Honouring the End of a Cycle

As we approach the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, I am called to draw my attention to the end of yet another cycle. As we have gathered our harvest for the year and begin to lay the earth to rest, so too can we find our own time for respite. This is a time to draw closer to our loved ones for both physical and spiritual warmth. With Samhain marking the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, it is also a time for celebration, one where we can celebrate the year that has passed, as well as invite in a new time and new blessings. 

This time also corresponds to the “Day of the Dead” as celebrated in Mexico to honour the dearly departed. Rather than mourn the loss of loved ones, this feast day offers us the opportunity to celebrate the life our loved ones left behind, along with all the cherished memories and gifts. It is a time to call upon their wisdom and guidance so that we may continue on our own path with greater knowledge and insight. The festival implies that death is not a final ending, merely the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another. Memories linger, honouring continues, and spirit lives on.As this day approaches, we should all try to focus on what cycles are coming to a close for us individually. What is ending for you? What process is culminating? What do you wish to lay to rest? Now is a perfect opportunity to discard and let go of the things that do not serve you in order to welcome in new gifts. While letting go and marking an end to something is often difficult and at times sad, it is all part of the natural rhythm of life and the universe. For if we do not put an end to one thing, how can a new one begin? All has an expiry date. It is important to not view this time as a time of loss, but one of renewal. One door must close for another to open. Old baggage gets heavy and weighs us down. We must shed that which burdens and hampers us, so that we can move at a lighter pace.

Do not mourn the loss, the giving up, the finale. Honour the end of a cycle and celebrate this wonderful gift to begin anew. Allow yet another round to come to its natural completion and find hope and joy in the fact that a new journey is about to begin.

~ Daniela Masaro