How a Guru can Change Your Life

In western cultures the concept of a ‘guru’ is unfamiliar to most people, let alone experiencing the guidance and life changes you receive from one.

The word ‘guru’ is Sanskrit for a teacher that dispels darkness or ignorance and bestows upon us light and truth. The teacher or guru does this by having obtained the universal truth and knowledge themselves, is living this truth and has made a pact to dedicate their lives to passing on this knowledge

A Guru does not voice their own opinion, rather they are speaking ancient Vedic wisdom passed on to them by a line of teachers from their lineage. A true guru will always honour and acknowledge their teachers before speaking the truth. They are also quite proficient in sanskrit (the language of the vedas) and able to quote the texts they refer to. They are non-coversive and only share their knowledge with those who ask. They see you as your true self and are dedicated to bestowing you with light so you remember who you really are, why you are here and where you are going.

Let me first say in the past I had never been a fan of or really understood what a guru was. I had friends who had a picture of their guru on their meditation table and it did not make sense to me how only one person could know the ultimate truth of why we are here. I was very adamant that when I found the truth it would be spoken by more than one person and most importantly was backed up by ancient manuscripts.


My lifelong hunger of needing to know ‘why we are here?’ and ‘where we are going?’ led me all across the world in search of answers. From praying in Tibetan Buddhist Monastaries deep in the Himalayas, stopping in awe when hearing the Islamic call to prayer in Egypt, attending a Christian beach camp in Australia as a child, celebrating Jewish high holidays in Canadian synagogues, reading every new age book possible and living in an ashram on an Indian beach.

Even through all those experiences, I never found the answers to my burning questions, until I quite unexpectedly met my guru Jeffrey Armstrong (Kavindra Rishi) right here in Vancouver, Canada! It was then that I realized that as a guru Jeffrey was not teaching people his opinion rather it is ancient knowledge backed up by a whole Vedic library that has been preserved in the perfect language of Sanskrit for thousands of years.


Jeffrey and I at a retreat


The knowledge and humility of Jeffrey is beyond words. He embodies the definition and traits of a guru described above. He lives and breathes the Vedic knowledge every hour of the day and has dedicated his life to pass on this ancient knowledge to bring light into our lives. Jeffrey not only enlightens you with valuable information such as why we are here, how the planet works and where we go next, he also gives you tools to get through life. Tools to enjoy life much better, achieve your goals and cause the least amount of harm to others and the planet.


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By Kelly Weiss