Maya Sacred Path to 2012 with Miguel Angel Vergara and Dr. Richard Jelusich

Creating a New Maya Era as Our Journey Continues November 23 - December 2, 2012

2012 has arrived and as our new journey in our Maya Sacred Path series this year is so very close to the actual end of the Mayan Calendar, it will be a very special one indeed.

This journey takes us across a “Golden Bridge” of time from Lemuria, Atlantis, and the time of the Maya, through to where we are today - on the threshold of a brand new world. We will visit the Olmec/Maya site of Comalcalco and the enchanting Parque Museo La Venta to learn more about the Olmecs. We will also travel to the Pyramid of Quetzalcoapan, explore the Tuxteco Regional Museum, the powerful Maya site of Palenque, and the Misol Ha waterfalls. This is a powerful journey of healing & discovery as we let go of fear and find Oneness. READ MORE

Tour Leader Dr. Richard Jelusich

Renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author, Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. has been teaching, giving lectures, workshops, and private sessions for over 20 years. He is the author of Eye of the Lotus and I Can Relate.

Tour Leader Miguel Angel Vergara

Maya Master Teacher Miguel Angel studied for 17 years with Mayan elder and wisdom keeper, Don Vincente Martin, and teaches seminars in Mexico and abroad on Mayan shamanism, tradition, and culture. 


Each ceremony was directed with an intention so as to show us how many ways there are to honour the directions and walk the path of initiation. Lots of love and many, many thanks for your wonderful work!Serah Roer, Tappen, BC


Tour Description

2012 has arrived and as our new journey in our Maya Sacred Path series this year is so very close to the actual end of the Mayan Calendar, it will be a very special one. Our Maya Sacred Path program is a tour series which began in 2005 and has been offered each year leading up to 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, and will continue to be offered in following years. 

Palenque in Mexico
Dr. Richard Jelusich at Palenque

Each year we focus on different aspects of Mayan teachings and visit different Mayan sites as part of our journey. These journeys are for serious students who wish to evolve a deeper awareness of the true Mayan teachings and thus, evolve themselves through a spiritual awakening of cosmic consciousness. As we look forward to the next phase in the future of our world and our own lives, it is time for us to discover and commit to our own personal role in creating a new era for humankind and our planet Earth.

This year’s journey takes us across a “Golden Bridge” of time from Lemuria, Atlantis, and the time of the Maya, through to where we are today - on the threshold of a brand new world. Our connection with these past eras is not with a civilization, a people or a physical continent; it is with a level of evolution that had already been attained in the cycles of time, over and over. Our goal is to bring this forward as we open our consciousness to an unlimited vision of the future.

Olmec Head in Mexico
Olmec Stone Head

We begin our journey with the Olmecs, who have been mostly silent up until now. Their culture is still shrouded in mystery and it is clear they have not given up all their secrets. As we visit some of the oldest Olmec sites, we will find the conjunction of time and space for the last 3 eras: Lemuria, Atlantis, and the current one ending with the Mayan Calendar. Our first sacred site, after arriving in Villahermosa, Tabasco will be the distinctive Olmec/Maya site of Comalcalco. Here, we gather for our opening ceremony amidst the ancients and ask for permission and guidance as we are led spiritually and energetically along our journey. We then continue travelling deeper into the world of the Olmec with a visit to the remarkable open-air museum of Parque Museo La Venta where we shall encounter the renowned colossal heads and ponder their secrets. Journeying on to Minatitlan, Veracruz we visit the very special and relatively unknown Pyramid of Quetzalcoapan. On our way to Santiago Tuxtla, Veracruz we visit a sacred waterfall for a special ritual. In town, we explore the Tuxteco Regional Museum, which contains exhibits that span 3500 years of documented Tuxtlas civilization. We close our journey in Chiapas with a visit to Misol Ha, where we will be cleansed by the mystical waterfalls, followed by the powerful Maya site of Palenque, where we bring forward what we have experienced and ask for access to the hidden knowledge from all the ancient eras as well as guidance in using it to consciously create a future filled with peace, love, and harmony with Mother Earth.

Miguel Angel Vergara in Mexico
Our tour leaders Miguel Angel and Dr. Richard Jelusich

Accompanying us on our journey will be Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, our teacher of the Maya Wisdom, who will lead us in sacred ceremonies and share the wisdom of the ancients he has gathered through his in-depth studies and vast experiences. Also joining us is Dr. Richard Jelusich, whose passion for and connection with the Mayan world, have kept him returning to this wondrous land many times over. He too will share the insights and wisdom he has gathered from his experiences and will also lead us in discussion with informative evening lectures. Together they will lead us in practices, meditations, and ceremonies to help us make our own personal connections with the ancients.

