5 Ways Taking a Sacred Journey Inspires Sacred Activism

Sacred Journeys are so much more than an opportunity to explore other countries and cities, they often include sacred site tours and are a means for a spiritual travel experience that allows for the exploration of self. Sacred journeys often provoke participants to reflect on not only themselves but their contribution to global civilization.

This marriage of spirituality and action is a concept one of our journey leaders, Andrew Harvey has spent much of his life working around. Andrew uses the term Sacred Activism to describe this concept of compassion-in-action that is the combination of spiritual knowledge, and meaningful action to create positive change in the world.

Here are 5 Ways Sacred Journeys Inspire Sacred Activism:

  1. Ancient Wisdom

Sacred journeys often connect you to the traditional teachings and wisdom of another culture. Exposure to medicine men, wisdom keepers and ancient faiths opens your mind to alternate ways of thinking and helps you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others. This knowledge supports mental and emotional growth in the participants of Sacred Journeys, making room for compassion and respect for ourselves and our fellow global citizens. This compassion is the basis of Sacred Activism; action taken to bring peace and balance the world.

Andean Medicine Man and Wisdom Keeper, Puma Quispe Singona, guiding us through the spiritual heart of Peru.
  1. Spiritual Leaders

All Sacred Earth Journeys are guided by wonderful leaders, including shamans, traditional healers, spiritual teachers, authors and other experts in their fields. Taking a journey lead by such authentic individuals is inspiring to say the least. Participants get to know these leaders and witness their passions and the positive impacts they have made and continue to make on the world. You will leave feeling inspired by their enthusiasm and with more of a grasp of the reality of what it means to live your life with purpose and meaning that is in alignment with the collective intention of improving world crises.

A Pilgrimage to the Artistic, Historical and Spiritual Soul of North India with Andrew Harvey.
  1. Fellow Travelers

You will have the opportunity to meet and travel with incredible people on your Sacred Journey. Travelling with like-minded individuals often leads to making connections with others than can last longer than the days spent on the trip. Experiencing your journey in this group setting allows you to inspire and support each other. There is certainly a reason Margaret Mead is known for her statement; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

  1. Sacred Grounds

Sacred Journeys bring you to thoughtfully chosen sacred spaces where you will participate in sacred ceremonies that have been practiced for centuries. These experiences allow you to feel directly the depth of spiritual energies at these sites. These encounters enable you to feel more in touch with ancient wisdom and strengthen your understanding of spirituality in a way that will leave a lasting impression. Let this new awareness move you to take Sacred Action in your own community.

Discovering the secret purpose of Mayan temples in Mexico.
  1. Make History

Sacred Journeys are an opportunity to be a part of history. Not only can you take part in historical events such as the opening of the Center of Hope in Bali, but you can also use your experiences to create the type of change in the world that will be noted in history. Spirituality when it is combined with action, can contribute to the healing of the issues we face on this planet.

Andrew Harvey’s book “The Hope” covers more on the topic of Sacred Activism. You can read more about Andrew Harvey on our website and book the following journeys lead by him; Divine Love: Sacred North India February 13 – 27, 2020 and The Sacred Heart of Sri Lanka March 1 – 12, 2020.

If this concept of Sacred Activism resonates with you, take a look at these Sacred Journeys that are available for you to take part in and get inspired to take your own Sacred Action!