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How To Find Yourself In The Mexican Desert

During most of the 80s and 90s, Daniel Stone travelled the world in search of answers.

He visited Aboriginal communities in the Australian outback and spent months learning about Bon Shamanism in Tibetan temples. He explored the truths hidden within the walls of the Egyptian pyramids and spoke to Toltec wisemen in Central America. He even searched for answers in art and psychotherapeutic theories.

daniel stone

The information he was looking for would answer a question that had been following him for years: Why were his dreams more real than his daily life?

It was in the Mexican desert, after reflecting on his journeys with a Toltec shaman, that Daniel found an answer to his question, finding himself in the process.

The answer came in the form of a language that would forever bridge the gap between day and night: Life as dream.

Upon his discovery, Daniel began devoting his life to sharing its wisdom with others. In 2000, he founded the Centre of the Conscious Dream, a centre located in the middle of Mexico’s San Luis Potosí desert. Since then, hundreds of dreamers from around the world have travelled to the Centre, going on retreats that have been described by many as life changing.

We sat down with Daniel to discuss his journey through the conscious dream and to learn about the teaching that pilgrims from around the world experience when they visit his centre.

Read on to find out more about his life’s work, and to learn what you can find yourself in a Mexican desert.

(NOTE: The interview has been edited for clarity and length)

SEJ: We wanted to start out by asking you about the Centre of the Conscious Dream, which you have mentioned is located in an extraordinary multi-dimensional field of energy that drew you in. Can you talk a little about that process? How did you know this place was “the one”? 

Daniel: I had spent a decade visiting the power points on the planet.  Some well-known, such as the pyramids in Egypt, Uluru, Mount Shasta, Lake Titicaca, Glastonbury, and some not so well known in South America, Asia, Australia and Europe.  I was travelling the globe trying to listen to the planetary body, and learning how it moved, and how each power point related to the others. The context of its discovery was the journey of listening to power points.  This particular power point is the most powerful I have come across, with the exception of Uluru in Australia.  However, Uluru is unworkable, for me, for various reasons, and the land allowed me to visit but not to stay.

In Mexico, the land gave me a huge yes, and this affirmation has given me the strength to overcome the many obstacles that come your way when trying to build a centre with very little money.  I would say that this land invited me to work with it.  We have a relation, and by living here, I build this relation.

centre of conscious dream circle

SEJ: Besides this affirmation, you say you got from the land, what drove you to actually build a centre in the middle of the desert in San Luis Potosí?

Daniel: I began living in Mexico in 1997, and started building the centre in 2000.  During those first three years I worked with all the major indigenous groups in the country, and my experience taught me that there was a need for someone to come in and make a coherent bridge between the indigenous experience and the lifestyle and values of the other people who may be interested in those teachings.

At that point it became clear to me that my goal was to act as a signpost and give tools to enable the participants to communicate with the really big and important teachers of the land, such as the mountain, the planet earth, the sun, the moon, the stars, etc.

SEJ: What can this place teach other people?

Daniel: For me, the mountain is the greatest teacher here.  Every time I wake up and feel it, every time it teaches me in my dreams at night, every time I climb it, even to the foot hills, I am astounded by the depth of its wisdom.  I actually believe that everything I do here, all of the seminars, ceremonies, walks of power, visits to sacred sites, exercises with the dreaming body, they are all so that each human being who visits here has at least a chance of listening and understanding the wisdom of the mountain.

La pyramide de la lune

SEJ: If the mountain is the biggest teacher at the Centre, what is your role as a guide?

Daniel: I see myself as someone who makes spaces – the physical space of the centre for example, and spaces with sound, spaces with colour, ceremonial spaces.  In those spaces, I attempt to create the context in which it is possible for the participant to contact their deepest authentic teacher inside of them.  Once they have that contact, they can develop their profound intuitive wisdom.  It is all there already – everyone is a master teacher whose book is waiting to be read.

SEJ: What do you think participants take away when they come to the Centre?

Daniel: Coming to the centre is a chance for people to let go of their everyday life for two or three weeks and open up to a wider sense of who they are and why they are here.  It is our intent that people return to their daily lives with essential tools that will help them in their own road to consciousness, self-healing and creativity, as well as essential tools in the healing or helping of their families, friends, or in a professional capacity.