Misol Ha Falls in Mexico
At the spectacular Misol Ha falls

Our journey together will be a circle of time and a great circle of consciousness as we travel to where we have been and on to where we are heading. The emphasis on our Maya Sacred Path journeys has always been on consciousness, studying the cosmology, and the application of the Mayan Calendar. Through our visits to the ancient sites, our participation in sacred rituals and ceremonies, and the teachings shared from past and present teachers, we can build a better understanding of the movement of the earth, planets and stars, and the oral traditions of the Mayan Elders. 

We have incarnated at this time to make a choice as to whether to remain in duality or to align ourselves with the non-duality of Oneness.  It is a simple choice, made imminent by the social, geological, and solar intensity of our time. As we cross this bridge between the past and the future, we can expect a healing of ourselves and our planet, a letting go of the ego, a letting go of fear, and the building of a strong foundation based on Oneness on which we now can create the coming new era. We welcome you to join us as we explore these mysteries as a unified people.

Arrive in Villahermosa where you will be met by our local representatives and transfer to your hotel.
(Overnight in Villahermosa)

Mexico, Villahermosa

Our first morning together, we will gather after breakfast in the hotel for a brief meet and greet and share our intentions for this journey.

Today we begin our journey through time with a visit to the Olmec/Maya site of Comalcalco, one of the earliest and westernmost known Maya settlements set in the lush green hills of Tabasco’s countryside. The name Comalcalco means “The House of Comals” deriving from the words “comal”, which is an iron pan used to make tortillas, and “calli”, which means house or temple. It is a very unique site built with a very distinct construction. While most Maya sites were built of stone, Comalcalco was built using fired clay bricks that were held together with mortar made from oyster shells. Many of the bricks include iconography and hieroglyphs carved into the bricks themselves, some with the pictures turned inward, not visible to the visitor. One structure, the Great Acropolis, features a stucco mask of Kinich Ahau, the Sun God. Comalcalco also helps to establish the true date of the end of the Mayan Calendar as December 23, 2012 and not December 21, 2012 as many people believe to be the final date. This date was recorded in a fragment found at the site and confirmed by archeologists and epigraphers working for the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) of Mexico.

The Olmec area has not given up all its secrets and Comalcalco is just our first step into the mystery.  In the main plaza, the main pyramid has 13 levels representing the 13 dimensions in the Maya Cosmos. It is believed that in the centre of this amazing pyramid, there was originally a Crystal Skull from Lemuria. Here, Miguel Angel, along with a local Maya Priestess, will lead us in a special opening ceremony where we will use ancient Lemurian/Atlantian mantras to reactivate our 7 Chakras and clear out any blockages to assist us in our preparation for the consciousness raising experiences of our journey. 

Tonight, we gather for our first lecture led by both Miguel Angel and Richard. Together they will recapitulate the experiences and knowledge gathered during our day at Comalcalco. Miguel Angel will share more of the ancient wisdom that is divulged at this sacred site, while Richard will teach us how to garner these teachings so that we can use them to consciously create our future and new era for the Earth.
(Overnight in Villahermosa)

Mexico, Comalcalco

This morning, we visit the remarkable open-air museum of Parque Museo La Venta where we will wonder at the spectacular Olmec carvings, one of the earliest civilizations to develop in the Americas. As we walk through the dense forest of large trees and tropical foliage, we will discover numerous Olmec sculptures and carvings such as large stones with finely carved deities and animals like dolphins and monkeys. We will also pause to examine the famous colossal heads, some weighing up to 20 tons and standing 10 ft high, which were brought here from the archaeological site of La Venta to keep them safe and also make them more available to the public.  The massive Olmec heads, believed to have been carved around 700 BCE, are the highlight of the museum.  Carved in basalt derived from a quarry in the Tuxtla Mountains to the far north, how they were transported to area of the La Venta almost 80 km away remains a mystery. The impressive heads, which are adorned with a protective warrior-styled headdress, are otherwise uniquely individual and exhibit distinctly different personalities. Miguel Angel will lead us through the park as we explore all the striking carvings and sculptures. We will stop to learn about the carvings in more detail and meditate at various Olmec figures to help expand our consciousness in order to receive the messages from the ancient teachers.

