Maya Sacred Path to 2012 with Miguel Angel Vergara and Dr. Richard Jelusich

Return to the Sacred Path of the Sun November 28 - December 7, 2008

Through ceremonies, meditations, lectures, and visits to key sacred sites in Mexico, you will discover the enduring power of Maya wisdom teachings & their relevance for your life today.

Our focus this year is on the role of the sun, our sacred central star in the solar system of planets, and the cosmology of the Mayan understanding of the sun in the evolution of our consciousness. Our journey will take us through the scenic and diverse regions of Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo, visiting unique and ancient Maya sites along the way such as Edzná, Chicanná, Kalakmul, and Becán. Our ceremonies will help to quiet our minds and to open our hearts for inner teachings to be revealed to each of us, and are intended to help us evolve as spiritual beings. READ MORE

Tour Leader Dr. Richard Jelusich

Renowned spiritual teacher, healer, and author, Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. has been teaching, giving lectures, workshops, and private sessions for over 20 years. He is the author of Eye of the Lotus and I Can Relate.

Tour Leader Miguel Angel Vergara

Maya Master Teacher Miguel Angel studied for 17 years with Mayan elder and wisdom keeper, Don Vincente Martin, and teaches seminars in Mexico and abroad on Mayan shamanism, tradition, and culture. 


I don’t think I can take a “regular” vacation ever again when one can experience such beauty and have such fun while enjoying the Mayan teachings under a warm welcoming sun.Sal Nocitra, Toronto, ON


Tour Description

Journey with us and Return to the Sacred Path of the Sun on our 2008 Maya Sacred Path to 2012 program.  This is a tour series which began in 2005 and will be offered each year leading up to and past 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar.  Each year we focus on different aspects of Mayan teachings and visit different Mayan sites as part of our journey.  These journeys are for serious students who wish to evolve a deeper awareness of the true Mayan teachings and thus, evolve themselves through a spiritual awakening of cosmic consciousness.

sacred Kalakmul in mexico

This year, our focus is on the role of the sun, our sacred central star in the solar system of planets, and the cosmology of the Mayan understanding of the sun in the evolution of our consciousness.  In ancient times, the Maya Lord Ah-Kin-Pech travelled this path and connected with the soul of the sun while he planted the seeds of wisdom he received from the essence of the Sun.  We will follow in his footsteps, back to the source of the Sun, and participate in sacred Mayan ceremonies and rituals where we will harvest the sacred wisdom from these seeds, planted by Lord Ah-Kin-Pech, to understand the value this wisdom contains.

Our journey will take us through the scenic and diverse regions of Yucatán, Campeche, and Quintana Roo, visiting unique and ancient Maya sites along the way such as, Edzná, “The House of the Sacred Mantras”, Chicanná, Kalakmul, “the Place with Two Pyramids”, Kohunlich, “The Temple of the Father Sun”, and Becán, “The Initiatic Path of the Serpent”.  We will venture off the beaten track to explore these less visited sites for private and peaceful ceremonies, and to work intimately with the energies of each site.  Our ceremonies will help to quiet our minds and to open our hearts for inner teachings to be revealed to each of us, and are intended to help us evolve as spiritual beings.   We will also immerse ourselves deep in the lush jungle to listen to and discover the captivating sounds and sights of nature, and then end off our journey at the beautiful Tucan Siho Playa  for a welcomed rest before returning to colonial Mérida.

spiritual travel beach ceremony in mexico
Savouring the sun's energy

We will combine our visits to the sacred sites with traditional Mayan ceremonies led my Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros and his informative teachings of the Maya Wisdom and Cosmology.  We will also have three lectures with Richard Jelusich: The Sun and the Maya, an immersion into the esoteric teachings of the Maya and the deeper meaning of their relationship to the sun; Why the Maya studied the Heavens, a discussion on Mayan Astroarchaeology and the concept of the “Yugas”; and Past Lives, Karma and Reincarnation, an exploration of the cycles of birth and rebirth and the enigmatic mystery of the Maya’s appearance and sudden “disappearance”.

Please join us on this transformational journey – but please book early to avoid disappointment – our tour filled quite quickly last year, and the group size is limited to 25 participants. Also, please note that it is not required that you commit to every year in the Maya Sacred Path to 2012 program, you may join us for one or more journeys as you please. Each tour is a stand-alone program.

Arrive in colonial Mérida and transfer to your hotel in the historic town centre.

Most travellers will be arriving in the evening so we will save our introductions and briefing for the following morning.
(Overnight in Mérida at the Hotel Los Aluxes located a walking distance from the main square and paseo Montejo Avenue.  Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, color TV, Cablevision system and direct dialing access telephone.)


