De-stress & Find Adventure on a Yoga Retreat to Costa Rica

Interview with Chris Duggan & Natalie Rousseau
Do you dream of practicing yoga on a covered deck with nothing but the sounds of the birds and ocean waves to accompany your own pure breath? Do you see yourself immersed in fun activities with new-found friends as you explore surfing, horse back riding, hiking or just strolling along miles of sandy beach? Do you crave a week of delicious healthy food, where you can focus on reconnecting with yourself in some of the most beautiful natural surroundings on our planet, far removed from the stresses and distractions of modern daily life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Sacred Earth Journeys is happy to announce that we’re now taking bookings for: “Practice, Breathe and Surf Costa Rica with Chris Duggan& Natalie Rousseau :A seven-day adventure and yoga retreat in idyllic Mal Pais, Costa Rica, November 22 – 29, 2014.

To learn more about this action-packed, rejuvenating retreat I caught up with the Retreat Leaders, Chris Duggan and Natalie Rousseau…

KB: Why did you choose Costa Rica for this retreat?

Chris: I’ve been there before and felt a magical call to return. The warm water surf, the lush vegetation, and practicing in that environment will be incredible!!

Nat: Costa Rica is an incredibly eco-diverse country, and 25% of its lands are protected. We both have an appreciation for the ocean as well as the jungle and are excited that this retreat will offer opportunities to explore both. As well, the Costa Rican idea of Pura Vida or the “pure life” is one that we both align with and can’t wait to share with others.

KB: What aspect of the retreat are you most excited about?

Chris: Meeting the people, and sharing the experience with them.

Nat: Getting time away from daily life to relax, explore new landscapes, surf!, and put some dedicated time into our yoga practices.


KB: Do participants need any past experience of yoga – or surfing?


Absolutely not. This will be an incredible way to immerse yourself in both of them and grow with the group. Feel the amazing force of healing Mother Ocean and the power of your own breath!

Nat: This retreat is open to anyone who has an adventurous spirit and a curiosity about the practice of yoga. Experts and beginners alike are welcome!

KB: What do you expect participants to take away with them from this retreat?

Chris: Take care of yourself and spread the love of the beautiful practice of yoga. Also spending quality time with like-minded people in a gorgeous setting is so therapeutic.

Nat: A renewed commitment to practice, to the value of slowing down, and an appreciation for nature and the power of good company.



KB: What can participants expect from the yoga classes and your particular style of teaching?

Chris: The participants will be introduced to a full spectrum of yoga (pranayama, restorative, power, flow, yin, partner and some philosophy). Natalie and I will keep it fun, challenging, and creative.

Nat: We are both vinyasa yoga teachers which means our class sequences are fluid in nature and highly creative. Chris is masterful at teaching inversions and approaches powerful yoga poses in a playful way that releases fear and intimidation. And his playlists rock! I’m masterful at sequencing so that complex postures become accessible, and your body always feels well balanced. I also love to tell stories so you can expect to learn lots in my classes!

KB: Is there anything else you’d like to share with readers about this retreat?  

Chris: This is our first week-long event together, and we can’t wait to share this incredible journey with the crew!! We have both done a lot of weekend retreats and absolutely love the connection that happens with the patrons! It really warms the soul…

Nat: This is our first retreat to Costa Rica and we can’t wait to explore it with a fun loving group of yogis. Hope you can make it!

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~ Kim Bridgett