In the afternoon, we travel to Minatitlan, nicknamed “Tierra de Flechadores” (Land of the Archers), which lies along the Coatzacoalcos River. The name Coatzacoalcos means “Site of the Snake” or “Where the snake hides” and derives from the Nahuatl words coatl (snake) and tzacualli(where one keeps or something hides). According to legend, this is the special place where the god Quetzalcoatl/K’uKuulKaan made his final journey to the sea and where he made his promise to return. Once we have checked in to our hotels and freshened up, we will enjoy a group dinner this evening before settling in for a good night’s rest.
(Overnight in Minatitlan)

Mexico, Parque Museo La Venta

Today we visit a very special place, the Pyramid of Quetzalcoapan, which liesoff the beaten path and is seldom visited by either foreigners or locals. Legends and oral traditions of the area tell us that this pyramid is where Quetzalcoatl/K’uKuulKaan departed and became the Planet Venus.

At this site we will have the privilege of being joined by our special guest, Delfino Álvarez Blanca, the man who discovered this ancient site. He will graciously tell us the story of its amazing discovery and share interesting tales and insights. Miguel Angel will then lead us in a meditation to help us connect with the energy of this place.

Later in the afternoon, we will gather together for a lecture with Richard: The Eternal Sound of the Creator. Many cultures have embedded in their philosophies forms of alignment to higher truths and understanding of the nature of consciousness. The Mayans knew of these cycles and embedded in their teachings the mantras, codices, and glyphs that would align the human being to their true nature as a spirit who also has a physical form. During this lecture, Richard will present a slide and sound program looking into how the Mayan’s used these inner teachings to train the mind and open the heart to higher forms of awareness. Included will be a discussion as to how these teachings are relevant to 2012 and beyond.
(Overnight in Minatitlan)

Mexico, Richard Jelusich

Today we travel to Santiago Tuxtla, in the southeast of Veracruz, dominated by the non-active volcano, “El Vigia” (The Watcher). Considered the cultural heart of Los Tuxtlas, the city, with its many panoramic views and winding streets, has retained many of its historic homes and evokes the charms of earlier times. The energy in this area is palpably different and feels like travelling into another dimension. Our first stop will be at a sacred waterfall for a special ritual and meditation to connect with Mother Earth.

In the evening, we will walk to the park in the centre of town which houses an original Olmec head, one with feminine energy.  Here, we will perform a ceremony with this magnificent head to honour the sacred feminine and allow ourselves to be open to receive messages from the ancients. As the locals are very welcoming and friendly, as well as curious, we can expect some of them to join us.

Upon our return, we will gather once more for a storytelling session and sharing circle where we can discuss some of the teachings and experiences we have shared thus far.
(Overnight in Santiago Tuxtla)

Mexico, Olmec head

This morning, before leaving Santiago Tuxtla, we will visit the magnificent Tuxteco Regional Museum, which contains exhibits that span 3500 years of documented Tuxtlas civilization from the Olmecs and Totonacs, to later unnamed settlers from the Teotihuacan empire. There are also 2 Olmec heads housed at the museum: the smallest, Cabeza de Nextepe, and the largest, Cabeza de Hueyeapan, ever found. During our exploration of the museum, Miguel Angel will explain the Lemurian/Atlantian/Olmec energies that are concentrated in some of the special pieces found here.  The purpose is to allow this energy to expand our consciousness and open us to insights or memories of past times.  As we reactivate these memories, we will connect with the lessons from those times, both good and bad, and will then be able to apply them in the creation of the coming new era.

We then travel to the village of Tres Zapotes, on the banks of the Rio Hueyapan, home to the archaeological site of Tres Zapotes, considered one of the oldest Olmec sites in the area and where many of the pyramids are still concealed by the jungle foliage. While here, we will meet with an Olmec Elder from the area and visit the museum where many of the original pieces have been moved for preservation. With Miguel Angel’s guidance, we will continue to practice expanding our consciousness and receiving the energy from the “Ancient Ones”. Many people who have incarnated during this time have vague memories of Atlantis and some even have memories of Lemuria; many others have memories that lie dormant. Working with the energies in this area should help bring these memories to the surface and give us clues to what our contribution to the creation of the future might be.

