Return to the Sacredness of Maya Oneness

By Richard Jelusich, Ph.D.

The Mayans say: “BIXUBEL” (Bish – u – bel). “How is your sacred path today”?

Welcome to the next cycle. Now that we have passed December 21st, 2012, what are the tools we are to use when entering this cycle of the ‘golden age’?

It is really interesting for me, as I have been speaking about the end of the Mayan Calendar for 20 years, and now to find ourselves on the other side of the calendar! I know that many are asking “So What Now”? The Earth did not end as many thought it would.

Many speak of the second coming of the Christ. The Mayans spoke of the 2nd birth as well—when you are awakened spiritually.

The 2nd spiritual birth has already come! We are already living in it—the golden age and the age of the Sacred Feminine (the heart). So many people are looking for external signs with major physical phenomena, but it is you and I that are changing—from within. Our work is to embrace the subtle forces, the tender heart, and the nuances of our being. Our gentleness, love and compassion: for ourselves and for each other.

We have embarked onto the Golden Age; the Sacred Feminine (heart), where now it is essential to balance with the Sacred Masculine (the mind). And this is the beginning of working as one soul, one mind, one heart!

And now we must learn to use the tools of how to profoundly balance the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine.


My dear friend and spiritual brother, Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, has been teaching Mayan Cosmology for more than 20 years. He was director of Chichen Itza (one of the 7 wonders of the world), is a Mayan priest/shaman and has worked in the ancient oral traditions and ceremonies of the elders for over 20 years as well.

Miguel Angel and I met in the Yucatan, Mexico in 2005 when Sacred Earth Journeys invited me to be a co-leader of their Maya Sacred Path tour program. Since then we have been offering these journeys yearly, for spiritual travelers who desire to know the spiritual essence of the Mayan teachings and cosmology.

I believe Miguel Angel’s message so important that I’m bringing him to Canada and to San Diego for the first time this July, to present his message of balance and the wisdom of Mayan teachings.

Why? Because you and I are externalizing the ancient teachings of how to live in balance of the masculine and feminine principles. The material-oriented way does not fulfill the soul nor provide heightened awareness of the unity of all creation.

As you and I are growing spiritually, our higher Selves are bringing master teachers like Miguel Angel into our lives because we are ready to embrace and live those teachings—ready to learn the tools of how to live now in this golden age.

We now stand at the precipice: now in the great purification as the Hopi’s call it, many things around us are breaking down, whether financial, religious, social, etc., and in many other categories of our life experience. It is entropy, the breaking down of something into its constituent base materials, so it can be rebuilt more harmoniously. And it must be rebuilt in balance; from within.

We find ourselves in an extremely imbalanced world—a world we created unconsciously. This is the point in time the Mayan Calendars predicted. Upon completing a huge cycle of evolution we are now standing together at the precipice. Because we are connected in oneness, we all affect and are being affected by the energies of our universe. It is the time of the Sacred Feminine (heart) and the time to balance with the Sacred Masculine (mind).


Now is the time to confront our destiny and accept that we are participants in creating the world we live in. As co-creators our thoughts and actions are deciding what the future will be.

I have asked Miguel Angel to present a conference on the Return to the Sacredness of Maya Oneness. To be conscious is to be present at the quality of the moment. The purpose of this conference is the activation of our consciousness to bring forth a world community of balance, beauty, light, love, and harmony.

Working with the Ancient Wisdom of the Maya, Miguel Angel Vergara will help us raise our consciousness through teachings, ceremonies, meditations, and specific practices, including how to use the energies of the Tzolkin and Haab Calendars.

The Mayan Calendars and Prophecies have important messages and information for us as we enter the Golden Age and pass through this time of great transformation.

From Nov 30-Dec 9, 2013 Miguel Angel Vergara will be leading participants through some of the most important—and breathtaking—Mayan sites in Mexico. On our journey Maya Sacred Path: Promise of the Maya Prophecies Miguel Angel and myself will be working with Maya wisdom from Mother Earth as, together with participants, we create a new alignment between the Masculine and Feminine forces. For more information about this illuminating journey that will help you on your path to a heart-centered life, truly in balance and harmony, please visit this link.

For more about the Return to the Sacredness of Maya Consciousness Conference, Richard Jelusich, Ph.D., and Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, visit or call 1-877-CHAKRA1. Conference dates: Calgary, Canada – July 4-8 and in San Diego from July 11-15. E-mail: For more information about the Nov 30-Dec 9, 2013 journey Maya Sacred Path: Promise of the Maya Prophecies, please visit