SEJ: What does a typical day look like when based in the desert in Mexico?

Daniel: There isn’t a typical day as all days are different.  However, in general, we try and find a balance between the participant working on their own with specific tools to enable them to develop relation with the big teachers – the elements, trees, rocks, animals, the desert in general, the mountain, the planet earth and the sky, and then the ceremonies and seminars in group settings.

SEJ: Who is this journey most likely to appeal to and do participants need any former experience or knowledge in the field?

Daniel: The retreat is relevant and very useful for anyone who needs to clarify their vision for their work, their relations, their living situation, and their sense of purpose on this planet.  It would be very powerful for anyone involved in creative artistic processes, and anyone who is involved in a self-healing or professional healing path.  These retreats typically attract people from different countries from all walks of life, from healers and artists, to business people and professionals. The retreat is in English and Spanish.

SEJ: How can we all benefit from being more conscious/aware of our dreaming selves?

Daniel: Let’s say you are looking at a life size human adult sculpture from the front.  You get a certain perspective.  You go to the back of the sculpture, and get another perspective.  Then the two sides, two more perspectives.  In an ordinary gallery room, it may be difficult for you to get the perspective from above, and even more difficult to get the perspective from below.  What would it be like if you had access to all of the possible perspectives AT THE SAME TIME.  This is possible through the dreaming body.  Unless you know all the possible perspectives of your times and spaces, how can you make informed decisions?  Most of the important decisions we make in our lives are based on a small percentage of the information available.

centre of conscious dream yellow

Find yourself at the Centre of Conscious Dream

Join Daniel Stone and Toltec teachers at the Centre of the Conscious Dream for a practical shamanic initiation and profound healing retreat that will rekindle your creative fires.

The retreat explores the indigenous traditions of Mexico and Central America, and integrates shamanic teachings learned by Daniel from Inca, Australian Aboriginals and Bon Shamanism (Tibetan Buddhism) wisepeople.

Daniel and his team have been receiving groups at the Centre for nearly 20 years, and will provide you with the teachings and initiations needed for your own internal transformation. There’s probably no one out there more capable to give you the tools to make this trip, and the rest of your life, truly special.

Learn more about this journey, which runs from March 24 and April 14, 2018.

Discover the best Mayan temple sites in Mexico & Guatemala

Chichen Itza usually tops the list of the best temples or sacred sites to visit in Mexico and with good reason. But, there are other equally impressive temples in both Mexico and Guatemala that are definitely worth visiting. Some of them are off the usual tourist trails and take a little more effort to reach, but the views and spiritual experiences are well worth the journey!

Here is a round-up of some are our top Mayan temple sites in Mexico and Guatemala that you’re not going to want to miss.

Palenque, Mexico

“The House of the Serpent in the Infinite” is a Maya ceremonial centre possessing one of the highest spiritual frequencies. Its sacred architecture is exemplary and unique, a poem in stone. Surrounded by the rivers Lakam-Ha and Otulum, Palenque is the home of many of the classic Maya teachers, such as Kinich-Hanab-Pakal (“Great Teacher with the Shield of the Sun”). The carved lid of his sarcophagus is one of the ancient world’s most profound works of art, depicting as it does Pakal as the intermediary between worlds. The great teacher and Maya priestess, Lady Zac Kuuk (“White Quetzal”), also lived here; she represented the wisdom and the sacred knowledge that descends like the sacred Quetzal bird to illuminate our seventh Chakra – a component of the Maya initiatory path towards self-realization.

Temple of Inscriptions
The Temple of Inscriptions, Palenque, Mexico

Tikal, Guatemala

“The Place with the Sacred Voices” is a university that reflects the architecture of the cosmos, a ceremonial centre where the ancient Maya teachers captured the sounds from other realities. The shapes of the pyramids and temples reflect the thorough understanding of mathematics, geometry, and cosmic calendars. They are also designed to act as needles, capturing the telluric energy of the Earth and of the sky, acupuncturing the ground and the human body.

