How our summer solstice journey to Mexico inspires deeper self-knowledge

Photo from our last Mexico journey with Miguel Angel Vergara. All rights reserved.

We have a long connection with Mexico and in particular, Miguel Angel Vergara and Trudy Woodcock, who we have worked closely with for 17 years, so we are grateful to have the opportunity to create and have them lead a very special summer solstice journey to Mexico. The pilgrimage, Maya Sacred Knowledge of the Summer Solstice, June 19-26, 2022, has been crafted by Miguel Angel and Trudy Woodcock and takes participants to the Maya’s sacred sites to help experience a connection to the earth as well as a deeper understanding and trust within themselves. 

Here is why we think this eight-day adventure inspires deeper self-knowledge and how the history and practices of the ancient Maya can be just as transformative and supportive in today’s modern world. 

The summer solstice during Mayan times

As many people know, the Maya were astronomers with their focus being mainly on the movements of the sun. Many of their sites, including Chichen Itza, were built in a way that seems to align with the sun’s changing position throughout the year. 

The summer solstice (Saq ‘Q’ij in Mayan) was an important time for the Maya as they used this time for celebrating, dancing, and performing ceremonies to connect with the Light. This was also a time when they travelled to other dimensions in search of answers and solutions to problems so that they could create a better world. They observed that on this day each year, the sun seems to become ‘still’ giving them the longest day, which they saw as a special time of purification, abundance, fertility and youth. 

By visiting these sacred, rich lands during the summer solstice, you can experience the power, magic and inner transformation of these ancient practices and rituals. When observing these ceremonies in the places that they originate from, you can traverse to these other dimensions and experience clarity and answers to some of the questions that are causing you dis-ease or stress in your life, and so experience a deeper clarity and sense of calmness within your being. 

Sacred ceremonies with Mayan teachers and Shamans

Throughout our summer solstice journey to Mexico, pilgrims will be led by Mayan expert and teacher, Miguel Angel Vergara, who will be joined by local Shaman, Don Miguelito Chavez and Trudy Woodcock. The ceremonies performed on our journey are designed to change the frequencies of the participants so that they are vibrating at the same frequency as the portals to other dimensions. We have the intention to access these other dimensions and experience this wisdom and ancient knowledge.

Miguel Angel Vergara teaching the Maya wisdom and knowledge to our pilgrims. All rights reserved.

The first ceremony, the Maya Baptismal Ceremony, aims to help pilgrims connect with the Divine essence of Mother Earth, asking her to cleanse, bless and heal us, body, soul, and spirit. This prepares us and opens us up to the frequencies of the Mayan world, ready for our summer solstice ceremony. This expansive ceremony, which takes place at one of the highest points in the Yucatan, asks the Heart of the Sky and the Heart of the Earth to assist us in all the activities we do. To celebrate the Light and to enlighten us and open the doors for us to connect Spiritually with the Maya Dimensional Portals.

Throughout the rest of our journey, we will engage in several other ceremonies and rituals, all designed to help you drop deeper into yourself, unlock your spiritual heritage, and connect with dimensions and realms that will aid you in this life. 

Visiting the sacred sites of the Maya

While many buildings constructed in the modern day are built purely for practical reasons, the Maya built structures that held a sacred significance. Many of their spiritual sites were associated with other dimensions, and the Maya used these places to engage in ceremonies and rituals that would expand their consciousness and allow them to connect with the natural world. For example, the Maya Cosmic Feminine University, also known as the “City of Kindness of Mother Moon” is still associated with a portal to the magic and wisdom of the Moon. Uxmal, a famous Maya site, is linked spiritually to a Maya Library which resides in another Dimension and using specific mantras, we have the intention to access the cosmic wisdom held at this place. 

They also constructed many of their sacred sites in alignment with the solstices and equinoxes, the most famous example of this is at Chichen Itza, where the main pyramid,  the Temple of Kukulcan, was built in such a way that on the summer solstice the sun casts perfect shadows on the south and west sides so that it looks to be split in two. The main pyramid at Myapan, known as the Castillo was built in a similar fashion to the one at Chichen Itza. On our journey to the Yucatan, we will visit this site, and witness the way these structures interact with the movement and position of the sun.

On our Summer solstice journey to Mexico, we will visit many of these sacred sites and places, Aktun-Uzil Cave, Oxkintok, Uxmal (the Maya Cosmic Feminine University), Kabah and Mayapan where we will be able to experience the potent power of these places. 

The natural world of the Yucatan 

Not only did the Maya construct sacred sites, but they also found these dimensions to other portals in the natural world around them. The most well known of these natural wonders are the Cenotes. Natural sinkholes that have filled with clear groundwater and rainwater, are often home to fish, plant life and even turtles. Maya Elders tell us that these sacred waters are portals to other dimensions and when you bathe in these Cenotes you can feel the sacred energies connected with the minerals and elements from outer space. 

We visit the Cenote Santa Cruz for ceremonial healing on our journey. All rights reserved.

While it is possible to feel a renewed sense of self after simply visiting these locations, on our summer solstice journey to Yucatan, you will be guided in a cenote ceremony for cleansing and strength. Emerging from the Cenote, you will feel like a new person.

The summer solstice is a powerful time of celebration of the Light, and when we harness the energies of this time it can be a really transformational experience. Through visiting these sacred sites and engaging in ceremonies led by Mayan teachers and Shamans, this journey can be a real awakening of your inner power and help you connect with the ancient wisdom of other dimensions.