How to Pack for Travel Bliss: A Guide to Worry-Free Travel Through Packing Versatile Essentials.

That’s it. You’ve finally booked that relaxing vacation and now it’s just a week away. The question of what to pack makes you a bit nervous and you’re wondering what to do. How will you pack for the possible weather changes and all the activities you may want to do when you’re there? What if you pack too much and you’re lugging around all these extra items? Fear not, this article will teach you what to do to achieve that feeling of bliss before you even arrive at your destination. 

Yes, you can travel with just a carry-on. This requires a little extra planning but it can be a true luxury if you’re travelling to more than one destination. A sturdy and comfortable backpack isn’t just for jumping from hostel to hostel. It is easier on your back and often has more space than a typical carry on suitcase. There are lots of second-hand options that will serve just as well as getting a brand new one. This all depends on where you want to allocate your travel budget. Find a thin, small day bag to use when you’re out exploring during the day so you can leave that backpack where ever you’re staying.

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If you can’t fit everything into a carry-on, bringing a day pack is still a great idea.

A money belt is often a good idea so you never have to worry about where your cash or passport are. Don’t leave these behind in your room unless you have a safe in a reputable establishment. Consider exchanging your cash to the required country’s currency before you leave, you can often get a better rate than having to use a tourist stop when you arrive in a new country. 

The next step to travel bliss is a little bit of preplanning. Write a list of the activities you would like to do when on your journey. If you’re hiking then it’s worth being sure you pack your sturdy all-terrain shoes but you may want to avoid hiking boots if you can since these are usually bigger and heavier. Don’t forget your gators if you suspect it’ll be muddy, you’ll be thanking yourself you were so well prepared. If you’ll be under forest canopies then a hat will be necessary and will double as being useful on those hot sunny strolls.

A hat that can be rolled up and tucked in your bag is a must for travelling. Leave the big hats and ball caps that can’t be squished at home. Always pack a swimsuit, you just never know when the occasion may arise. Try to think about all your planned activities and pack only the essentials. Unexpected activities can always come up but there will likely be places to rent or buy any supplies you need. Don’t waste any moments of peace worrying about the unplanned. Spontaneity is a beautiful part of these journeys. 

Now that we’ve covered the activities of your trip let’s cover your day to day wear. The goal is to create as much diversity with the least amount of pieces and making sure you’re comfortable. There are a few wardrobe staples that can help make this a breeze. Start by choosing neutral colours so all your clothes easily match. Wrap dresses that have more than one style setting can make multiple outfits. Some of them even have the functionality to become full-length skirts. A white wrinkly free button up is a great option for men and women. This can go from the beach to a nice dinner out. A reversible belt, black and brown, can help to create diversity in your look and no one will ever know it’s the same belt every day.

Neutral colours are perfect for all occasions, but you can always add a splash of colour for a flair!

Try to leave your jeans at home, they’re heavy and often not the best option for walking all day. Try finding wrinkle resistant slacks, preferably with pockets. You’ll look well put together yet still have the functionality for all of your adventures. Now onto footwear. Be sure to choose shoes you’ve already had time to break in, you don’t want to end up getting blisters because of new shoes. You want to keep this to only the shoes you wear to arrive, one more lightweight pair of shoes and one pair of sandals. Anything more will just weigh you down and you really won’t need them. Find a lightweight rain jacket, one that can be rolled into a very small size. Even in the warmest climates, the rain can start unexpectedly, you’ll be happy you’re prepared if it does. 

Almost ready. If you wear makeup choose a BB cream with sunscreen included. This saves you a step and makes sure you’re always protected. If you’re most comfortable in makeup do anything you can to cut down the amount you bring. Going on a trip should mean the unburdening of your day to day and it can be very peaceful to leave the demands of makeup at home. For those of you with long hair, a dry shampoo can be a complete time saver, a few spritzes and you have summer beach waves and are ready for your day. The goal here is to save time and avoid spending your vacation time doing your hair and makeup. Don’t pack a hairdryer, most resorts and Airbnb’s will provide this for you.

Lastly, there are a few essentials for any traveller. Bring band-aids and a small first aid kit. You don’t want to have to slow down your day if you get a minor scrape along the way. Remember not to pack a large sunscreen bottle or similar, airport security will likely just throw this away as you check in. You never know how busy or noisy some of the stops on your journey will be. Pack a set of earplugs so you can get the much-needed rest to go adventuring any day you like. A stain removal pen will come in handy if you spill on that white button up you packed and save you the headache of finding a laundromat along your travels. Our last essential suggestion for a blissful trip is a battery pack for your phone. You’ll likely be taking lots of pictures and your phone battery will likely drain faster than at home. Don’t forget to check with your phone provider about cell coverage of where your travelling. a sim card may be your best option for staying connected while on your travels. 

Travel between destinations can be the perfect time to recharge both you and your batteries! Pack snacks and chargers!

Yes, that was a lot of information but it will all be worth it when you are on a journey of a lifetime worry free and soaking up the beauty of every moment. For specific packing tips per region just ask our experts here at Sacred Earth Journeys. We will help you get the most out of every moment of your peaceful journey. 

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