The highest pyramid in the Maya world can also be found here, a cosmic antenna that allows you to touch the stars and become attuned with the cosmos. Great teachers such as Kinich-Muwaj Chak-Tok-Ich-Aak and Ix’Kalom-Te give us an idea of the extraordinary era when Tikal united science, art, philosophy, and religion as one, reflecting the sacred name of the Creator Hunab-Ku, giver of movement and measurement in the universe.

Tikal in Guatemala
Tikal in Guatemala, uniting science, art, philosophy, and religion

Yaxchilan, Mexico

Yaxchilan means “City of the First Prophets”. Here, secret rituals were conducted allowing initiates to travel through time and space to return with specialized information. No wonder they were referred to as Architects of the Sky!

Teachers such as Itzamnaj-Balam II, Jaguar-Bird IV, Lady Kabal-Xook, and Lady Sak’biyaan (“Precious Crystal Skull”) were versed in the Mysteries by travelling to parallel universes and recording the information in the stelas and lintels at this very special, and often overlooked, site. Yaxchilan is reached by boat through a slow moving river straddling Mexico and Guatemala, bordered by pristine jungle. A worthwhile and quite stunning journey in itself!

Yaxchilan in Mexico
The sacred temple site of Yaxchilan – well worth the boat ride!

Misol Ha Falls, Mexico

Behind the waterfalls, just 20km from Palenque, lies a powerful cave with a pool of water, a seat of power that can transform your life. This power is reflected in Grandmother Ix’mukane, “Heart of the Earth”, who lives spiritually in this sacred site waiting for you to let go of your past wounds and begin a new life of love, light, balance, and prosperity, which is realized through the purification of the water, the earth, and the sun, accompanied by the spirit of the great Jaguar. While Misol Ha may not have physical temple ruins, we’re including it on our list of temple sites due to its powerful spiritual energy – the water, rather than stone or other material, acting as an organic conduit to transformation.

Misol Ha Falls in Mexico
Capturing the powerful energy at the Misol Ha Falls

Is your favourite Mayan site on our list? We’d love to hear which sites make your top list!

If you’d like to visit these powerful temple sites where you can reconnect with the tune of the cosmos, join us for our journey: “Maya Temples of Transformation with Freddy Silva & Miguel Angel Vergara: A Sacred Journey from Palenque to Tikal, January 28 – February 5, 2017”. A full itinerary and tour description can be found on our website.

~ Sacred Earth Journeys, with material from Freddy Silva and Miguel Angel Vergara


Discover the Secrets of Palenque & Tikal

Palenque in Mexico and Tikal in Guatemala are two of the most important Mayan sacred sites. Here, Maya Master Teacher and wisdom keeper Miguel Angel Vergara explains the significance of each site, its importance for the Maya, and what we, as seekers, can experience there today. This is the first in a 2-part mini series about these sacred sites – next time Freddy Silva will explore the Mysteries of Palenque & Tikal! Miguel Angel, with best-selling author Freddy Silva, will be leading a transformative journey to Mexico and Guatemala in early 2017, travelling to both these sacred sites as well as other key power places. Will you join them?

Palenque in Mexico
Miguel Angel at the sacred site of Palenque, Mexico

Sacred Earth Journeys: Palenque is the home of many of the Classic Maya teachers. Can you give us some details and talk about the importance of two of these teachers: Kinich Hanab Pakal and Lady Zac Kuuk?

Miguel Angel: Palenque was connected at a high level with the Royal Art, and in my understanding this was because one of the great teachers was born there, Pakal Votan. At the same time, you find the Sacred Feminine there with Lady Zac Kuuk, bringing us the idea that at that time Palenque was a place that called to it the Ancient Teachers with the Wisdom of the Stars to apply the Royal Art. There were other teachers: there was a dynasty of kings that was discovered by the scholars and you can find that information in the book Forest of Kings written by Linda Schele and David Freidel. From a scholar’s point of view there were many of these Royal people who learned in Palenque how to transmit the Sacred Wisdom through Art, the Royal Art.

