4 reasons to visit Palenque in Mexico

reasons to visit Palenque
The unique ruins nestled in the jungle at Palenque. All rights reserved.

“The Ancient Ones knew Palenque, “NAH CHAN KAAN”, was an open door to another realm or dimension. When you arrive and enter this Sacred Site all your molecules, cells and your whole being receive another level of vibration…and you will feel what it is to be in “another dimension of time and space.” – Miguel Angel Vergara

Located deep within the jungles of Southern Mexico, Palenque was the home of the great King Pakal Votan. In 1952, Pacal’s tomb was opened for the first time since his funeral in A.D. 683. His elaborately carved sarcophagus lid along with the sacred items found inside gives us a detailed account of his final transformation. 

On our journey to Mexico: Maya Sacred Path to Transformation with Miguel Angel Vergara, we spend two days exploring this ancient, sacred site. Here are 4 reasons why we think you should visit Palenque. 


Palenque is situated in the state of Chiapas, which is the southernmost state in Mexico and is surrounded by lush jungle. Picture walking through dense trees that are separated by tricking streams and mesmerizing waterfalls all to the sound of buzzing insects and the shouts of growler monkeys, and emerging in the distance, are ancient Mayan ruins. 

When visiting Palenque, you not only get to experience the architecture built by ancient civilizations but also the breathtaking natural world that surrounds them. It’s impossible not to feel alive when you’re amongst such rich wildlife, and we definitely think this is one of the reasons to visit Palenque. 

reasons to visit Palenque
Pilgrims on a jungle walk at Palenque on a previous journey to Mexico. All rights reserved.

Unique ruins

Mexico is home to many ruins, the most famous arguably being Chichen Itza in the state of Yucatan, but Palenque is one of the largest and best restored Mayan cities in the whole of Mexico. When you arrive at the site, you’ll see that some of the buildings have been carefully excavated with the jungle cleared around them, while others are actually nestled within the jungle with monkeys, tropical birds and cats making them unique when compared to some of the other sites. 

Another unique feature of the ruins at Palenque is you can actually climb up the pyramids and explore the inner chambers of the city’s stone palace. 

Lesser known 

When people think of Mexico, many will imagine the temples and ruins that make their home in this diverse country. Several of these sites are incredibly popular and can become especially busy. While this doesn’t ruin them it can reduce the experience of visiting these ancient and sacred sites. Due to Palenque’s location in Chiapas, which is slightly harder to get to than other popular locations such as Tulum, it is relatively lesser known and as such, not as busy. 

If you arrive early in the morning, around 8 am, you can avoid many of the tourists and sellers that work on the site and really experience the energies of the temples and the surrounding nature. 

Experience the knowledge of the Maya

“The powerful presence of the Jaguar is engraved in one of the Stelas representing Master Chan-Balum (Serpent-Jaguar)…He left us a wonderful message to raise our consciousness and receive the Cosmic-Wisdom through the guidance of the Jaguar…Yes, the Jaguar of Light whose eyes will guide you as you walk between the Temples and Pyramids to meet your Inner-Warrior of Light who already lives within your Heart and is ready to perform the Great-Spiritual Transformation where the Light touches all those willing to open their minds and hearts to the Maya Sacred Wisdom.” – Miguel Angel Vergara 

The last rays of light seeping in at sunset in the jungle surrounding Palenque. All rights reserved

Palenque is a site that holds much wisdom from the ancient Mayan civilization. On our journey with Miguel Angel Vergara, you can experience the profound energies of this site while also learning about the sacred information and potential this location holds. 

In fact, due to the inscriptions at this site, especially within the Temple of Inscriptions, archaeologists were able to finally decipher the Mayan script. We recommend watching the documentary Cracking the Maya Code before your visit to learn more about this. 

We hope our four reasons to visit Palenque have convinced you to visit Palenque. Here are some of our top tips for your visit so you can really make the most out of your experience. Make sure to pack lots of water and some snacks so you can stay hydrated, it is also important to wear comfortable shoes because you might want to walk around and explore the pyramids. As these temples are located in the jungle it is advised to wear insect repellant as well as long clothing to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. Finally, we recommend visiting in the morning and going with a guide, this is so you can really learn about the sites as well as get the full Mayan experience. We might be slightly biased, but we believe Miguel Angel Vergara and Trudy Woodcock, who lead our journey are exceptional.