ll look at lesser-known aspects such as its Egyptian connection, secret tunnels, encoded information in stone, and the original seven niche semi-circular court.
(Overnight in Cusco at the Novotel Cusco or similar)

Quenco in Peru

A short ride to Tambomachay, a temple protecting the sacred water that fed nearby sacred sites. We then continue on to the picturesque town of Pisac, with its colonial architecture and awe-inspiring scenic beauty, for lunch and a dip in the market.

After lunch visit Pisac Temple, a three-part temple nested at high altitude on a spur overlooking the sacred Urumbamba river, for the sole purpose of trekking down the original steep pilgrim trail, to experience what it was like to undertake a sacred adventure. A perfect place to appreciate the scale and solitude of the Andes. So start exercising, this will test your knees and calves to their fullest.

Continue on to your beautiful hotel in the Sacred Valley.
(Overnight in Urubamba at the Hotel Taypikala Valle or similar)

Pisac in peru

This morning we take a short drive to a short but steep ravine for a hike. Ha! Ñaupa Huaca is an extraordinary and seldom visited site. Why? It's a mystery: a doorway carved out of solid bedrock that goes nowhere, angles found at the Egyptian pyramids in Giza, and three altars that point to…well, that's the mystery. After a ceremony by Edgar, we return along the sacred valley for lunch in the scenic town of Ollantaytambo. After lunch, climb up its hillside terraces to see a pre-Inca Temple of the Sun, featuring cyclopean stonework. The view alone is stunning, as is the colossal face of Wiracocha, marking “the place where the god descends”. If you up to it, you can walk along the valley to see examples of machined stonework whose precision defies science.

We close the day with a scenic train ride to the village of Machu Picchu Pueblo (formerly known as Aguas Calientes) at the foot of Machu Picchu. The hotel has been chosen for its short walk up to the hot springs.
(Overnight in Machu Picchu Pueblo at Taypikala Boutique Machupicchu or similar)

naupa iglesia in Peru

Early dawn trek through the megalithic core of Machu Picchu leads us to ascend the very steep sacred peak, Wayna Picchu. Choose to scale to the precipitous summit or descend 1200 ft and sit in quiet contemplation at the hidden Temple of the Moon used by adepts in the final phase of initiation at Machu Picchu. Or if you are really, really fit, try both for about five hours.

Once done with a packed lunch, we complete the one way track in Machu Picchu as the tourists begin to thin out. With its megalithic astronomical observation points, the geology of the location also funnels Earth energies, hence why it has drawn people on vision quests for millennia.

This is the toughest day but, for the fit and able, a rewarding one.
(Overnight in Machu Picchu Pueblo at Taypikala Boutique Machu Picchu or similar)

Machu Picchu in Peru

If you took advantage of the mineral springs the night before, you will not hurt as much today. We take the 8.30am train to Ollantaytambo, arriving around 10:00am. We'll return to our hotel to relax and freshen up in the lobby, and gather our luggage to load onto our modern, air-conditioned coach for the journey to Lake Titicaca.

We’ll find a good spot where the locals eat for a quick lunch stop before continuing on our journey. Enjoy the opportunity to read a good book, relax, engage in the conversation, and watch the beautiful scenery during our long bus ride. We arrive at our hotel on the shores of Lake Titicaca around 8:00pm and enjoy a well deserved dinner.

(Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Lago Hotel or similar)

Hotel Taypikala Lago

After our first sleep at 13,000 ft and adjusting to the high altitude, we can admire the view of majestic Lake Titicaca from our hotel, the highest navigable lake in the world. After breakfast, we will provide covid-19 testing at the hotel for those that need it (at own cost). Results will be available before your departure on Sep 18 or earlier.

After a great lunch in Puno, we travel to Sillustani. Overlooking a primeval lake and its mesas, we hike to the ceremonial megalithic circle, conduct a brief ceremony, then walk along the summit with its iconic circular towers, once used for secret initiation rituals, the highest achievement for initiates in the Mysteries schools. It's worth it just for the serene view of the massive lake once carved by a meteorite.

(Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Lago Hotel or similar)

Sillustani in Peru

An action packed final day, beginning with Aramu Muru, literally the “Door of the Serpent Man of Mu,” a portal to the Otherworld carved out of the hillside. Edgar will perform an important closing ritual at what can only be described as an active portal.

After lunch at the hotel we close with a boat ride to the Uros Islands and its floating reed community, to learn about the Uros' ancient practices and traditions, and admire a simple yet vanishing way of life. These Aymara people are not only one of the oldest in the world, they claim they are “not from here, we come from Orion.”

Wrap up with a farewell dinner at the hotel, making the most of our final day in this sacred land.
(Overnight in Chucuito at the Taypikala Lago Hotel or similar)

uros islands in Peru

At the close of our adventure, we bid you a fond farewell and an uneventful flight home. You will be transferred to Juliaca airport for your flight. 

(B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)
Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.

group travel to Peru

Welcome to Portals of Peru with Freddy Silva

September 9 - 18, 2021

Tour Includes:

  • 9 nights accommodation in 3 star hotels, based on double occupancy
  • Daily buffet breakfast, 8 lunches, 1 Welcome Dinner & 1 Farewell Dinner 
  • Arrival and departure airport transfers
  • Ground transportation to all sites on the itinerary
  • Private bus transportation from the Sacred Valley to Puno/Lake Titicaca
  • Admission to all sites as per the itinerary
  • Guide services as per the itinerary

Added Features:

  • Travel with bestselling author & one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, Freddy Silva
  • Participate in entertaining & thoughtful group discussions
  • Discussions about Inca culture and the importance of the sites visited
  • Private boat ride to Uros Islands on Lake Titicaca
  • Train to and from Aguas Calientes/Machu Picchu
  • Meditations and ceremony as per itinerary

Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to Cusco and return from Juliaca
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote)
  • Meals and drinks not specified
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $3,980 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $780
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