La Dolce Vita: A Sacred Journey Through Italy


Few other places in the world offer a unique blend of rich history and culture and in such an immensely beautiful setting like Italy does. With the array of endless encounters of historic sites and experiencing la dolce vita, the sweet life, as you wander through markets and taste the local cuisine; we can think of no other place better suited for a spiritual journey like Italy.

Ruins of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.

While strolling through the cobblestone streets, at every turn you will find another awe-inspiring monument to the fascinating historical events that took place in Italy. Spend some time at the Colosseum, an oval Amphitheatre in the center of Rome and one of the most visited sites in Italy. Having been constructed in 72 AD, it is easy to look over the structure and reflect on the many events such as gladiator contests and re-enactments of battles that were held there. Whether it’s the Colosseum in Rome, the Duomo di Firenze in Florence, or St. Mark’s Square in Venice; these incredible places will invoke a great sense of otherworldliness as you take them in.

A picturesque sunset over rural landscape in Tuscany, Italy.

Beyond the beauty of these impressive attractions and all the diverse architectural designs found in domes, churches, and statues alike; purely the landscape of the country offers such an exceptionally beautiful backdrop for a cultural pilgrimage.

Gorgeous views of boats and gondolas in the grand canal in Venice, Italy.

One city that captivates visitors with its beauty is Venice. Part of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, the floating city is difficult to describe to those who have never visited. With colorful homes reflecting on waterways and gondolas floating down the many canals, it truly is an exceptional city that is unlike no other. Venice offers views of the most impressive Venetian gothic buildings and sunsets along the glistening water. Nothing brings us to the present moment as well as this stunning display of the most beautiful city in Italy.

Fruits and vegetables for sale in the public market of Campo de Fiori, Rome, Italy.

The pace of the cities and inhabitants of Italy is one that you may notice to be different than your own. The ability of the locals to slow down and enjoy the small moments in life is inspiring and contagious. If you aren’t already changing your pace and reflecting on the beauty and monuments surrounding you, then you will be as you experience La Dolce Vita. Learn to live a life full of pleasure as you stroll through local markets admiring the fresh produce, experience Italian cuisine; famous for its simplicity and quality ingredients and sample the delicious wines of the region.  Italian culture brings new meaning to indulging in our senses and another level of awareness and enjoyment of life.

Take the opportunity to experience Italy in a spiritual setting on our brand-new sacred journey: La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life of Mythic Italy with Phil Cousineau, March 31 – April 10, 2020. Journey leader Phil Cousineau is not only a writer, teacher and documentary filmmaker but an experienced traveler of Italy. He brings to the journey a unique method he calls The Long Conversation. This method allows you to start the mornings of your journey with exciting discussions that are designed to set intention and context before setting out on the day’s adventures. This teaches participants to view their journey through the lens of the local culture and into the soul of your destination; letting their experience of La Dolce Vita sink in and make a deep impression.