Merida street in Mexico

El Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead), celebrated on the first and second of November, is actually a month long honouring of the Spirit of the World and of the Ancestors. At the end of the month, families gather for a closing ceremony to thank the Spirits for joining them and to release them back to their own world. On the first day of our journey, we will perform our own Closing Ceremony of Hanal Pixán, the Mayan Celebration for the Day of the Dead, at the Maya Cosmic University. This will include a full day of cooking traditional Mayan dishes, meditations, prayer and feasting! We will all participate in the preparation of the meals, the altar, and the prayers which will be a great way to introduce each other to our new family and community. This is a serious, but fun, total immersion into the Mayan world. After a day of travel, this will give everyone some time to become grounded and to feel welcomed in the wonderful mystical world of the Maya.
(Overnight in Mérida at the Hotel Los Aluxes)


Day of the Dead ceremony in Mexico

This morning we leave the state of Yucatán and travel to Campeche to the Mayan site of Edzná, “The House of the Sacred Mantras”.  This sacred site is one of the most important Mayan sites in Campeche, constructed with a sophisticated system of canals, moats, and reservoirs for collecting rain water.  Here, Miguel Angel will lead us in our Opening Maya Ceremony, “Blessings to the Sacred Seeds of Mother Earth”, for our journey to the Sacred Path of the Sun. In this ceremony we will give thanks to our Mother for all the gifts we have received in this life and extend our gratitude to cover the planet.  Later we stop for lunch and travel on to the Eco Village in Chicanná, which will be our home for the next four nights.
This evening we gather for our first lecture with Richard on “The Sun and the Maya”.  In this lecture Richard will discuss the relationship between the Maya and the sun, and the esoteric (hidden) teachings that the evolved Maya are showing us today through their cosmic awareness.  Will we be evolved enough to understand the teachings?  We are only now starting to understand the depth of the Mayan Cosmic Understanding.  Richard will also explain the Maya teachings and modern scientific findings and will show that both are fundamentally pursuing the same thing:  a cosmic awareness of our true selves in the universe.  You will be able to “see” and “hear” the sun in a whole new way.
(Overnight in Chicanná at the Hotel Chicanná Eco Village located on the Kalakmul route in Campeche. The Resort is right in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by tropical trees and a variety of local birds and animals. It is an ideal option to get in touch with Mother Nature and to admire the spectacular landscapes from the balcony of your room.)

(Photo: Vladimir Herman Miguel, Wikimedia Commons)


sacred site of Edzná in Mexico

After breakfast, we enjoy a visit to the pre-classic Mayan site of Chicanná, “The House of the Serpent Mouth”; a small site considered the best decorated building of the Rio Bec region.  Here we will visit the main palace with its impressive masks and its excellently preserved “monster-mouth” doorway, the entrance to the Mayan underworld. We will also perform the Ritual of the Sacred Wine, the Balche, to link us once again to the sacred energy of Mother Earth and to ask forgiveness for the mistakes that we have made that have damaged our sacred planet.
This evening we gather together for our second lecture with Richard “Why the Maya Studied the Heavens”.  In this lecture, Richard will discuss the Mayan astroarchaeology (our ancient roots before the Current Era, CE) and why the Maya were so obsessed (between 300 and 800 CE) with the time we are living in now (leading to 2012).  Richard will also discuss the concept of the “Yugas”, the cycles of time and rhythmic pulsations of our universe that cause mass awakening of consciousness, and what it means in these “end times” of the Mayan Calendar.  Our lecture will be followed by a Sharing Circle for us to describe our experiences thus far with our new friends and family.
(Overnight in Chicanná at the Hotel Chicanná Eco Village)


Miguel Angel Vergara in Mexico

We depart early this morning and make our way to Kalakmul, “the Place with Two Pyramids”, located deep in the jungle on the 1,800,000 acre Kalakmul Biosphere Reserve.  This remarkable Mayan site is possibly the largest city-state in the Maya world.  It was the major seat of power of the Kaan or "Kingdom of the Snake", and supported a population of over 50,000.  Across its vast acreage, over 6700 structures have been found and mapped to date.  

Fantastic panoramic views of the jungle can be admired from the top of the pyramids, making for some great photo opportunities.  Since the site is also a nature reserve, much care has been taken to remove as few trees and as little vegetation as possible in order to respect the integrity of the environment.  This allows us a wonderful opportunity to spot monkeys, toucans, parrots and other bird and animal species. Jaguars are known to still live in the area and although it is very rare to see them, we’ll do our best to spot one.  Here we will participate in the Ritual of Honey, in order to make contact with the beings of the site and to connect with the Lord Bee, Ah-Muzen-Kab.
(Overnight in Chicanná at the Hotel Chicanná Eco Village)


