On today’s date we pause to remember our heroes and heroines, those who have sacrificed their lives, and those who we cherish and honour. As special and important it is to remember these people on this day of remembrance, it is important to do so each and every day. As we go about our busy lives, not only do we forget to express gratitude to all those who have helped make our world a better place, but we often forget those closest to us as well. On this day, let us be reminded of all the people we hold most dear to our hearts. Let us thank them and honour them, and show them just how special they are to us.Throughout history, many cultures have established rituals and elaborate celebrations in honour of remembrance. From adorning altars, preparing sumptuous feasts, participating in dances, or even simply wearing symbols of remembrance on clothing, there have been many ceremonies and practices used to help us pay homage to those we wish to remember.

Whether someone has passed or is still living, pausing to reflect on all they have shared is an essential element of maintaining a bond with that person. Time is a fleeting thing and even though we may feel we do not have enough hours in the day, it is important to take a few minutes to just be present, to be still, and remember. If we could take this time each and every day, imagine how much fuller and more enriched our lives would be. Imagine how much stronger the bonds we have with our loved ones could grow.

At this time, I’d like to ask you to take a moment to pause, remain silent, and think deeply about those who you would like to remember and honour. Send your energy out to them and give thanks. Remember what is beautiful about them, what makes you laugh, what you love most about their nature, and simply smile. Hold this love in your heart and then send it out into the world. Let us all be grateful for each other – friend or stranger, loved one or foe. Let us remember that we are all one and that we are all here together.

~ Daniela Masaro