The Hidden Side of Egyptian Temples with Freddy Silva

A Sacred Journey through Egypt including a luxury Nile Cruise April 6 - 18, 2019

Join best-selling author & ancient mysteries researcher Freddy Silva on this carefully crafted tour of Egypt’s temple complexes and sacred sites.

Explore the teachings of the Mysteries schools brought to Egypt by the prehistoric god-men, the Followers of Horus, while experiencing the pyramids of Giza and Dahshur, the temple complexes of Saqqara, Abydos, Edfu, Dendera, Kom Ombu, Philae, Karnak and Luxor. Other pleasures include access to three pyramids, the mysterious Osirion, the Serapeum, and the once restricted chambers of Unas and Thutmosis III. And not forgetting a 4-night luxury Nile Cruise, and private access and mediation inside the Great Pyramid. Candles burning at both ends? Absolutely. NOTE: THIS JOURNEY IS SOLD-OUT. PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT WAITLIST READ MORE

Tour Leader Freddy Silva

Freddy Silva is one of the world's leading researchers of ancient civilizations, sacred sites and their interaction with consciousness. He is the best-selling author of The Divine Blueprint.


A power trip of a pilgrimage! A spiritual rollercoaster that takes you places you have always longed for. This journey is the perfect mix of information, experience and leisure.Bodil Fuhr, Norway


Tour Description


Some years ago a team of scientists travelled to Egypt to prove that elusive border between science and mysticism. Their task was to measure the energy of temples and figure out whether it comes from the buildings, the people, or a combination of both. The results were surprising in that places such as the pyramids, and temples such as Edfu and Luxor, generated an output of energy as large as that created by a group of people in deep meditation. But when people and temples combined, the readings were remarkable.

giza egypt
Enjoy a camel ride at Giza, Egypt

This is why I've designed a tour of Egypt's temples that differs from others, one that gives you time to wonder and wander. Because when it comes to these ancient sacred places there's a point where talking ceases and experience must take over. And Egypt's temples need to be experienced if they are to be understood in their original context. Like a sheet of blotting paper, one needs to soak up their energy.

edfu egypt
The site of Edfu, Egypt

So in this adventure we'll be walking in the footsteps of Watchers and Shining Ones, the gods who set up the foundation of the present temples over 13,000 years ago; and their progeny — the Followers of Horus —an elite group of scholars and magicians who returned after a global flood to resume an impressive temple-building culture. What drove their vision that led to the legacy we have today?

luxor egypt
The impressive Temple of Luxor, Egypt

Among the plethora of goodies, we'll look at how restricted chambers such as those of Thutmosis III and Unas were designed for the highest initiation experience; the secrets of creating a portal written on Edfu's wall; the entry into the Otherworld at Saqqara; and what was really sealed in those 100-ton granite boxes inside the Serapeum?

nile egypt
Traditional boats on the Nile, Egypt

We'll also gain special access inside two pyramids to experience the actual path once taken by initiates, and if permitted, a damn good meditation inside the mis-named Kings Chamber. Where you will certainly wander and wonder.

~ Freddy Silva

All photos of Egypt on these journey pages are by Freddy Silva.

You will be driven from Cairo airport to the palatial Mena House Hotel where you will be welcomed with a drink and stunning views of the Great Pyramids. The remainder of your day is for relaxing and re-energizing.
(Overnight in Cairo at the Mena House Hotel or similar)


Mena House hotel in egypt

Start the day correctly: with a camel ride across the Giza plateau to gaze upon the pyramids in their complete splendour. We will visit the Pyramid of Menkaure, the one that attracts the least attention and thus the repository of perhaps the biggest secret of the entire complex. 

After a lunch overlooking the pyramids, we visit the Sphinx enclosure, followed by the Valley Temple, an austere and megalithic complex used as a preparatory hall for the pyramids.

Return to hotel for an evening at leisure.
(Overnight in Cairo at the Mena House Hotel or similar)

camel rides in egypt

A short bus ride to Saqqara, a vast, ancient ritual site named for the god of rebirth. We will explore the underground Serapeum featuring two-dozen, 90-ton monolithic granite boxes of exquisite craftsmanship, once used to protect something special.

After lunch we descend into the Pyramid of Unas, one of the greatest initiation chambers and home to the oldest texts outlining the process for accessing the Otherworld (and returning). We will then walk the main complex and the majestic step pyramid of Djoser, with free time to ponder over the day's events.
(Overnight in Cairo at the Mena House Hotel or similar)

saqqara egypt

We travel to Dahshur to see the elegant Bent Pyramid and its cunningly hidden geometry depicting human DNA and the motion of the Earth. Adjacent, the Red Pyramid – named for its high iron content – has the second largest base of any pyramid in Egypt. We will explore its interior passages.

After lunch we visit the outstanding Museum of Antiquities to wander freely among the most extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities in the world. If time permits, we will take a detour into Mosque Ibn Tulun, the oldest in Cairo, to experience the mesmerizing effect of Islamic sacred architecture and geometric tile work depicting the image of Allah.

We then go to our hotel, conveniently located near the airport for our next adventure. 
(Overnight in Cairo at Le Meridien Airport Hotel or similar)

dahshur egypt

Phase II of our adventure takes us on a short flight to Sohag. After lunch we spend the afternoon in the temple of Seti I at Abydos, with rooms resplendent in frescoes depicting the various gods and their teachings. The highlight here is a rare private access into the Osirion, a megalithic chamber over 9000 years old, once mistaken for being underground, where the resurrection mysteries of Osiris were taught and practiced.