Nah Chan Kan, which is the original name of Palenque, means “The Place of the Stellar Serpent”. This symbol is the key to understanding that these people received their initiation in the Cosmic Wisdom. So, it is my understanding that Palenque was connected with this Royalty of Priests and Priestesses, in this case, Pakal Votan as an avatar, a messenger who brought wisdom to the Maya and, on the other hand, Lady Zac Kuuk who brought through the Priestesses the connection with Mother Nature.

Palenque travel
A few of our journey participants at Palenque

SEJ: What are some of the other reasons that Palenque is such an important Maya site?

Miguel Angel: One reason Palenque was so important is because it was ruled by Pakal Votan and Lady Zac Kuuk, in partnership, bringing balance. This attracted many people to Palenque.

Palenque was an important centre for many other Maya sites. We have one of them on our upcoming journey, one of the most beautiful, Yaxchilan. Yaxchilan was the place where the Maya women, the Priestesses, became Prophets. The Maya women were the ones who travelled into Space to bring back the Maya Prophecies. There are many other sites in the area that looked to Palenque as the Cosmic University of the Royal Art. Today hundreds of them are being found in the area. Remember there were big universities, like Palenque, that were supported by many surrounding schools.

Yaxchilan in Mexico
The site of Yaxchilan where Maya women became Prophets

SEJ: Can you explain Tikal’s role in capturing telluric energy, and how this process works?

MA: Tikal is a place that has important characteristics in its pyramids. You can see the 9 levels in these pyramids, symbolically representing the Mother. The structure of the pyramids in Tikal looks like acupuncture needles that are receiving the Cosmic energy from the headdress in stone and then grounding it in the Earth. Especially in that area of Guatemala we see still today the Elders and Shamans practicing their ceremonies, connecting the two energies, burning the copal in the ground. This is a very important symbol showing us that they considered the Heart of the Earth to be connected to grounding the energies that came from the Cosmos. It is telling us that we receive from the Cosmos and we ground it here in Tikal.

Tikal means “The Place of the Hidden Voices”. Another of the terms of Tikal, connected with a spiritual meaning, is “This is the Place of the Twenty” which means this is the place of the Halach Uinik, the place of the truly-true man or woman who came here to ground the Cosmic energy into Mother Nature.

Tikal in Guatemala
The tops of the Tikal pyramids that resemble acupuncture needles to receive Cosmic energy

SEJ: What do we know about Tikal’s purpose, and what activities took place here?

MA: Many of these places have a connection to not only to ground the Cosmic energies but to ground in terms of sending it to the heart. It is a process: in the pyramids there are chambers that are dedicated to different levels of Priests or Priestesses where they received the messages before they ground them. It is like they are at the top of the pyramid, in meditation, and received the Cosmic energy, wrote the messages in their books, their codecies, interpreted it and shared it with the people, and then grounded it. It is like a sequence, you receive, keep, transmit, then send it to the Mother. It is like an interpretation of the Cosmic energies, transmuted or transformed into wisdom and released to fulfill the electromagnetic connection with the Mother. The Priests and Priestesses were trained to open their chakras to receive this wisdom. Remember Tikal has the tallest pyramid in the Maya world open to other dimension or levels in time and space. The highest pyramids of the Maya are connected with that Cosmic energy. At Tikal they were reaching to the Cosmos.

sacred site of Tikal
One of Tikal’s pyramids and plazas – are you ready to receive the messages here?

SEJ: What are you personally most looking forward to about visiting Tikal?

MA: For me, I have received a lot of connections in the Main Plaza of Tikal. I feel there are still secrets open there for the ones who want to listen, want to engage in that connection with the Ancient Ones. I feel the Spirit of the Ancient Ones in the Main Plaza between the pyramid of the Lord Cacao and the pyramid of the Sacred Feminine. For me this is the perfect balance in the Cosmos. So I think for me the main message would be that we are going to go to Tikal and hear the voices of the Ancient Ones who are giving us new messages for today.


To experience the power of Tikal and Palenque for yourself register now for our 2017 journey: “Maya Temples of Transformation with Freddy Silva & Miguel Angel Vergara: A Sacred Journey from Palenque to Tikal”. Read full itinerary details and more information about these 2 sacred sites on our website.

~Sacred Earth Journeys