Site of Kalakmul in Mexico

Today we visit the large ancient site of Kohunlich, “The Temple of the Father Sun”, in the state of Quintana Roo.  Most notable for its fantastic stone masks which stand 6’6 tall, this largely unexcavated site covers approximately 21 acres and is surrounded by dense sub-tropical rainforest.  Encompassed by huge Cohun trees and the screeching sounds of howler monkeys, the site takes on an almost eerie and mystical atmosphere, a perfect site for quiet contemplation and meditation.  Here we will participate in the Ritual Dedicated to Kinich – Ahau, “Lord with the Face of the Sun”, where we will activate the 7 chakras (Pauhs) of our bodies to align them in harmony.
This evening we gather for our third lecture with Richard, “Past Lives, Karma and Reincarnation”. In this lecture Richard will discuss the ever present questions which still linger in our minds. Where did the Maya go; at the end of the Maya civilization, they just “disappeared”?  Who are the Maya and where did they come from?  What is the link to Atlantis and Lemuria?  Richard will discuss Karma and Reincarnation, the cycles of birth/rebirth and the Maya’s understanding of the development of our consciousness through the sublimation of the ego, including why the Maya played their games in the “ballcourt”.
(Overnight in Chicanná at the Hotel Chicanná Eco Village)


Kohunlich in Mexico

This morning we visit the Mayan site of Becán, “The Initiatic Path of the Serpent”.  To enter this site surrounded by a large moat, the Maya built various entrances, seven of which are through tombs.  From its grand pyramids, excellent views of the area can be enjoyed.  Here we will participate in the ancient Ritual of Maya Mudra-Mantra, where we will make contact with the wisdom of Kukulkán, “The Cosmic Serpent”.

We then visit the site of Xpujil, “The Towers that Connect us with the Infinite”, a small but well preserved Mayan site.  Here we will link again in meditation with the Maya Teachers of the Cosmos to connect with their teachings.
In the afternoon we travel to Tucan Siho Playa, a beautiful beach retreat on the coasts of Campeche.  After we check into our rooms we have some time to relax and restore before gathering together for our Sharing Circle in the evening.
(Overnight at the Tucan Siho Playa Hotel, a beautiful building with modern amenities and a classic colonial style which dates from the 19th Century. It is built in what once was one of the most productive henequen haciendas in Campeche.  The hotel boasts comfortable facilities and a high level service.)


Xpujil in Mexico

Today enjoy a full day at the beach at your leisure.  Soak up the glorious rays of our Father Sun and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this coastal retreat.  Take time for reflection and grounding and experience the wonderful loving and warm embrace of the universe.  In the evening we gather together for our private Candle-lit Ceremony on the beach to perform the Maya Ceremony with the Elements, earth, water, wind, fire and ether, as a way of healing and cleansing before our Mother Sea for the closing of our program.  Later on we will gather for our Sharing Circle to discuss all the teachings we have learned on our journey and to share the wonderful experiences we have encountered.
(Overnight at Tucan Siho Playa)


Tucan Siho Playa in Mexico

Spend the morning on the beach and then join us for our farewell lunch before returning to Mérida. The rest of the day and evening is free to enjoy this beautiful colonial town.  Visit the art galleries, stroll through the lanes for some shopping and to pick up some souvenirs, or sit back on a bench in the Plaza and enjoy the scenes and local banter of this warm and friendly community.  In the evening, the town comes alive with music, and dancing and local performers - a spectacular way to end a remarkable journey.
(Overnight in Mérida at the Hotel Los Aluxes)


Relaxing in Merida in Mexico

Transfer to the Merida airport for your flight home.

Mexican flowers

Maya Sacred Path to 2012 with Miguel Angel Vergara and Dr. Richard Jelusich

November 28 - December 7, 2008

Tour Includes:

  • 9 nights accommodation at 4 star hotels and retreat
  • Arrival and departure transfers (Mérida Airport / Hotel / Mérida Airport)
  • 16 meals in total: 8 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 6 dinners
  • Bus transportation
  • Hotel taxes
  • Baggage handling at the hotels (1 bag per person)
  • Tips for Bellboys, Maids, Restaurant Waiters, and Bus Driver
  • Fees and gratuities to Tour Leaders
  • Admission to all sites as per itinerary
  • All guide services as per itinerary


Added Features:

  • Travel with Author and Maya Master Teacher, Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros.
  • Travel with author and guest speaker, Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.
  • Participate in meditations, rituals and ceremonies at the Mayan sites
  • Special Day of the Dead Closing Ceremony of Hanal Pixán
  • Private Candle-lit Closing Ceremony on Beach
  • Farewell Lunch
  • 3 Lectures by Dr. Richard Jelusich, Ph.D. and Teachings on Mayan Cosmology by Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros.

Tour Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to Mérida
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote if you are Canadian)
  • Meals and drinks not included, as indicated in the itinerary
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls. Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final trip itinerary

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $2,659 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $500
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