Piecing Together Ancient Maya Teachings

Archaeologists have recently made two important discoveries that provide new clues about some of the still unknown cultural and historical aspects of ancient Mayan civilization – the tomb of Lady K’abel in the royal Maya city of El Perú-Waka’ in northwestern Petén, Guatemala (1) and, more recently, the city of  “Chactun” in the rain forests of eastern Mexico (2). These discoveries help us piece together chronological and historical details about the ancient Maya, and gain a deeper understanding of Mayan culture. The importance of the great Maya queen Lady K’abel, for example, will be discussed in more detail during our Maya Sacred Path: Promise of the Maya Prophecies with Miguel Angel Vergara journey from November 30 to December 9, 2013, and, on this tour, we will also pass close to the recently discovered city of Chactun as it lies in the north of the Kalakmul Biosphere Reserve, the vast, impressive jungle that we will be able to appreciate on our inspiring visit to Kalakmul.
As a Maya Master Teacher, Miguel Angel Vergara is indeed another source of knowledge that we can use in our search to understand more about this ancient civilization and its impact on our lives today. The archaeological discoveries can teach us about prominent figures and places, and maybe even suggest reasons for the collapse of the civilization. Miguel Angel can teach us much about Maya wisdom; he studied for 17 years with Mayan elder and wisdom keeper, Don Vincente Martin, and actively upholds the tradition of the oral dissemination of knowledge and culture that is passed down through the generations. Today, Miguel Angel is an authority on Mayan astronomy, philosophy, calendar, glyphs and symbols, medicine, cosmovision, traditions, prayers, ceremonies, and healing.
Miguel Angel talks about the spiritual significance of our 
Maya Sacred Path, Nov 30-Dec 9, 2013 journey.
In order to fully appreciate how this ancient Maya wisdom is applicable to our busy, modern lives, perhaps we too need to work like archaeologists. We can begin digging within ourselves, revisit places within us that we have hidden away or kept secret, and let them reveal themselves to us so we can begin the work of interpreting their meaning and relevance.
Depending on what stage in our journey we’re at, and where our belief system lies, we may need hardly any or a great deal of help in deciphering Miguel Angel’s teachings and understanding their impact on us, as unique individuals.
Wherever we are on the spectrum, how might we begin this important work of discovery, how do we keep digging until we truly feel a shift and come to a place of peaceful understanding? What attitude might we need to adopt in order to get the most from Miguel Angel’s – or other gurus’ – teachings?
First, we need to simply sit with it for a while. Just as we would leave a draft of an important letter or report overnight before editing it, so too do we need to let this new information enter our minds and bodies, we need to let it filter through to our sub-conscious where our minds can truly begin to make sense of it. Then we need to open ourselves to the, sometimes surprising, possibilities that might arise. Remove our fears, our old negative patterns of thinking, of reacting, and ask ourselves honestly, can these teachings apply to my life and, if so, in what ways? If, at this point, we are still bombarded by inner “buts”, fears, or prejudices, we need to be gently conscious of this and understand that there is still more work ahead to heal ourselves. If, though, we have reached a point of understanding how to integrate these teachings in our lives and apply them to our higher purpose, our “high self” as Miguel Angel calls it, then we can look to move forward and take that self-knowledge to heal others, and by extension, our planet.
Miguel Angel Vergara, Promise of the Maya Prophecies
journey with Sacred Earth Journeys
Miguel Angel devotes his life to sharing the wisdom of the ancient Maya. For him, creating this bridge to the past is a way of allowing us in the present to live in balance and harmony. And when we find an inner harmony, we can become transmitters, beacons of positivity for others and our planet. Our time on this earth may be short but it is sufficient for self-discovery and understanding what our purpose here is. If each of us let go of our fears, our ego, and healed our deepest wounds, we would not only be happier, healthier beings, but our planet would also reap the rewards.
Whether you are starting out intrepidly, fearfully on this journey of real self-discovery or you are already at a place where you’re looking for ways to heal our mother Earth, travelling on Sacred EarthJourney’s Maya Sacred Path with Miguel Angel, Nov 30-Dec 9, 2013, will be an exciting and valuable part of your journey. Miguel Angel will teach us about the importance of the moon’s energies and finding our own inner jaguar – our warrior spirit – to propel us forward in our quest for harmony and true joy. On this trip we will both learn about and feel the powers of the ancient Maya as we explore some of the most important Mayan sites. And, like those archaeologists, we will piece together the clues – the significance of the moon, the rise of the sacred feminine, the importance of reconnecting with our inner kundalini – until our hearts and minds are one, firmly, resolutely united by ancient Maya teachings.
~ Kim Bridgett