This evening, we gather for our last lecture with Richard: 2012 and the Great Cycle of Consciousness. Richard will present a very interesting slide and sound program about the cosmology of the Maya (their understanding of the movement of the Earth, planets and stars), and the Mayan Calendar and its relevance to the human being and consciousness. He has been presenting ‘the basics’ every year since our Maya Sacred Path series began in 2005. This year, he will also delve into what 2012 was and is really about, why it was so significant to predict 1500 years earlier, and about the cyclicality of consciousness and especially, how best we can apply the teachings of the Mayan culture to our spiritual awareness. Why? To gain the highest internal truths of our nature that is possible in this lifetime, because in this specific era we are far more capable of reaching such heights of conscious awareness.
(Overnight in Santiago Tuxtla)

Mexico, Tuxteco Regional Museum

Today we travel from Santiago Tuxtla to Palenque (approx. 7 hours), enjoying the stunning countryside and scenery in the comfort of our private coach. The large panoramic windows will allow us to enjoy outstanding views while also providing us with a perfect opportunity to snap some interesting photographs of the beautiful Mexican landscapes. Miguel Angel will use this time to give a lecture on the avatar, Pacal Votan, an enlightened teacher who came to the world to illuminate the Maya.   He will also help prepare us for our visit to Palenque the next day and give us a glimpse of what we will encounter and experience. This will also be a time to process some of your personal experiences from the sacred sites visited thus far.
(Overnight in Palenque)

Mexico, Palenque

This morning we commune with Mother Nature and feel her strength and power at the stunning waterfalls of Misol Ha. Enveloped by the thunderous roars of the breathtaking falls, we will perform a special cleansing ceremony to rid ourselves of any negative energy so that we can prepare for the coming era cleansed and refreshed.

Later we enter the Maya era, exploring the fascinating site of Palenque, considered the “Royal University of Art”. Here, we will connect with the spirit of the Maya through their creativity and works of art. Known as “Bàak'” in modern Maya, the original name of the site was “Nah-Chan-Kaan”, meaning “The House of the Serpent in the Infinite”. Throughout this magnificent Maya site, we can see the end of Atlantis and the beginning of the Maya as depicted in their artwork. We will start with the museum where we can admire the original tablets and the replica of the tomb of Pacal Votan. We will then enter the site and be led by Miguel Angel who will explain the different temples and pyramids, and teach us how to connect with the ancient teachers: Pacal Votan, Naan Chaan Kaan, and Lady Zak-Kook (White Heron).
(Overnight in Palenque)

Mexico, Misol Ha

Today we return to Palenque, one of the most important Maya sites, for a special closing ceremony to wrap up our transformational journey and unite all the experiences and knowledge we have gained. We will also ask for permission to access the hidden knowledge from all the ancient eras and for guidance in using it to consciously create a future filled with love, peace, and harmony for Mother Earth. We have crossed this bridge together; now it will be time for you to take the next steps for the co-creation of a new era. 

We then enjoy a farewell lunch in town near the site of Palenque. This will be a perfect opportunity to relive your most cherished memories of the journey and to share your insights and experiences with new friends.  We then return to Villahermosa to prepare for our morning departures or the continuation of our journey.
(Overnight in Villahermosa)

Mexico, Palenque

Transfer to the Villahermosa airport for your flight home and return with amazing memories and experiences and an abundance of knowledge and wisdom.

Mexico, Mexican flowers

Maya Sacred Path to 2012 with Miguel Angel Vergara and Dr. Richard Jelusich

Tour Includes:

  • 9 nights accommodation in 3 and 4 star hotels, based on Double/Shared Occupancy
  •  Arrival and Departure Transfers 
  • Breakfast Daily, 6 Lunches and 2 Dinners
  • Transportation by Private Coach Bus
  • Hotel Taxes
  • Baggage Handling at the Hotels (1 bag per person)
  • Tips for Bellboys, Housekeeping, Restaurant Waiters, and Bus Driver
  • Fees and Gratuities for Tour Leaders
  • Admission to all sites as per itinerary
  • All Guide services as per itinerary


Added Features:

  • Travel with author and Maya Master Teacher, Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros
  • Travel with author and guest speaker, Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.
  • Participate in meditations, rituals and ceremonies at the sacred sites
  • Lectures by Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. and Teachings on Mayan Cosmology by Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros
  • Special Guests ~ Local Maya Priestess at Comalcalco, Delfino Alvarez Blanca at Pyramid of Quetzalcopan, Olmec Elder in Tres Zapotes
  • Visits to Comalcalco, Parque Museo La Venta, Pyramid of Quetzalcopan, Tuxteco Regional Museum, Palenque
  • Sacred Waterfall Ritual
  • Cleansing Ritual at Misol Ha
  • Special Closing Ceremony at Palenque

 Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to Villahermosa, Mexico
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote)
  • Meals and drinks not specified as indicated in the itinerary
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary.

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $3,299 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $750
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