Anticipation can sometimes be a blessing and a curse when it comes to planning a holiday. The most challenging, fun, stressful, exciting, and transformational times can occur before our trips even begin. Every traveller, no matter how seasoned, has been there before. First the idea, the dream, the destination! Everything is bliss. Then suddenly, overwhelming excitement just becomes a feeling of overwhelming all on its own. Plans to be made, things to do, details to be taken care of; at the end of it all we are definitely in need of a vacation. However, this time of anticipation is actually part of the journey in itself and a wonderful opportunity for growth and transformation.

We are often told that we must be participants in our own lives, but being observers is just as necessary. So many things go by us in a blur because we are doing, doing, doing, that we miss out on so many lessons and so much beauty because we forget to stop and actually observe. During this time of anticipation, it is so important to pause and observe, and if at all possible, journal. Stepping outside and watching ourselves as an outsider can be very revealing and enlightening. Recording the process from the conception of the idea to the actual destination and beyond can be a wonderful learning tool to help make the most of your journey.

Whether you find the waiting game excruciating or thrilling, do try and make the very most of your time between now and the day you finally depart. Remember that it is ALL part of the journey, so be aware, be present, be open, and reap the rewards of anticipation to the fullest!

~Daniela Masaro