India’s Cosmic Winks: A Story from a Past Participant

We’re excited at Sacred Earth Journeys to hear from a past participant of our “The Spirit of India with Michele Labelle” tour, Aleya Abdulla. Aleya also spent a few months working with us on our social media campaigns before moving on to the next stage of her own journey. Here she shares with us the impact of her trip to India, and how it’s still guiding her as she embarks on a new, profound path in her life. We’re grateful to Aleya for sharing her spiritual story with us and hope you enjoy reading about her own inner journey. 

India Aleya Abdulla
Aleya Abdulla experiencing India with Sacred Earth Journeys

Life often feels like a spiral: people and places of the past circle back to us, synchronicities occur to activate seeds planted long ago, and we are given second chances – opportunities to do things differently than we did before.

In 2010, I travelled to India on a yoga retreat with Sacred Earth Journeys. At the time I knew very little about my Indian ancestry, and this journey was a profound awakening for me. Since then, my appreciation for yoga, Vedic philosophy, and the divine gods and goddesses of India has deepened… and I sense there is much more to come.

India is showing up in my life once again. In the last few months, I’ve reconnected with one of the women I met on my retreat five years ago. She is writing a book about her spiritual travels and experiences with the Divine Feminine at sacred sites around the world, and I can’t wait to read it. I believe the world is more ready than ever to receive the Feminine’s powerful messages of truth, love, and balance.

India Nataraj temple
Aleya and the Sacred Earth Journeys’ group at the Nataraj Temple

It’s an exciting time to be alive. We are living in the midst of a planetary shift in consciousness, and I am so inspired by the many women and men I see courageously following their hearts in creating a more peaceful and harmonious world. I used to think that being of service meant performing outwardly noticeable acts (i.e., “doing” things – the bigger the better), but I’m learning that true collective transformation happens when we begin to heal and love ourselves from within.

Technology offers us a profound gift in connecting us with like-minded souls worldwide. I started blogging in 2013, not knowing it would bring me many wonderful new friendships. I’ve long sensed the blogging community as little points of light spanning the globe, finding and connecting with each other and powering up the planet at large. This is quite symbolic of our shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Humanity is becoming more wireless and telepathic, communicating through the energy of the heart – which knows no time or space.

India has recently shown up in my blogging world. A WordPress friend from NY generously sent me a copy of her memoir chronicling her Yoga teacher training program in India, and her subsequent travels through the country. I felt chills as I read her description of landing at the airport in Chennai, as that’s where I began my yoga retreat five years ago. The timing is all the more synchronistic as I will be starting my own Kundalini Yoga teacher training program this Fall! (Who knows, maybe I’ll write a book about it!)

India temple elephant
Aleya making friends with a temple elephant!

I’m starting to pay more attention to the winks and signs from the universe affirming that I am on the right path in my life, even when it doesn’t feel that way. This doesn’t make any previous choices “wrong”; it means I’m becoming more aware of what intuitively feels good for me, and following those hunches. This process of discerning my own inner truth is evolving over time. Many of us have been conditioned to place more value on voices and expectations outside of us, and it takes patience and time to find our way back to our own inner knowing.

Part of the new earth consciousness, I believe, is trusting that the universe knows who we are, and is providing us helpful support and loving cues all the time. I’m adjusting my focus to see the universe as full of magic, and recognizing its signs as meaningful expressions of its love for me – and for everyone. My job is to follow these clues and signs… and be open to any outcome. (It may have some surprises up its sleeve!)

For now, I am preparing myself to delve deeply into the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga. I sense this path will lead me into the heart of Mother India once again.

Sat Nam. (Truth is my identity)

~ Aleya Abdulla

India beach yoga
The Sacred Earth Journeys’ group enjoying a sunset yoga class on the beach.

Have you travelled with Sacred Earth Journeys and would like to share the impact of that experience with fellow readers? Does your journey still impact your life in positive ways, or has the path of your life significantly changed since participating in one of our journeys or retreats? We would love to hear from you! Our thanks again to Aleya for sharing her story with us.

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