We round off this unique experience by checking into the fabulous House Of Life Hotel. 
(Overnight in Abydos at the House of Life hotel or similar)

osirion egypt

A bus ride to Dendera temple, House of Hathor and site of healing. In addition to its beautifully preserved frescoes and ceilings is a replica of a zodiac ceiling, unique in that it is centered on Taurus, thus placing it in the epoch of 4400 BC.

After lunch we continue on to Luxor and check into the luxurious Maritim Jolie Ville hotel. Evening at leisure in Luxor, by the pool or take a calèche into the centre of town.
(Overnight in Luxor at the Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort or similar) 

dendara egypt

Morning is for exploring the sprawling open air Temple of Karnak complex, the main religious centre of the ancient cult of Amun, with each pharaoh adding to or altering the complex over thousands of years. It is a place for getting lost.

After lunch we take it easy with free time in the Souk, where hard-to-find bedouin jewellery can be sought in hidden rooms, and your art of bartering will be sorely tested. We then gather late afternoon to visit the beautiful Luxor Temple, one of the few that are open in the early evening. This unique temple encodes proportions derived from cosmic mathematics, hence why it looks and feels perfect.
(Overnight in Luxor at the Maritim Jolie Ville Kings Island Resort or similar) 

luxor temple in egypt

We travel across the Nile to enter the anomalous chamber of Thutmosis III in the Valley of the Kings. Unlike real tombs surrounding it, this one features a well (redundant for a dead person) and walls painted with the Book of the Hidden Chamber describing the process of ascent of the initiate. That's why we visit this one and not others.

On the way to lunch, just for fun, we'll go to Habu Temple, a well-preserved complex that is a bit off the tourist trail. 

Afternoon is for walking the Hatshepsut temple complex, one of the more feminine of sites, with its dedications to Hathor, and where the art of sexual alchemy was once taught. 

Upon returning to Luxor we board a deluxe 5-star Nile Cruise and settle in with a drink, dinner and magnificent view of the sunset.  
(Overnight aboard luxury Nile Cruise Ship)

hatsheput egypt

We set sail for Edfu and visit the Horus Temple, one of the best preserved, thanks to the Greeks who rebuilt the site above the ancient east-west temple. The magical offspring of the resurrected god-man Osiris, Horus became symbolic of the path of the fully awakened initiate, the Heru (from which comes Horus), or as we know this word today, hero.

We continue down the Nile and berth overnight in Kom Ombu.

Dinner on board our beautiful cruise ship this evening.
(Overnight aboard luxury Nile Cruise Ship)

Edfu in Egypt

Kom Ombu is actually two temples: Temple of Horus, on the left or north side, represents the higher self; and Temple of Sobek, on the right, represents the contrasting lower self. An essential element of the initiatory experience. Each Nile temple was used to raise the initiate’s awareness through specific teachings; here the initiates swam with crocodiles in order to overcome fear and negativity, so don’t forget your swimming gear today.

We continue our sail to Aswan, known for being Egypt’s strategic and commercial gateway since antiquity. We will gather for dinner on board and enjoy another spectacular sunset. 
(Overnight aboard luxury Nile Cruise Ship)

Kom Ombu temple Egypt

A short boat ride takes us to the island of Philae and its temple, rescued from the rising waters of the Nile and lovingly rebuilt in its new location. Its ancient name P-aaleq means “end” and “creation”, thus it is one of the original mounds to rise above the waters of the flood 11,000 years ago. A truly ancient site, where the cosmic marriage of Osiris and Isis was consummated with a festival every winter solstice.

Afternoon is free time, with an optional trip on a traditional felucca to Elephantine Island and its luscious gardens (a mere $40 per person). A good way to reflect on your experiences so far, beneath shady trees.
(Overnight aboard luxury Nile Cruise Ship)

Philae in Egypt

To complete our adventure, phase III puts us on a plane back to Cairo, and after dropping off bags at Mena House hotel we prepare for one of the greatest experiences in life: We finally reach the Great Pyramid, and with private access we descend along claustrophobic tunnels to the original chamber beneath the structure. Then ascend, following the original path of countless initiates in antiquity, up the Grand Gallery and into the Kings Chamber, completing our ascension (literally and metaphorically) with a guided meditation. Who knows what will pop out of those polished, megalithic red granite blocks.

We’ll conclude this profound experience with a lovely farewell dinner back at our hotel.
(Overnight in Cairo at the Mena House Hotel or similar)

Nile in Egypt

One final breakfast before transferring to Cairo International airport, with an adieu instead of a goodbye.

giza pyramids in egypt

The Hidden Side of Egyptian Temples with Freddy Silva

Tour Includes:

  • 12 nights’ accommodation
  • Arrival and Departure Transfers
  • Breakfast daily
  • 6 Lunches (in addition to Lunches during Nile Cruise)
  • Farewell dinner onboard boat on the Nile on Day 12
  • Domestic flights Cairo/Sohag on Day 5
  • Domestic flight Aswan/Cairo on Day 12
  • Private visit to Osirion
  • 4-night deluxe full-board Nile Cruise
  • English speaking Egyptologist guide
  • Private visit of the Great Pyramid
  • Internal transportation and entry fee to all sites as per Itinerary in air-conditioned coach

Added Features:

  • Travel with best-selling author & one of the world’s leading researchers of sacred sites, Freddy Silva
  • Participate in entertaining & thoughtful group discussions
  • Discussions about Egyptian culture and the importance of the sites visited

Tour Does Not Include:

  • Entry Fee to Egypt ($30)
  • Airfare to/from Cairo, Egypt
  • Cancellation & Medical Insurance (ask us for a quote)
  • Meals and drinks not specified
  • Cost to obtain valid passport
  • Any items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks and telephone calls
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on our website or in the final retreat itinerary

Tour Price:

    • Double Room: USD $3,750 per person
    • Single Supplement: USD $975
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