Maya Cosmic Institute with Miguel Angel Vergara

Maya Shamanism Workshop - Element Ether November 24 - 30, 2013

The Maya Civilization is considered to be one of the best known great civilizations, rich in history, expansion, and culture. Learn more on this Maya Cosmic Institute sacred travel program.

The Maya were a highly advanced people who were experts in astronomy and mathematics, and who developed extremely accurate calendrical systems and detailed hieroglyphic writing. On this Mayan trip to Merida, Mexico, you will discover the family life and spirituality that formed the core of Maya society. This is a 5-day intensive workshop with Maya Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara on the theme of the Element Ether. You will learn about Maya civilization and culture, and how to connect ancient Maya wisdom teachings to your own modern life. READ MORE

Tour Leader Miguel Angel Vergara

Maya Master Teacher Miguel Angel studied for 17 years with Mayan elder and wisdom keeper, Don Vincente Martin, and teaches seminars in Mexico and abroad on Mayan shamanism, tradition, and culture. 


The Maya

The Maya Civilization is considered to be one of the best known great civilizations, rich in history, expansion and Mayan culture. The Maya were a highly advanced people who were experts in astronomy and mathematics, and who developed extremely accurate calendrical systems and detailed hieroglyphic writing.

spiritual travel to chichen itza
Chichen Itza

They formed well established societies with a solid religious and political structure and were also highly skilled farmers and masters in agriculture. The Maya constructed outstanding and elaborate architectural structures which included temples, pyramids, palaces and observatories, all built unfathomably without metal tools. They also created beautifully ornate jewellery, textiles, pottery and fascinating works of art, many of which are now housed in museums across the world, leaving us with tangible testimony of their enigmatic history.

On this Mayan trip, you will discover the family life and spirituality that were the core of Maya society. Their daily life, activities, rituals and ceremonies were inextricably linked to all things sacred. Their cardinal point directions, colours, plants, and numbers were rich with meaning and significance and closely related to their deities. The Maya had a deep respect for the natural world around them and developed an abundance of knowledge in plant and natural medicine. They acknowledged that spirit was in everything and revered the energies and guardians in their surrounding environment and worked with these spiritual elements throughout their daily life and in sacred rites.


spiritual travel to kalakmul in mexico

Opposed to popular belief, the Maya never disappeared. During the time of the conquistadores and European settlers, some Maya elders learned to merge their past traditions and knowledge, holding the essence of the ancient Maya teachings to be passed on to us today. Many of their written records were burned and destroyed, however, fortunately much of their knowledge continued to be passed down orally through the generations and is available to us today, if we know where to look.

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to attend the Maya Cosmic Institute, to learn firsthand the sacred wisdom teachings of the Maya. On our Mayan Adventure, deepen your awareness, awaken your consciousness, and discover all the hidden secrets and prophecies which will be revealed through these teachings.

Maya Cosmic Institute Mission

Our mission is to share the sacred Maya teachings through the study of their science, art, philosophy, and religion, as it is found in the Mayan temples, ceremonies, rituals, mantras, sacred books, pyramids, temples, stelae, pottery, paintings, sculptures and oral traditions that are available to us today. Each one is a unique masterpiece that helps us transcend from the physical/material level and rise to the level of the soul and spirit.

The Maya Cosmic Institute offers courses and programs in the following subjects:

  • Maya Sacred Cosmovision
  • Maya Sacred Philosophy
  • Maya Gods and Goddesses and their Sacred Symbolism
  • Spiritual Understanding of the Maya Sacred Geometry
  • Maya Calendars and their Sacred Symbolism
  • ​Maya Astronomers and their Astronomy in the Land of Yucatán
  • Chichen Itza: The Male Maya Cosmic Institute
  • Uxmal: The Female Maya Cosmic Institute
  • The Awakening and Re-activation of the Seven Chakras
  • Using the Maya Glyphs and Mantras
  • Sacred Rituals and Ceremonies of the Ancient Maya
  • Maya Prophecies
  • Maya Shamanic Teachings

In our programs we derive our information directly from the source to find the essence of the Maya knowledge once more. Our goal is to share the message of light from the Maya teachers who are guiding us to the sac-be of the stars, linking us with the sun and the moon.

Course Description

Mayan Shamanism Workshop – Element Ether:

Much is being said about shamanism today but what does it really mean? Who is a Shaman? What does a Shaman do, and how do they do it? The Shaman was a very important part of the Ancient Maya Culture and they are still found in many of the Maya villages.

In this workshop Miguel Angel Vergara will lead you through a series of practices, meditations, ceremonies, and lectures to initiate you in process of developing the Shaman within you. He will help you understand the role of the Shaman in today’s global community and how to use this incredible power effectively with responsibility and respect.

In the past four years we have dealt with the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. This year we are working with the fifth element: ETHER. Now is the time to be working with this mysterious and often forgotten element and we encounter the new cosmic energies of the 14th Baktun.


“The purpose of this workshop is to raise your Shamanic Awareness through activation of the "AKASHIC - ETHER" connected to the third eye and pineal gland, in order to access a consciousness of unity with the five elements of life..”  ~ Miguel Angel Vergara

Brief Itinerary:

If you are arriving on the 24 at the Merida International Airport we meet you and transfer you to your hotel in the Historical Center of Mérida.
(o/n Mérida) no meals or events planned today since many arrive in the evening.

- The Source of Life in the Universe
- The Galactic Butterfly – Hunab-K’u
- The Cosmic Maya Mother, Womb of the Universe, IX-KAN-LEOX
- The Sacred Feminine in the Cosmos
- The Uterus of Creation

- The AKAS, the Primordial Sound
- The Origin of the Ether Element
- The Maya Symbol of Zero, a Story of Creation (according to the Popol-Vuh)
- The Colors of the Maya Cosmos in Relation with the Elements of Life

Today we travel to a Maya site for the Initiation Ceremony with Miguel Angel. We will leave in the morning to go to the Maya Ceremonial site of Oxkintok. This will be followed by a stop for lunch then a visit to the beach, the Gulf of Mexico, for the Initiation Ceremony at sunset.

- The Ether Fire’s Principle
- The Ether like a Gas – the Air’s Principle
- The Ether as a Water’s Principle
- The Ether as an Earth’s Principle
- The Elementals of the Ether
Practices and Meditations

- How to work with Ether in our Brain, Cerebel and Spinal Column
- Ether in our Mind, Intellect, Memory, and Consciousness.
- Maya Mantras to Activate Ether
 We will have our closing ceremony in the afternoon/evening.

Transfer to airport for trip home.


This is a five day intensive Workshop with Miguel Angel. The workshop events are scheduled for Nov 25-29 and the 24th and 30th are arrival and departure dates only. The Workshop teachings will be held in a central location in Mérida, to be advised closer to departure.

Maya Cosmic Institute with Miguel Angel Vergara

November 24 - 30, 2013

Program Includes:

  • 6 nights double/shared accommodation
  • Arrival & DepartureTransfers (not included with "price without hotel" package)
  • Hotel Taxes & Service Charges
  • 5 days of Teachings & Ceremonies with Miguel Angel
  • Ground Transportation & Entrance Fees for Site Visit
  • One Lunch
  • Closing Ceremony & Farewell Dinner


Program Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to Mérida
  • Meals and drinks not mentioned
  • Gratuities for hotel staff
  • Costs to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our Web site.

Tour Price:

  • Price with Hotel
    • Double Room: USD $960 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $215
  • Price without Hotel
    • Double Room: USD $700 per person
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