The Wisdom and Intrigue of the Ancient Maya

All the interest in 2012 predictions have somewhat overshadowed all the other, perhaps much more interesting, and very enlightening things we can know about the Mayan culture. Here is a taste of this intriguing people and culture that we will be exploring in December of this year:

– The Maya were a civilization made up of people from the southern Mexico and Central American regions. Today there are about 6 million Maya living in these regions.

– The Maya were acute observers and mappers of the movements of the celestial bodies. They developed a complex cosmology and mythology that explained the past and predicted the future.

– The ancient Mayas developed a very advanced mathematical system, the only true writing system known in the Americas at the time, and a series of three interrelated calendars.

– The Mayans are also famous for their architecture. Their archaeological masterpieces can be found in the temple-cities of Chichen Itza, Palenque, Uxmal, Tikal and Copan, and others. Some of these temple-cities have been excavated and reconstructed, but many are still yet to be restored.

These interesting tidbits only scratch the surface of the wisdom that we can unearth from the ancient Mayan people. Delve into Mayan wisdom with us this December.