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La Dolce Vita: A Sacred Journey Through Italy

Few other places in the world offer a unique blend of rich history and culture and in such an immensely beautiful setting like Italy does. With the array of endless encounters of historic sites and experiencing la dolce vita, the sweet life, as you wander through markets and taste the local cuisine; we can think… Continue reading

How To Find Yourself In The Mexican Desert

During most of the 80s and 90s, Daniel Stone travelled the world in search of answers. He visited Aboriginal communities in the Australian outback and spent months learning about Bon Shamanism in Tibetan temples. He explored the truths hidden within the walls of the Egyptian pyramids and spoke to Toltec wisemen in Central America. He… Continue reading

Crete and the Places of the Gods and Goddesses

Why is a journey to Crete filled with adventure and touched by the divine? How does 4,000 years of history and legend survive? Here we look at how the stories of the gods and goddesses are linked to specific places, surrounding Crete in mythical magic! This travel experience will be profoundly satisfying as you connect… Continue reading